FAn fiction Twinj Episode 12


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Recap Twinkle- Challenge?
K- han challenge
T- ok Mr. Kunj Sarna Challenge accepted..
C- panipuri wale bhaiya so yah ape panipuri ka competition h to jb tak aapko dene k liye mna nhi krenge tab tak aap panipuri dena band mat krna..
Pani puri wala (P.W)- aap logo ko kesa pani chahiye?
T- spicy
And the competition starts..

Episode -12
In the very first round of competition … The two competitors are Chinki nd Yuvi..
In the start Uv was in lead but later Uv was busy in staring his sweetheart and Chinki takes the lead nd Girls win the first round…
Second Round was b/w Twinkle nd Kunj..
At first both have ate equal no of panipuri but later Twinkle was badly coughing as something choked in her throat.. Kunj forget about the competition ran towards her.. He gave water to her nd now twinkle was feeling better nd Kunj started scolding her…
K- if spicy water doesn’t suits you …why you asked for it?? Are you mad or what?
T-How does it really matter to you Kunj ??Tell me

K-it matter’s me damn it.. After saying this KUNJ leave the place angrily..
Uv nd Chinki was watching Kunj’s over concerned nature for Twinkle.. Now Twinj has not realized their feelings for each other but there friends have understood what twinj feel for each other.. They were smiling while looking at them..
Chinki got a call nd she ask Uv to join Twinkle nd tell him that she is coming in a min. After attending the call .Chinki sends a msg to Uv..
Chinki nd Uv drops Twinkle at her place nd they both left for Uv’s place where Usha, Leela nd Anita are waiting for them..

At Anita’s PLACE the best frnds were having a discussion about their Children..
A-So many preparations are left for Uv’s engagement..
L- Chill Anita we are here to help you..
A-you both are here that is why I am a bit relaxed.. Anyways you two have searched bride/groom for kunj/twinkle..
Leela nd Usha (together)- No not yet.. but we are in search of best bride/groom for them..
U& L-What idea??
A -Leela you are searching best groom for twinkle nd Usha you are searching a bride for kunj.. ryt??
U& L- ya
A – so tum dono apni dosti ko rishtedaari mai kyu nhi badal dete
Usha nd Leela both were happy
L- but what if they both Love someone else?
U-IF there must be something like this UV nd Chinki must be knowing about this.. I think we should ask them about this
Leela make a call to Chinki

C- Aunty Namaste..
L-Chinki puttar mujha na tere naal kuch zaruri gal (baat) krni hai tu jaldi Uv ko lekr uske ghr aaja
C- Aunty sab theek to h na?? (Is everything alright aunty?)
L-haan sab changa hai puttar tu bas jaldi aaja.. (Ya everything is alright .. you just come fast)
C-ok aunty bye

Chinki nd UV reaches there… They both greet everyone there..
L-Actually we wanted to ask you that .. Kunj/TWINKLE has a crush on someone I mean do they Love anyone??
C- aunty I think they both like each other.. but they have not realized it yet..

Uv- Aunty’s whats cooking in your heads ??
A – Actually Uv we were thinking to do one more engagement on the day of your engagement..
Yuki gets very happy after listening this..
Uv- Mom I have a idea we both will try to make them realize there love nd there engagement will be a surprise for them… nd Aunty dnt worry we will manage everything you all just start the preparation of two engagements..
At night
Uv make a call to kunj..
K-hi bro
Uv- hey bhai!! You are not giving any gift to me on my engagement ??
K- tell me bro .. what gift do u want??
Uv- a musical play..
K- but for that I need a partner ryt?? Nd as you know that nakchadi is very angry with me..
Uv – dnt worry bro Chinki will convince her..
K-okay bye..
Chinki also do the same thing with twinkle… Twinkle also agrees…

Chinki nd Uv has arranged a group who will help Twinj for the performance..
In the morning TWinj reaches Chinki’s place..
Yukii introduces the group nd Twinj.. When they were practicing they get to know they need one more girl for play..
Kunj-What about Alia ? She will definitely help us ..
Twinkle fumes listening this but does not react much..
Kunj ASK Alia to come to chinki’s place.. when she come the group leader tell her role that she will play the role of kunj’s sister (she fumes listening this but our Twinki was vry happy)
Twinj were learning couple dance for the play which was on the song janam janam … Alia was very angry nd she planned something against twinkle…

Twinj were dancing romantically… Today there was not much need of Alia so she leaves the place..
On the other side Yuki tell twinj that after practice they will go to buy their engagement ring,,,


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Sorry if you find the epi boring..

Credit to: Ruchi

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