fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 6

Thanks a lot guys for commenting…nd how can I forget u…SILENT READERS…..yesterday purba made me realise that if not many there are few silent readers who waits form my ff. Thanks a lot purba…and thanks to all silent readers//// but guys i have one request plzz don’t remain silent anymore…coz new ffs are coming up every now nd then…so we need more commenters right?? So plzz guys comment….nd now moving to my epi but before that …..
PRECAP: Two years ago, twinkle had an accident and as a result of injury in her head she lost her memory. This was the main reason why she is not with kunj but with her parents as she has completely forgotten the phase of her marriage. Kavya comes to know this from kunj and being a medical student decides to help twinj reunite.

Scene 1:
Kavya sees twinkle coming out of a huge bungalow. (guys I really forgot to mention that kavya character will be played by roopal tyagi last seen as gunjan in sapne suhane ladakpan ke in zee tv) after twinkle goes away kavya asks the security …
Kv: bhaiya…woh ladki jo abhi abhi yaha se gayi ap use jante hain kya?? (the girl who went just now do u knw her?)
Sec: no …
Kv: okk..does she come here frequently?
Sec: idk….haan par madam ji ki koi khaas hongi..
Kv: madam ji??
Sec: sheena madam…badi dejiner (designer) hain…
Kv: oh…(in her mind “sheena….kaha suna hain yeh naam??”)

Scene 2:
Twinkle comes to a restaurant to meet chinki and celebrate her departure. She is waiting for chinki. Kunj was having a meeting in the same restaurant with some client. As soon as his meeting finishes he starts leaving. The client leaves but suddenly kunj notices twinkle. He starts looking at her lovingly. Twinkle is impatient. She calls chinki but she doesn’t pick up the call. She sees around nd finds kunj staring at her. She lift her brows , she thinks “babaji..what kind of a guy he is….staring at girls on public place??”. She turns to find he was still staring…she gets angry….she gets up nd goes to him….
T: oh..bhaisab….hello excuse me m talking to u..(clicking her fingers)
K: m…,….m…m…me??
T: yeah u….dont u have any shame??
K: (he doesn’t knw what to say…) ummm..actually…
T: ek min..I have seen u somewhere…..
Kunj gets happy thinking twinkle remembers him…
T: kaha dekha kaha dekha………
K: kaha dekha??
T: (making a face) zarur jail m hi dekha hoga….

K: what?? Jail??
T: yeah….
K: do u think m a criminal??
T: of course….jo aise ladkiyon ko chedta hain..use toh eve teasing k case m ander hi hona chahiye…
K: what?? Ladkiyon koh chedna?? Eve teasing?? Do u have any idea what u r talking…??
T: ohoho…zyada bhole ban ne ki zarurat nehi hain…restaurant m ladki taar reho ho sharam nehi aati…
Kunj now understands….nd murmurs… “ yeh siyappa queen nehi sudhar ne wali…”
T: what are u murmuring….
K: nothing…plzzz m getting late I have to go..
T: as if i m dying to argue wid u…
Kunj smiles nd leaves..
T: huh!!
Her phone rings. Its chinki’s msg….
Sorry twnki….can’t come today…got some imp work…
Twinkle gets irked….
Scene 3:
Kunj comes home. Kavya greets her.
Kv: bhaiyu u knw today i saw twinkle bhabi…
K: really?? Where?
Kv: outside a house,,of some sheena oberoy….
Kunj stops… “ who??…..sheena? u mean the fashion designer??”
Kv: yeah bhaiyu..thats what the security told…

Kunj thinks “that means twinkle has decided to move on with her modelling carrer….good…”
Kv: bhaiyu??
K: yeah…kavya..I will Ttyl…have some work…
Kavya thinks.

PRECAP: no precap

M sorry guys..for the small update but I have my xam tomorrow the last one to my relief…..hehe and one more thing…i will be out from my place for a I won’t be able to update any epi or comments…my dear frndz who write ffs plzz don’t feel bad..after I come back I will read all ur ffs. Nd I have not given any precap coz I donno whats gonna come to my mind after a week..may be after refreshment I would come up with few better keep reading..nd don’t forget to comment….love u all stay blessed.

PS: THE DP IS EDITED BY SUU(SUNAINA) thanks dear for the wonderful edit.

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  1. Tara all the best for your physical education exam….do well…..its easy for a science student….waiting for your episode…..

