FAn fiction Twinj Episode 16 “LAST EPISODE” :)


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Recap-> Alia walked towards Twinj … she was having a gun in her hand…
She turned the gun toward Twinkle…
A-dear Twinkle, you thought that you will snatch my Kunj from me…
Kunj was hell shocked …
Poor you Twinkle.. Last time Kunj saved you but this even he can’t stop me …
She was holding the trigger..

Episode 16
But before Alia could press the trigger …Police came there on ryt time..nd arrested her She was hell shocked nd the other’s were too shocked leaving the two who were giggling while watching Alia’s face..Her face was luking as if a snake has attacked her…

KUNJ-Inspector how come u know about her??
Voice- that we will tell you..
The person behind the voice is revealed to be Yuki…
Chinki- Oh poor u Alia…
You must be thinking how come we know about your plan…


When the trio announce about Twinj’s engagement …
Alia leaves the hall nd so does Yuki bcoz Uv has planned some surprise for Chinki…
Which was a secret date he planned for Chinki in the garden…The date setup was very beautiful..Chinki was overwhelmed by seeing Uv’s efforts…He also brough a gift for her…
Uv asks Chinki to close her eyes..
C-but Uv
Uv makes her wear a pendant …Chinki was very happy to see the pendant..
It was a heart shape AD(American diamond) pendant…

But they hear some noise nd they decided to follow the voice nd see whats the matter …
To their surprise they found Alia there with a girl shouting like hell… Yuki were at a safe distance nd they can hear there convo from that place..

Alia- I will not leave her today.. Last time Kunj saved her but this time even god will not save her from me..
Girl- Alia last time means??
A -Oh my bestiee..Sorry I forgot to tell u about Twinkle’s accident was planned by me.. I called her to Café..nd executed my plan but Kunj saved her..
Why don’t he understand that I love him nd can go to any extend to make him mine …

Yuki was hell shocked but the recorded her whole confession..
Yuki informed police about this nd called them to the party to arrest Alia…


Now everyone decided to forget about Alia nd enjoy the ceremony…

Twinj’s Engagement

Twinj exchange rings.. Everyone was very Happy..
Yuki started to dance on the song Punjabi Wedding Song…
All the family members joined them.. Yuki bring Twinj forcefully on the stage nd make them dance together…
After the dinner the guests started leaving…


Twinkle tell Chinki how Alia asked her to meet in café.. nd the entire convo between twnki nd Alia on that day…. Nd How Twnki felt when Alia told her that she loves Kunj nd Kunj also loves her…
C-Twinki after this also u don’t understand that what u feel for Kunj..
T-What do u mean Chinki…??
C-stupid u love him.. itni si baat tujhe samajh nhi aati..
T- Its nothing like that Chinki..
C-ok listen do one thing close your eyes.. nd imagine
Twinki interrupts
T-what nonsense chinki.. These things look good nd happen in movies only not in real life..
C-do as I say…
C- Now recollect the time u spent with him..How it feels when he is around yo
Twinkle while thinking about those moments have broad smile on her face.. Chinki notices it..
C-ok now tell me the name of your male best friend
T-whats wrong wid u Chinki.. u know that they are kunj nd uv..
C-acha tell me how did u feel when u came to know that uv nd me loves each other..
T-i was very happy for both of you…
C-And what did u feel when Alia told u that kunj and alia love each other
t- I told u this now only..
C-that’s what I am saying Twinkie when u came to know about uv nd me u were happy but when u came to know kunj and Alia why were u sad & shattered…answer me twnkiii
Twinkle was speechless..
C-think about it twinkle…
Twinkle was not able to sleep whole night.. She was thinking about what chinki said…

On the other side

Kunj was happy, sad..On top he was confused…
Uv-what happened to u bro?
K-why did u told mom nd aunty that me and twnki love each other?
Uv-Don’t u love her?
K-Yes I do.. but what about her…
Uv- she also loves u but we have to make her realize …
K-but how??
Uv – by making her jealous..
K-what if she gets angry…
Uv- u r such a big phattu (coward) kunj..
Just think about it..

