fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START)

Hello everyone….its Tara here…i hope u all are fine. Actually I got a long holiday in between my exams so I thought of writing this. I know that earlier I had told that it will start from 28th of march but then I realised I cannot wait for so long…hehe.. so here u go…….
Scene 1:
Leela and RT are sitting on the sofa with tea in their hands.
L: i was thinking that we should visit has been long since we went there..
RT: even i was thinking the same…we would have the Prasad as well..
Suddenly a voice is heard “ no need ….prasad has already arrived”
Leela and RT stand up and both say together “TWINKLE”
T: yes me…maa,papa here u go…(she hands over the ghee halwa to leela)
L: puttar, u went to gurudwara?? But i never saw u….
RT: too
T: actually papa, I made a sudden plan so i left early in the morning and therefore couldn’t inform u….SORRY (she makes a childish face)
L: koi nei…puttar from next time inform us as well u shall also accompany u…
T: ( hugging leela) okay meri pyari maa….
All three of them smile..

Scene 2:
“Maa…m getting late…please come fast…”
Its obviously kunj wearing a white shirt and brown blazer (as he wore in the dance competition)
Bebe comes..
B: kunj puttar…aaj itni jaldi??
K: haan ..bebe ,, i have an imp meeting today..
B: Ooo
Usha comes hurriedly.
U: here u go..
She gives him the lunch box
K: maa, how many times i have told u that no need to do all this…
U: see he behaves…
K: arey…………
B: usha rani ,, he means he doesn’t like the fact that u work so much for him…
K: exactly!!
U: kaise na karu…mera beta hain tu..kisi koh to rakhna padega na tera khayal…ab jise rakhna chahiye thaw oh toh hain nehi………………………………..
(she stops)
Kunj’s face turns pale… “ m leaving bebe”
He leaves
B: ley..subah subah… mood kharab kardetta…tu bhi na..!!
U: ab meine galat kya bola bebe..sach hi toh bola…
B: ek waqt hota hain yeh sab bolne ka…nyways leave it…
Usha shrugs…

Scene 3:
Twinkle is doing something in her laptop…leela comes.
L: twinkle puttar yeh le..tera naashta..
Twinkle closes her laptop hurriedly.. “maa aap??”
L: haan,puttar…but what happened..tu mujhe dekh k aise chauk kyun gayi…??
T: nothing maa…arey wah!! Puri and halwa!!…..yummm!!!!!!!!
L: I made it purposely for you…now have it..i ll leave now…
T: okk
Leela leaves. Twinkle takes a deep breath ( sign of relaxation) she again resumes her work in laptop.
Scene 4:
A car stops in front of an office building..the security opens the gate..kunj comes out. The security wishes him. Kunj nods. He gets inside. He finds all his staffs working efficiently …….
(it had been two years since kunj is coming to the office. He has taken his company’s business a step ahead. Manohar was happy with the progress. Kunj never missed office even for a day. He kept himself busy in all sorts of work. He had even gone abroad for business purpose. After completing his MBA kunj has become the most workaholic person. The only thing he liked apart from his work was visiting gurudwara and doing seva over there.)
Kunj headed towards his cabin..and started talking to himself…
“ everyone seems happy..maa, papa, bebe…. they are all with me…(he comes near his desk and picks up a photo frame) except u….!!”
The picture is of twinkle’s…
“ kya hoga gaya hain tujhe…meri siyappa queen..??”
Tear drops fall on the picture.
A knock is heard. Kunj composes himself.. “ come in”
A man comes in… “ sir’s meeting has been cancelled”
K: why??
Man: sir our client’s flight is late…
K: okay..u go nd inform others..
Man: yes sir…
He leaves.
Kunj sits on the chair and looks at twinkle’s picture lovingly….
His phone rings…he picks it up… “ hello…………………WHAT??” he stands up.

PRECAP: kunj reaches home hurriedly….a surprise …..Revelation of few chapters of past…!!

Okay guys i hope u enjoyed it..i know there is a lot of confusion…which shall be cleared as the story unwraps…please be patient…nd m sure when u knw the story u ll love it…as u all have always supported me…i hope u ll keep showering ur love..nd don’t forget to comment………….have a nice day and love u all…

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan


  1. Rashi verma

    Tara do u have science stream…..???
    Pls upload regularly…..
    Are u on Instagram….???
    If yes pls follow my fan page on Sidhant gupta –“sidhant_gupta_fc_2304”
    All the best …..??
    Luv u…..??

  2. komal

    Ufff tara u left me speechless.. first of all welcome back nd secondly i loved it.. nd u too ???

  3. prapti

    wlcm back dear…missed u a lot & ur ffs too…but now as u started this one wid such a diff storyline I’m so glad…oshadharon!!!

    • tara

      thanks tammana ..i guess u commented for the first thanks for that..keep reading..

  4. Preety Sid Bieber

    Hiii wlcm bck tara wid ur supr dupr fab ff..
    I enjy it hrtly…
    Waiting for d nxt one….

  5. Vinnie

    First that I missed u r ff and u too,,welcome back dear…what a different story..eagrly waiting for the next episode..l,,,,

  6. Rakshita

    Omg Tara how do u manage to write so well….very nice andbuvknow what that suspense is not letting me breathe peacefully…… Very nic track….btw yvhav u bcome a rare ff comment or u know many feel sad when u don’t comment on their ff like sweetie……she specially wrote that she was waiting for ur cmmnt so plss trya cmmnt…..nd ya I missed u alot dear!!!

    • tara

      thank u so much rakshita..after so long m reading ur comment..really feels good…nd i cudnt comment coz i was busy wid my xams…nd i didnt knw about swtie’s case..dont worry i will appologise from u..

  7. Simi

    Tara dear I missed u sooooooo soooooo soooooo much . when I saw ur ff episode on d home page I got sooooo dam exited . kunj is sooooo emotional in dis season . now jus waiting to know wat is d story behind dis emotional kunj .????????nyways pls upload your episodes only if u can . my science exams over n Hindi is tomorrow. Even I had five days holidays dude . ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  8. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    hey there tara ! greetings… I liked ur ff very much.
    but, I cnt understand the hindi written lines..
    plz translate for me…

    • tara

      ohk star..actually b4 i used to write in pure eng but sometimes hindi dialogues goes dont worry i will translate for u..

  9. Aruhi

    Hey tara..this is amazing..superb..brilliant marvellous..amazing..awesome..excellent..keep it up..can’t wait for the next one..loge you so much and keep writing..can you check out the new story by bella “music shee” hope you will like it..bye love you

  10. Ruchi

    Welcome back Tara… Amazing comeback … I was missing ur ff’s alot…Love u dear !! :)??

  11. Avantika

    Ahh..I will die tara..thnxx fr giving us such a fab update n also fr giving me the link..!

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