    1. no rashi we dnt have physical education xam
      tomrw is my comp sc. xam dear
      nyways thanks

  2. Ooh Tara will miss u and ur ff after all u are now an important part of my life …..god bless u dear

    1. tysm ritzi..miss u too

  3. Heeyyy tara…..dude u are seriously a faadu writer..luv u dear….but luv ur writing skills more.
    ohk so now m gonna make u laugh ur ass out..get ready.
    thande thande paani se nahana chaiye….han thande thande paani se nahana chaiye
    time miley ya na miley…..tara ka ff padhna chaiye…
    time miley ya na miley…..comment bhi kerna chaiye….
    lolzzzz I am laughing like hell and I know u will be laughing too

    1. hahahaha
      lolzz u r awsm yr no doubt y i love u so much

    2. Hey aakansha u didn’t post ur ff today?

      1. I am very sry ritzi…I had decided to take a day off with my ff and I had posted an episodic analysis which didn’t get posted…idk why

  4. I was waiting for ur ff today is Sunday no tei I m getting bored akku also didn’t post her ff thanks for posting ur ff the episode is small but sweet n I loved d dp luv u tara

    1. I am really sry riya….I thought of taking a day off with my ff and I hav posted an episodic analysis early in the morning but it didn’t get posted yet….I am really sry dera

    2. Ya riya same here

    3. thanks a lot riya
      love u too dear!

  5. Oh my it’s awesome and the best thing you have choose the best person describe for kavya is gonna be amazing can’t wait looking forward

    1. thanks a lot dear…esha…

  6. Ohh Tara I m a silent reader bit ur ff z owsm
    N yet kitne b naye ff ayee tera jasa toh koi ni na..?

    1. thanks crazy…m so happy to read ur comment..nd was a grt compliment indeed…

  7. Awesome yaar Tara too good

    1. thnks nor more than u..

  8. U ff is just like u r name tara
    Loved it soooooooo much

    1. i completely agree wid u sanam

      1. thank u krystal

    2. i dont knw y comments are not publishes….uff..sanam thanks i commented bt it neva got posted…

  9. Mindlowing Tara and dont worry about it takes your time and love you

    1. thanks for understanding….nd thanku for cmmntng..

  10. Awsome one yar and all the best for your exams

    1. thanks dheemahee…i just love ur name…

  11. Preety Sid Bieber

    Woaw tara i hv no word to descib ur ff yar…
    Its realllllly oxxxm…
    Fall in luv wid u n ur thought..

    1. tysm preety…..nd i love u tooo

  12. nice di . di… u made me bakbak reader from silent reader . anywayz i ll wait for a weak for the next epi .

    1. thaks dear purba….haha bak bak reader..good one..

  13. sry tara dear i cmntd late……now coming to ur ff….its is awesm mindblowing fantastic….loved it to the moon n back n yeah u too…..???????????????????

    1. no prob yaar…thank u so much…love u too

  14. tara love ur dp….. ur ff z jst awesome …. superb yr …. wl miss u and ur ff a lot …. and al d bst fr ur xm …..

    1. thanks panchi….nd yeah dp’s credit to suu…

  15. Ur concept is too good dear & finally we got a twinj scene after so many days..& u asked abt mine,,m just running short of time & whenever i post m gonna end it..but u must keep writing always & forever…

    1. thanks prapti..u always comment the way i want…i donno whether i ll be writing will cry a lot if u dont write…love u..muahhh

  16. good one tara . waiting for the next . and yes purba , though we cant contact now as u r in india now . but u forgot me ?? thats not right

    1. thanks chandra..

  17. Sidmin(twinj)

    Hi Tara… I’m a silent reader…I love ur ff soooo much dr…plz post the nxt episode soon…cnt wait fr nxt episode

    1. thanks dear..m so happy to see u comment..

  18. Muskan{News reporter}

    Di so sorry for being late..i m reallynso sorry bt luvd the ff and all the best for ur last Xmas…and again so sorry.

    1. pz dont say sorry musu..u call me di..nd say sorry thats nt done…..and yeah thank u so my my sweet sis..

  19. First of all i m sooo sry fr cmnting late nd now cmng 2 ur ff itss fantastic fab fabulous as usual… Lovd it!. ?????????????????????????????????????♥♥?????? nd thnks fr giving credit. ???????????????

    1. if u change ur name as well as ur is ..I will always recognise u…lol…thanks to u for the wonderful edit..and hence u got a credit…hahaha..m making poem thanks u..

  20. Amazing Tara… We will miss u dear…
    nd ur ff too

    1. me too will miss u.. 🙁 🙁 bt we shall chat in fb….. 🙂 🙂 😀 😀
      thanks btw…

  21. Hi dearie how r u . m obviously gonna miss u but let’s not think BT tat coz I can be patient n wait till when u ll post ur ff . n I know d further story will fire up more as twinj will come together. So I toh will wait for it rather than crying tat u r going. N I loved that part where kunj says yeh sayappa queen kabhi nahi sudhregi , tats so cute actually. Love ya dear n I’ll be waiting for u . muahhhh ?????

    1. oh simi..I dont have words to thank u yaar….even if u r not gonna miss my ff m gonna miss ur comments badly…whenever i post an ff i eagerly wait for ur comment…i remember the epi analysis where we first met via comments..nd our journey together started…i wish i could meet u some day..nd hug u u so much sweetheart…muahhhhhhhh

  22. i ammm sorry tara for late comment but your ff is awesome but toooo short dear give us a looooooooong update

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