fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 9


Let’s start with epi 9:
Twinkle and kunj gets into the flight. Twinkle is very much disgusted with the fact that kunj will also be going to Paris nd that too in the same flight. However kunj is very excited as if he is going for honeymoon :p . he is happy as twinkle will be with him in his journey as they had promised to be while their marriage (the promise made by couples). Twinkle keeps her cabin bag and takes her seat. She got a window seat and gets relaxed to see kunj quite far away from her. An old lady comes and sits beside twinkle. Twinkle greets her. The old lady tries to put her bag up, but it slips from her hand. Luckily kunj catches it.
Old lady (ol): thanks dear…
Kunj: any time… waise u r travelling alone??
Ol: yes…i like to travel nd so i do it myself..
K: very brave..i must say
Ol: ha u knw what i asked them for a window seat but see they don’t listen…
K: neva mind aunty..u can still have it…I can change my seat with u…
Ol: (delighted) really??
K: yeah…
They change their seats.
Twinkle was oblivious to all this as she had put on her earphones again. More over she never thought that circumstances will make kunj sit beside her or simply we can say kunj will do so. 😛 twinkle gets a bitter shock to see kunj beside her.
T: tum??
Kunj waved her.
T: what the hell r u doing here…go to ur seat…
K: (before he could say something)…….
Ol: my child…he is a very generous guy..he helped me..u wont have any problem…
Helpless ….she kept quiet.
After a few hours
Almost everybody is sleeping. Twinkle as well. But kunj was awake. He was admiring twinkle’s beauty. Twinkle woke up. In the front seat was a small boy. He was playing with some rubber stuffs. It contained few animals nd insects (fake ones). The boy was very naughty and aimed at twinkle. Kunj noticed that but kept quiet. The boy threw a fake cockroach on twinkle. Twinkle saw it nd almost jumped on kunj, she held him tight, her eyes were closed in fear…. “ aaaaaaaaaa… cockroach …cockroach..plzz isee haatao..”
She screamed so loudly that almost everybody in the flight woke up. Few air hostess came running. Kunj picked up the cockroach and said “ it made out of rubber/plastic…nothing to panic so much” the boy starts laughing. Twinkle gets ashamed. Kunj also suppressed a laughter.
T: kiski harkat thi yeh…
She notices the boy…
T: u..naughty boy..where are your parents….??
The boy’s parents saw it. They started apologising .
T: its plzz apne bacho ko sambhal ke rakhiye..
They start rebuking the boy.
Kunj sees this.
K: arey y are u scolding him…bachhe to shaitani karte hi rehte hain..ab bade agar bachho jaisi hadkat kare toh phir kya keh sakte hain…
T: xcuse me??
K: ji meine aap se kuch nehi kaha…

Twinkle to herself “ disgusting!!”
The flight was moving with its normal velocity but due to some technical problem it was late. The landing was postponed by 3 hours and as a result when the flight arrived at Paris airport it was 1:30 am (guys plzz overlook the time differences, u will soon know y i made this change) twinkle and kunj took their luggage and moved out of the airport. The roads were empty. Few cabs could be seen but they were overloaded by passengers. Kunj caught hold of a cab. He put his luggage inside and was about to sit when he realised twinkle was left alone. Kunj knew if he asks her directly then she would refuse for the lift. So he told something to the cab driver. The driver nodded. He went up to twinkle and said “ mam, its a rush hour..u won’t find any cab for ur own, u need to share it with others…i got one passenger, he is waiting..u can come” twinkle was relaxed she had no idea it was kunj. Kunj was sitting with his hood on. So naturally twinkle didn’t recognise him as it was all dark. She thanked him. And he nodded. The driver asked them in which hotel they are staying. Twinj answered individually. Twinkle had a doubt hearing at the voice but she didn’t react. Suddenly the driver stopped. The car had broken down in the middle of the road. Kunj got out nd rebuked the driver. Twinkle was shocked… “u,,, wow..i knew it…is it possible that u are near and no problem will arise??” kunj kept quiet. The driver apologised. The place where he had dropped them was almost lonely. Only few streetlights can be seen. Both of them walked but maintaining a distance. Suddenly kunj located a house. He rushed towards it to seek help. Someone opened the door. it was a old lady..yes the same lady whom they met at flight. The lady was glad to see kunj. Kunj was also relaxed. But twinkle was standing out. Kunj didn’t know what to do…but to his relief the lady called her inside as snow fall would start soon. Twinkle had no choice. Kunj told the lady what all happened. She said no problem u can stay with me. She served them hot soup. It was not sufficient to kill the cold. So the lady suggested some wine. Twinkle refused. The lady kept a bottle of wine and two glasses and said if u need take it. She showed them of their room and went to sleep. Kunj said twinkle to go to the room and he can stay in the living room. It was cold so kunj drank one glass of wine. He was feeling drowsy, so he closed his eyes. Meanwhile twinkle also felt cold. She thought kunj is sleeping so she took the wine bottle and took a sip. She liked the taste. Nd before she knew she had finished the full bottle….and very soon her talli moment started. First she woke up kunj..
K: what happened??
T: shhhhhhh….dont tell anything… (in a drunk state)
Kunj was confused. Soon twinkle started singing and dancing. She opened the door and went out. She was dancing in snow and was looking ever beautiful…kunj got lost for a moment. The he went out and dragged her in.
T: mujhe bahar jana..h i wanna go out..and..danceeeeeee….
She felt asleep in kunj’s arm.

Twinkle woke up with a severe headache. She found herself in the room. She could hardly remember what had happened last night. Suddenly she found herself just in a shirt (gent’s ) she was shocked. Then kunj entered… “good morning sweetheart”
T: sweetheart?? Are u mad?? Hold on… What happened yesterday…??
K: u don’t remember?? (blushes)
T: y are u behaving stupid?? Tell me na..
K: now what to tell…u r embarrassing me..
T: will u tell..what happened??
K: ek ladka aur ladki k beech hota hain.. tum samajh rhi ho na…
T:….no this cant happen..u r lying…
K: yeah right m lying…(he opens his shirt and point out at few lipstick marks) now u will tell these are also fake…
T: no this can’t happen..she starts crying…..
Kunj now realises that he has crossed his limits…
K: twinkle….twinkle ..listen to me…nothing happened..i was kidding…(cups her face) look i know how important is a girls respect and prestige …..okay..i was just kidding..!!
T: then these marks…
K: i made it myself just to tease u…
T: and this shirt…??
K: u were completely ur bag was locked so i gave my shirt……ahh..dont worry..aunty changed it…
Twinkle breathed out…then suddenly she realised what kunj had done. She took a pillow and started hitting him…” u lier…u cheater….badtameez…” kunj some how protected him.
Twinkle ran behind him. While hitting kunj she slipped and fell over kunj. Sajna ve played. They shared an eye lock.

NO PRECAP for today as i haven’t decided what will follow next..

Hope u guys liked it. Although i don’t feel u liked the last episode received very less comments. But neva mind…i feel this one is better. Guys m trying to put regular updates. But the next one will be posted on tomorrow m very busy. I hope u don’t mind. And plzzz my request is plzzzzz comment..even if u don’t like let me know….comments are my strength..and so are u all….have a nice day..

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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