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Mrs Bhalla glad seeing her family unity.She thanks Matarani and prays that her family stays like this.She calls everyone to have dinner,all of them sit down to have food.Mihika says she will serve everyone today because all the ladies are tired and hungry.Abhishek says he will help Mihika along with Romi to serve food to everyone,Mihir says that he will also help them.Mihika ask all the men’s to feed their respective wife’s from their hands.All of them do as Mihika said , Mr Iyer also feed Mrs Iyer,Mrs Iyer ask what the need as she didn’t fast for him.Mr Iyer says “So what Madhu if you didn’t fast for me but you still love me right.I am showing my love for you in this way,just accept it”.Mrs Iyer got shy and says to Mr Iyer that even in this age he is very good in expressing his love.On the other side,Raman and Ishita feed each other with love and watch all the eldery couples romance and smiles.YHB bg music plays…………Ruhi and Shravu hide from them and silently click all their pictures.

Mihika is cleaning the kitchen,Mihir comes and help her.Abhishek notice that how Mihika likes Mihir company and take leave from everyone saying that it’s already late,Bala observes that Abhishek is not happy seeing Mihika and Mihir together.Bala goes to send off Abhishek.” Abhishek,I know that you have feelings for Mihika,I can see that you get jealous every time you see Mihika and Mihir together.If you genuinely love her you should take the effort to make her realise your love for her and try to find out does she feel the same for you.Do something before it’s too late. ,”says Bala and leave.Abhishek thinks about it and says to himself,”I have to do something,I have to spend more time with her and find out what is in her heart .Gap between us had increased after Mihir mislead me about Mihika likes and dislikes.”

Ishita sit on the couch and look at the moon.Raman comes out from the bathroom after changing his clothes and see Ishita sitting near the window.He sits behind her and hug her from behind,he lays his hands around her,he leans on the couch whereas she rest her head on his chest.Both of them look at the moon,Ishita says,”My heart and mind always get peace whenever I look at the moon ,I feel like there is no problems and sores in my life,Raman can I ask you something? “.Raman asks her to ask.”Do you believe when people say each person have 7 lifes?”,ask Ishita to Raman.

“What nonsense,I don’t believe in all this 7 lifes things.This is a myth that human created to scare people that their good and bad deeds will be paid on their next lifes so that people think twice before they do something wrong,well now we are living in Kalyug and generation nowadays find it silly if you tell them there is 7 lifes for each human.Moreover,there also myth that a man bond with his wife for his next 7 lives,just think about it a man can’t tolerate his wife even in one life and this is about his 7 lifes.Ishita,just imagine poor Bala have to become Vandu’s joru ka ghulam (wife’s slave) in his next 7 lifes if it is true”,says Raman and laugh.”Raman,you are very bad always making fun of Jiju,I better go and sleep than talk to you”,says Ishita and she start to leave.Raman holds her hand and hug her in the same position and says,”It’s true that I don’t believe in this type of things and a practical man, but if there is really 7 lifes for each person,I wish that you will be my wife in my next 7 lifes,although I have to tolerate your madness all my life “.Ishita smiles at Raman,Raman kiss her forehead and both of them watch the moon in the sky.It is shown that Raman and Ishita photo that’s in the hall fall and breaks down.


Bala was sitting on the bed in his room and think about something,Vandu comes in and saw Bala.”Bala,what are you thinking,by now you should sleep, but you are still awake,what happen?”,ask Vandu and sit beside him.Bala says that he just thinks about Abhishek.” Abhishek???What about him,Is there something wrong with him “,ask Vandu.Bala says “No Vandu nothing is wrong with him,It’s complicated”.”What are you saying Bala,I really don’t get it,what is complicated?”ask Vandu.” Do you remember Vandu that you told me that Abhishek and Mihika look nice together?”,ask Bala.Vandu says “Yes,I told you in Bhalla aunty house when both of them are dancing ,they do look nice together but what is complicated in that.”

Bala says,” I am going to tell you something but make sure Mihika does not know about it.First,Abhishek have feelings for Mihika but he really don’t know how to express it to her.Second,It’s look like Mihika is happy when she is with Abhishek and at the same time she is comfortable with Mihir as well.Third,In a short time,Mihika and Abhishek relation had grown closer whereas on the other hand Mihir and Mihika have a long history together and after Rink’s death,both of them also had become close as before.I know that Mihika is supporting Mihir to cope up with Rinki’s death as a friend but there are chances that Mihika have feelings towards Mihir and vice versa.I really don’t know what’s Mihika fellings for both of them,it’s so confusing”. Vandu says”What is so complicated in this,we will ask Mihika,she herself will tell us”.Bala says “No,we will not ask her anything about this and you will not talk about this to her.We should find another way to know what’s in her heart.”Vandu says she knows how to find out,Bala ask how.Vandu says they have to bring Abhishek and Mihika closer,by that way they can ascertain out what her feelings for Abhishek,if she does have feeling for Abhishek then everything will be clear.Bala is impressed with Vandu idea and says she is smart.


It’s morning,Raman and Ishita was seen sleeping in a sweetheart ‘s cradle position on the couch.Ishita woke up and see Raman sleeping peacefully,she get up silently and goes to take shower.Mrs Bhalla goes to the kitchen to make breakfast but she saw something in the living room and goes there.She saw Raman and Ishita wedding picture on the floor which had broken into pieces,she got tense and pray to Matarani ” What bad sign is this,Ishita and Raman photo had broken.Everything just get fine in this house,Matarani please protect my both kids”. Ishita comes down and see Mrs Bhalla,”Mummyji,what happen why are you looking tense?”,ask Ishita.Mrs Bhalla hide the photo from Ishita and say nothing.Ishita saw the broken frame pieces and her wedding picture in Mrs Bhalla hand.Ishita ask her how her wedding picture broke,Mrs Bhalla tell Ishita that she found it on floor and says she is worried about it.Ishita ask her not worry as it not a big deal and she will replace a new frame and ask Mrs Bhalla to go,she took the picture from Mrs Bhalla and look at the picture.

Ishita place back her wedding photo after replacing the frame.”Ishima come fast it’s Adi bhaiya phone call “, calls Ruhi.Ishita goes and talk with Adi in the phone.Adi tell her that he miss her a lot and will come back in few days from his educational camp and ask her to make South Indian dish when he get back home.She says she miss him too and will specially make for him when he gets back. All the family members talks to Adi and someone says she also want to talk to Adi.Everyone turn and look around the person.


Credit to: Arul

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  1. Wow arul superb ff…but who’s that lady…???please update next part as soon as possible…

  2. Great update…
    What’s the mystery behind the breaking of photo?
    Who is the person to talk to Adi??

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