FAn fiction Twinj episode 5


Today’s episode starts with the dance in the 4 Friends reunion party…
Uv asked Twinkle for dance nd Kunj ask Chinki as he have no other option bcoz Uv has asked Twinkle…
Uv does so as he was feeling awkward to ask Chinki for Dance…
Then they changed there partners nd They have an eyelock… Twinj break there eyelock nd Notices Chinki nd Uv who wese lost in each other…
After the dance Uv drops chinki at her home …nd Kunj drops Twinkle nd they were discussing about Yuki…
K-Did you notice what i have noticed??
T- What??
K-that when we asked chinki that does she love anyone she said yes while seeing uv…
T- Ya , i think that Chinki likes Uv
K-nd i think Uv too likes her but they two will never confess there feelings to each other …
T- oh ho Kunj Sarna u have alot of experiences in all these things … Whats the matter…?? :-p :-p
K-nothing like that stupid… Just stop teasing me nd think what should we do to make them realise what they feel for each other…??
T-Lets meet tommorow nd discuss what can we do in this matter…
K-okay bye meet u tommorow… Nd yes dnt take much stress on your small brain…
T-Khadoos Sarna ,you are so mean … Huh!!

On the otherhand Yuki did not talk much after the party bcoz they were too awkward…
Uv when returned to his home he was thinking about the party nd on top about Chinki nd what she said today…
Uv-why m thinking so much about her?? Why i want to know that about whom chinki was saying…?
Uv was so confused nd while thinking about these things he slept…
kunj called twinkle
T-hi kunj
k-i will come at ur place at 9:00am nd then we will discuss about that
K-bye meet u at 9
T-bye gn
Next Morning
Its 9:00am nd Twinkle is still sleeping
Kunj reaches Taneja Mansion
K-Hello Aunty,how r u??
L- M fine wat about you??
K-m also fine… Aunty where is Twinkle??
L-she must be in her room , u can go nd meet her…
Kunj goes to Twinkle’s room
& finds Twinkle sleeping…
K- How can she be so lazy.… i told her that i will come At 9 But she is still sleeping…
she looks so innocent while sleeping…
Kunj wakes her up…
Twinkle is shocked to see him in her room

T-dnt u have manners??
T-u should not enter in a girl’s room without her permission…
K-Oh really?

#PRECAP- Kunj was scolding her…

Hope u like it…
plz give me suggestion to improve my ff… 🙂 😉

Credit to: Ruchi

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  1. aww i just loved the way yuvi was thinking about chinki..only one suggestion plzz make twinj fall for each other while uniting yuki…otherwise very sweet epi..<3 <3
    btw ruchi are u in school or college?? if school then which class??
    just asked out of curiosity…update soon..

    1. Hi Tara… I was also thinking the same for uniting twinj nd thnx for ur suggestion… I am in class 12th…

    2. By the way tara are you an adult?

      1. no not yet..waiting for that day eagerly..i just completed 16 jan…
        r u adult baby doll??

  2. You all are very good writers ….. Keep going …..lots of love Rashi….

    1. Thnx Rashi…
      £ot of luv <3
      Ruchi 😉

  3. Lovely Epi Ruchi
    Btw cud u plzzz tell me how to publish ur ff on this page even im a big fan of tei and love writing but the thing is i don’t know how to write and publish my ff here
    Wud be great if u cud help

    1. Thnx Aakansha… There is a option at the top of page “Submit ur Article” click on that nd upload ur ff… 😉 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

  4. akansha mind if i help?? well just write ur ff and go to home page of telly submit ur article and fill up the details else u can also email them using contact us..

  5. Heyy ruchi even m i 12th where r u from

    1. M from Rishikesh nd u??

  6. im from Mumbai all d best for ur boards and thanx a lot to u and tara for helping luv both of u :*

  7. btw just needed a suggestion actually I hav an epi in my mind but I wont be able to post regularly as my boards start from the next week soo shud I post 1-2 epi now nd then continue afer boards or shud I start my ff once im done with my boards
    im in dual minds please help

  8. Ur most Welcum… 🙂 😉 😉
    All the best to u 2 … (y)
    £uv u too… <3

  9. U can post it now nd after Boards continue ur ff… Anyways which board u r from?? Nd which stream??

  10. Maharashtra state board, science stream…WBU ruchi…??

    1. CBSE … Science stream…

  11. okay we r almost in same situation jst u guys r mre xprncd..all the best ruchi nd akanksha…nd akanksha u may start nw nd continue aftr ur boards..i ll also do the same..

  12. Thnx nd Same 2 u Tara… 🙂 😉 :-*
    R u guys on fb??

  13. yup i am.. angeltara d’costa thats my name in fb..ruchi wts ur name there..?

    1. Ruchika Arora…

    2. Tara ur dp on fb is of swaragini couple???

      1. yup..its that.

  14. Guys…can any body guide me how to update the written update of the episode …..Plss☺

    1. There is a option of “submit ur article” At the top of tellyupdates click on that write ur article ,select category nd upload it… 🙂 😉

  15. yes im there on fb. thanx tara and same to u. I guess u r in 10th right

    1. yes m in 10th

    2. May we know ur full name so that we can search u there…

  16. HEYY guys I have posted my ff it will soon be there plzz read and let me know how is it

    1. Ya sure we will definately read it…

  17. hey ruchi are u wearing a purple salwar in ur dp?? m getting pretty confused…

    1. No Tara thats not me… As my dp is of a small girl wearing pink hair band nd pink dress which is not completely shown…

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