FAn fiction Twinj Episode 14

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Recap-> It was around 10:25am.. kunj was driving towards Café Coffee Day .. On the road he saw a lot of crowd gathered around someone.. He left his car nd goes to check what’s happening there.. There he found a girl lying down on the street unconscious nd then kunj scolds everyone.. He says that how insensitive you all are.. someone is bleeding badly nd you all are standing still..
Episode 14
Kunj goes near that girl nd turns her so that he can lift her nd take her to the car but when he turns her he just can’t believe his eyes that girl is none other than Twinkle.. He breaks down nd cries bitterly.. Then he somehow manages to be strong nd takes her to City hospital…Twinkle was admitted there nd taken to operation theater..kunj was waiting outside
ON the otherside Uv was tensed for Kunj as he was waiting for kunj in the café for last half an hour
Yuvi makes a call to kunj
Uv- HI kunj where are you ?? Are you fine??

K-STARTED CRYING.. He manages to tell Uv about the accident.. nd tell him that they are in city hospital….
Uv- Don’t worry Kunj ..Nothing can happen to our tigress.. She will be fine soon nd Will be fighting with you soon.. I am coming there..
Kunj was waiting for the doctor to come out nd tell about his Twinkle..
Uv also reaches the City hospital.. nd was consoling kunj..
Uv- I have informed about twinkle to everyone they will be coming here soon…
Leela,Usha nd Anita, Chinki came there.. Anita nd Usha were consoling Leela..
Doctor came out of operation theater.. Kunj goes to the doctor..
K- Doctor how is she??
DR- Yes she fine but she is ri8 now unconscious…Her one hand nd one leg is fractured.. She will be discharged tomorrow nd within a weak she will be perfectly fine…
Everyone is happy hat Twinkle is fine now nd there is no major injury…
DR-nd yes today one of you can stay with her
Saying this doctor take his leave

L-I will stay here with my daughter..
K-no aunty plz u go home nd take rest …. I will be there with her..
Leela gets teary eyed seeing his concern for Twinkle… nd thinks kunj will be best for my daughter.. She smiles..
Nd the ladies now goes to see Twinkle who was still lying unconscious…Leela kisses on Twinkle’s forehead .. nd caresses her hairs …
Usha nd Anita was consoling Leela that she will be fine…
Nd the trio leaves for their houses…
Till 10pm yuki was the there with Twinj but the Kunj ask them to leave as its quite late..
After their departure Kunj was holding Twinkle’s hand nd tears were flowing down bcoz he was not able to see her twinki in this condition …Kunj was telling Twinkle what he feels when he is around her.. .
K – Twinkle I know ri8 now u r unconscious but I want to tell u something.. u know what twinki whenever I am with u ..i am always happy.. nd when u r not around me I always thnk about u.. The way I feels for u I have never ever had this feeling for any other girl.. I love to fight with you, be with u..
I don’t know Twinkle what u feel about me but I think I am crazy for u my Crazy girl..Nd I m surely gonna confess my feelings to u once u become totally fine… 😉
While talking to her he fall asleep beside her bed on the stool resting his face on the bed..
Morning time..

Twinkle wakes up nd see kunj sleeping beside her bed..She eyes him lovingly..
She then tries to get up nd due to her moment kunj also wakes up nd sees her conscious he was very glad nd he gives her a tight hug…Twinkle was surprised, Happy, many emotions altogether were flowing in her heart.. She also reciprocates the hug.. Now Kunj was super Happy.. <3
But there moment was spoiled by the knock on the door.. Both gets apart nd feels awkward..
Kunj opens the door nd finds doctor there..
Dr- Good Morning Ms Twinkle..U must be fine ur Boyfriend has taken good care of u… He was crying badly when he bring u here… You are very lucky that u got such loving bf…
Twinkle was shocked..
T- actually he is my best friend not boyfriend..
Dr- I thought he is your bf bcoz of the way he was taking care of you.. M sorry..
T- no problem doctor..
Doctor does twinkle’s checkup..
Dr- she is fine now u can take her home..
Kunj get the discharge papers..

Twinkle was in wheel chair bcoz of her fractured leg.. Kunj take her in his arms nd make her sit ..
Nd they for Taneja mansion.. All the way both were silent.. Both were feeling awkward.. Kunj turns on FM nd a romantic track (kaise btaon tuje ke dil mera kya keh raha hai) was played there.. nd this make them both more awkward..
They reach Taneja Mansion,,
Kunj carries Twinkle in his arm nd make her sit on her bed..Yuki also reaches there..Yuki nd kunj has informed their parents that until Twinkle get recovered. They all will stay at her place so that they can take good care of her nd Yuki can plan something to unit Twinj…
Screen Shifts to airport
Alia came to know that Yuki’s engagement is postponed bcoz of twinkle’s injury..She is disgusted bcoz Twinkle is still alive.. But she has some other plan to separate Twinj..
Alia leaves for U.S as she has some work related to his father’s office..
Taneja Mansion
Yuki nd Kunj has taken good care of Twinki.. Kunj use to feed her food.. Yuki make weird plans so that Twinj spend there most of the time together.. They even ask Leela to make some xcuse of outdoor meeting.. so that twinj can comfortably spend time together.. With each nd every passing day Twinkle nd Kunj are more nd more falling for each other..
Twinkle tried a lot to stay away from kunj nd to detach herself from him but she was not able to do so ..Twinkle was upset that soon her Kunj will be with Alia..
The engagement was on 7April..Till 6 April Leela was staying with Anita nd helping her for the Preparation of engagement..

6th April Evening
Now Twinkle was fine nd Yuki nd Kunj are not staying with her.. Leela wanted to spend the whole evening with her daughter.. As she knew after few hour Twinkle will be not only her Daughter but someone’s Daughter in law.. Though that someone is her bestiee …



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