fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 8


Thanks to each and everyone who commented….i cant express how happy I am to see u guys comment. I found many new people..thanks guys for ur support. A special mention to jingle jan..missed ur comments a lot!! Thanks to silent u all.

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So let’s start with the 8th epi:
Scene 1:
Twinkle comes to RT and Leela and greets them with great enthusiasm. She touches their feet saying “mom,dad plss bless me..” RT and Leela gets surprised at this. They began to talk in sign language asking each other “whats the matter” both shrugs . twinkle sees this and smiles… “I know u are pretty confused, but don’t worry m here to clear all ur doubts”
L: twinkle …puttar don’t beat round the bush..come to the point..
RT: haan …twinkle..say it
T: okay baba….so the news is that.. ur daughter got the Paris VISA…!!!
RT: arey wah!! Great news..
T: (Smiles)
Scene 2:
Kunj is working on his laptop. He suddenly gets a call. He takes it. “thank u Mr. Tiwari” he keeps the phone. “so finally I got the VISA..thanks twinkle sab teri waja se huya hain…. :* :*”
Bebe brings milk for kunj.
B: le..dudh pee le..
K: thanks bebe (taking the glass)
B: aur phir…everything is done??
K: almost..few files are to be checked..
B: pagal..m talking abt ur personal stuffs…clothes and all…have u packed them??
K: arey bebe..woh twinkle kar legi……(stopped suddenly) i mean i ll do it later.
B: kunj puttar…u miss her so much…
K: now what to do bebe…but i know that day is not so far when we will again be together.
B: haan..have faith in god nd see he will surely show u the way..
K: jee..
B: chal kafi der hogyi hain m chalti hu..tu bhi so jana.
Bebe leaves.

The moon is shown..then the sun rise is shown and chirping of birds is heard.
Twinkle room:
Twinkle is sleeping on her soft bed. Its round in shape nd has printed bed sheet. (guys i have changed twinkle’s room in my imagination so the link of the bed is as follows)
sunlight falls on her face. Her sleep gets disturbed. Leela enters the room.
L: twinkle puttar..get up, else u will miss ur flight..
Twinkle gets up with a jerk..”my flight”
L: (smiling) nehi chhuti hain..magar jadi nehi uthi toh kuch keh nehi sakte..
T: no maa..plzz
L: come fast ..ur breakfast is ready.

On the other hand kunj’s packing is done. He is almost ready. He comes down with his bag. He calls usha. “maa..give me the breakfast fast…”
U: arey..kunj..ur flight is at 12 pm right?? Then y so early??
K: maa i have some work in the office so need to get there first.
U: oh ok..come ill serve u the food..
K: yeah..
Kunj goes to the dining area and sits there to have food. Kavya comes nd greets him . she wishes him all the best for the project. He thanks her.
(the scene shifts to twinkle’s house)
T: bas bas..maa aur kitna khilayengi…
L: puttar..u need to complete this..
T: no..i cant..papa see na..
RT: leave it leela..
L: apne na isse sir pe chardha ke rakhha hain..
Twinkle smiles.
(guys due to lack of time m skipping few m directly moving towards the airport)
Both twinkle and kunj come to the airport and take their boarding passes after the security check. Twinkle finds a place and sits there. She plugs in her earphones and listens to music. She is turned towards her left. She taps her feet to the beat of music. Coincidently kunj comes and sit next to her on her right. But he fails to recognise her as her face was turned to the opposite side. Twinkl e continues tapping her feet and by mistake she stamps kunj. “aaaooo…” kunj makes an weird face as if what the hell!! But he keeps quiet. After few minutes she stamps him again. This time kunj gets furious. He calls her “ excuse me madam…..i said excuse me (controlling his temper)” twinkle is unable to hear because of the ear phones. Kunj now calls her by patting on her back. Twinkle removes her earphones…confused as if “me??” she turns to him. Both gets shocked.

T: you..???!!!!
K: (surprise and happy) I suppose u r following me.. (in a teasing tone)
T: what the hell…u r following me..u stalker..
K: what stalker//xcuse me?? M a gentleman..
T: haan..dikh raha hain..
K: aur nehi toh least i don’t disturb others by my gesture.
T: sorry??
K: u should be…did u realised u have stamped me twice…
T: who me??
K: yes u…
T: maybe it happened accidentally…but its good..
K: what do u mean..??
Suddenly the announcement is made for Paris’s flight.
T: listen i don’t have time to argue with u..I have to go..mere flight ka time ho gya.
K: what?? Matlab tum bhi paris jar hi ho??
T: haan…one min..what do u mean by tum bhi??
K: means m also going there…
Twinkle makes a weird face nd kunj smiles

PRECAP: twinj fuuny scenes in the flight nd kunj’s mischief

Guys m not a very good comedy writer. But still I tried to put few funny elements. I know it was not that funny..but the next one will be perhaps better. But if u don’t like it ..plzz tell me. I wont put anything further. But a request don’t judge me by this epi. Wait for the next one then let me know if u liked it. Actually the upcoming track is a funny one. But i can change if majority says no. but the good thing is from now on u ll get twinj scenes. Hope u like it. Plzz comment. As they mean alot to me… and one more thing.. LOVE U ALL!! :* :*

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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  1. tara dear m soo happy u r back on d track…..n.plz do add funny scences n twinj nokjhok…i wud love to read them…n this episode was as usual awesm…..plz keep writing…

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