In the morning

T-Chinki wo mje tumhe kuch btana tha ( I wanna tell u something Chinki)
C-ya babes tell
T-Actually I was thinking about whatever u said last night about..
Twinki was blushing
C- stop blushing twinki .. I know that u love him nd m happy that finally u realized it..
They both hug each other..
Twinki leaves the room,,
Uv calls Chinki
Uv- Hi baby, I wanna tell u something
C- Ya u also tell..
Uv- actually me nd kunj had made a plan
C-about what
Uv- twinki ko uska love realize krwane ke liye..
C- no need of your stupid plans..
I have already made twinki realize her love for kunj..
Uv-Oh baby, that is why i love …
Few days passes like this
All the families have returned to their respective houses…
Finally Kunj has decided to confess his love for twinkle..
Yuki are helping kunj in his plan
Chinki goes to twinki’s house..
C- Twinki I have a plan for today
T- What plan
C-party at 7 in the eve today..
T-ok fine..
C-i will msg u the address..i will come there with my cousin..
Chinki left

Kunj was personally taking care of all the arrangements..
He has booked an open resort…( The date setup was like that which Uv prepared in twinj’s honeymoon in goa in tei )
At sharp 7 twinki reaches the venue.. she was wearing white knee length dress..
Lights were off there.. Twinkle was afraid she started shouting Chinki’s name …
The spotlight falls on a guy nd twinki..
T-kunj u here…
K- I asked chinki to bring u here..bcoz I wanna tell u something…
K- You know what from now onwards I just want to forget that I know any Twinkle Taneja…
How could u do this to me Twinkle… How could you….
Twinkle was teary eyed after hearing this..
T-kunj..atleast tell what I have done..
K- Twinkle u are asking me what have u done.. like seriously … Now don’t act to be innocent..
T- k.ku..kunj
K- now don’t tell me that u dnt know what m talking about..
T-Kunj I really dnt know
K- Twinkle Taneja u have made me crazy for you..I want to forget that I know any Twinkle Taneja… bcoz from now I only want to Mrs. Twinkle Sarna.
T- kunj but..
Then she realizes what he said..
T- AAh ..Kunj Sarna I will not spare u…
She starts hitting him.. He hugs her..
Then kunj bent on his knees..
K- Miss Twinkle Taneja I would like to fight with you, tease u, love u and most importantly I want to be with you for the rest of my life…
I always want to be with you in ur all ups nd downs..Nd you what Twinkle.. Ms. Twinkle Taneja does not sound good..Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna sounds so good…So Ms Twinkle Taneja would you like marry me??

.T-Ummm… No

T- I would love to marry you stupid…
They both hug each other..
After the confession kunj take twinkle to date setup..
T-wow its so beautiful..
Kunj goes near her ear nd whispers not more than you..
Twinkle blushes.. 🙂
K-stop blushing Twinki… Otherwise I will not be able to control myself…
Kunj ask Twinkle for a dance…
They dance romantically on the song “janam janam saath chalna yuhi ”
At the end of the dance Kunj was sitting on his knees… He made Twinkle sit on his knees nd make her wear a ring..At that moment Rose petals falls on them..
They ate in same plate…
They enjoyed there date nd they made one promise which will be revealed later..
Kunj drops Twinkle at her place.. Twinki gave a peck on his cheek .. he was happy nd surprised..

Next day
At Taneja’s
Guruji was invited by Leela , Anita, Usha nd Rekha ji.. So that they can get the date of marriage..
Guru ji- for Marriage the best date is after one year..
They all take guru ji’s blessings..

Twinj nd Yuki have now started going to their office…
Twinkle nd Chinki are doing internship under best fashion designer…
Kunj nd Uv have joined there family business but they are working like other employs..
With their hard work after few months they get good position in their company
A year passes like this..
Within 7 they have their wedding..

