FAn fiction Twinj Episode 9

Hey guys sorry for the Late update ….
Kunj wake he goes near Twinkle…She looks so innocent while sleeping..
Kunj’s Soul talk: why I am so much attracted towards her is it just infatuation or what… No, it’s nothing m just over thinking about this..
Kunj goes from there to get ready…After getting ready he went to the market to bring a Patiala suit for Twinkle…He sees a white and blue Patiala suit and buys it.. He came back to his place and was sitting in the couch nd waiting for Twinkle to get up..
Twinkle woke up nd was suffering from severe headache..She started screaming Maa Maa..Kunj goes to her.
K-Kya hua tujhe siyappa Queen??
T-Don’t you ever call me with this name.. and wait what r u doing in my house nd that also so early??
K- My house???
Twinkle then realizes that she is not in her house .

T-what I am doing here in ur house ??
K- Siyappa Queen apne chote se dimaag pe zyada zor mat daal… I know that I am very handsome but that doesn’t mean kit u apna khayali pulaav pakeyegi.. UFF Baba ji bachao mjhe inn ladkiyo se.
T-(laughingly) tu aur handsome.. “Oh Babaji kuch log ne apne bare m kitna galat sochte hai”
But now atleast tell me how I am here.
Kunj narrates her her the whole incident .she is a little embarrassed .
Uv-Hi My Love!!
C-(deep inside her heart happy but ask shockingly) My Love??
Uv narrates her the whole incident nd she blushes Chinki and Uv reaches the park & are waiting for Twinj.

Hope you guys like it.. Plzz give ur feedback through ur comment.. 😉 🙂

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  1. cute!! kitna intezaar karwaya tumne yaar…bt it was really u nd ur ff

    1. Thnx Tara… £uv u 2 yr…?

  2. Ohhh that was short ruchi but i loved it..

    1. Thnx komal… 🙂

  3. Finally u posted ff, loved it

    1. Sorry Sabanana for late… Thnx for appreciation… 😉

    1. Thnx Sunaina… 🙂

  4. It’s too good yaar anyways hamko next ff kab milege we are waiting

    1. Thnx Goki nd i will try to submit asap… 🙂

  5. short & sweet…keep going dear

    1. Thnx Prapti… ?

  6. Aww so cute

    1. Thnx Sanu… 🙂

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