Sangeet function…
At Taneja’s all the ladies reached for function..Boys NOT ALLOWED
Twinki nd Chinki were luking stunning…
Anita, Rekha, usha nd Leela were dancing on the song London thumakda..
Uv nd Kunj were planning to enter the function but how..
Uv gets an idea …They peeped inside by wearing Saree.. You can imagine how hot they must be luking…LOL
TwKI ‘s frnds were dancing on the song banno tera swagger nd they dragged TwKI also for dance..
TwKI both were enjoying a lot Yunj were lost in there girls nd they forget about there pallu/ghunghat which slipped from their heads..
USHA AND ANITA notices them nd pull their ears nd they start shouting..ALL the ladies were chasing them.. Usha nd Anita were beating them wid the brooms nd the girls were laughing there heart out..
Somehow YuNj manages to escape from the ladies gang.. The ladies also started laughing on the boys..

Next day
Haldi Function

Chinki’s cousin Abeer attended haldi function..
Abeer was not only Chinki’s cousin but also Twinkle nd Chinki’s college frnd/bst frnd …
Chinki nd Twinki were wearing yellow colour suit…
Leela nd Rekha applied haldi on their daughter face nd hands .. both the mothers were teary eyed

Bg music- Banno re banno Chali sasural from YJHD
Other ladies present in the function also apply haldi ..
Then comes ABEER.. He fill his both hand with haldi nd apply on TwHi’s face…
Twinki nd chinki runs behind him..
Both the boys were doing a lot of drama as they dnt want to apply haldi..
K & UV- We dnt want to apply this haldi..
A & U- ok fine as u wish.. Twinki nd Chinki will look beautiful nd you both will look like u are there to someone else wedding..
YuNj- Fine we dnt have any problem..
A & U giggles..

Mehndi Function..

It also pases wid lot of fun.. (Sorry for not describing it)

Marriage Day..

A big hall is decorated for marriage..In the middle of hall there are two mandap..
Leela nd Rekha were checking the decorations..
Guests are there in the hall..
Everyone is waiting for the barati’s…
The barati’s reaches the hall.. They were dancing outside the hall…Kunj nd Uv was sitting on the horse..
Leela nd Rekha greets everyone.. Does the aarti of their respective son in law’s..
They all came inside the hall.. Pandit ji ask them to call the dulha nd dulhan..
Chinki nd Twinki come downstair with their friends nd cousins …
Both were looking beautiful.. YuNj were staring them as they were looking like angels have come down from heaven…
U & A- Stop staring them .. For that u have your full life..
YuNj composes themselves..
Yuki nd Twinj sits on their respective mandaps..
Both the pandit start the mantras..
All the marriage rituals takes place..jay mala, pheras(Seven rounds in which couples take vow to be with each other in all good nd bad circumstances), filling of mang,etc..
Pandits: Ab ye vivah sampan hua ..
Both the couple’s take blessings of elders…
After the crying session of both the brides.. They left for the hotel..
Both the suite were nxt to each other..
Both the couples entered their rooms.. The room was beautifully decorated with flower nd candles..
The atmosphere was very romantic..
Yuki consummate their MARRIAGE
Twinj had promised to each other that until they achieve something in their professions.. Till then twinj will not consummate their marriage…
They (Twinj) sleep in each other’s arms
After a year or two Twinkle has become the best fashion designer in Amritsar… Nd Kunj has achieved a good position in his company bcoz of his hardwork…
Yuki has become Mom nd Dad.. They are blessed with a baby boy..
THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER… They had many hurdles in their life but with their Love they overcome all the hardships together…
………………………..THE END……………………………..
Hope u guys like it.. 😉 😉
Sorry for mistakes nd for such a boring epi….
Love you all.. :-* :-* <3
Will miss you guys..

Credit to: Ruchi

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