fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 5 MAHA EPISODE

K: kavya from where did u get this??
Kv: thats not the answer of my question…
K: kavya plzzz
Kv: plzzz bhaiyu….tell me plzzz

KV: bhaiyu calm down plzzz
K: how will I calm down..whenever I see this I remember………….
Kv: yeah…u remember…what u remember bhaiyu???
Kunj’s face is shown.
“Twinkle ….come fast yaar..we will be late…bebe had called just now…” said kunj while wearing his kurta….
Twinkle comes there wearing a saree…kunj looks on..
T: what?
K: what what??
T: why are u staring at me??
K: no..m not staring at u…..(he stammers)
T: acha?? Rehne do..mujhe sab pata hain…
K: what?? Kya pta hain tumhe??
T: kuch nehi…(smiles)
K: ab jaldi kar….
T: yeah…
Twinkle is wearing earrings. She wears bangles. Then she takes a necklace and tries to wear it…but she fails..kunj sees that nd smiles. He goes near her. He takes the necklace from her nd makes her wear that. Twinkle starts blushing..
K: kya hua??
T: nothing….

K: then I think we shud leave…
T: u go..i ll come…
K: okay…
Kunj gets down nd goes out to the car. Twinkle takes her purse and leaves the room. She was getting down the stairs when her heels got stuck in her saree…. she slips..misses balance, tumbles, rolls down the stairs and get injured.
Outside kunj was getting restless…” why is she so late..let me go nd check”
He goes inside and finds twinkle in that position….and shouts “TWINKLE……!!!!!!!”
A huge amount of blood was flowing…her head was badly injured.
K: twinkle…nothing willhappen to u…m here na..nothing will happen…
Kunj panics..
He lifts her in her arms and rushes to the hospital. On the way he informs the family members…
Kunj is carrying twinkle in her arms…he runs inside calling.. “doctor….please…see my wife….”
The ward boys come with a stretcher nd dr. orders them to take her to OT.
The doctor goes with them.
Kunj waits outside,,,all the members of sarna family along with tanejas reach the hospital…
Leela: kunj puttar…twinkle….

K: nothing will happen to twinkle maa…
Leela cries..RT consoles her. Everyone is tensed
The OT lights goes off and the doctor comes out.
K: dr. what happened??
Dr.: operation successful..patient is out of danger now…
Everyone breathe out as a sign of relief..
Dr.: but …..
K: but??
Dr.: dekhiye woh khatre se toh bahar hain par…jab tak unhe hosh nehi aata kuch keh nehi sakte…
RT: matlab kya hain aapka dr.??
Bebe: haa..u nly said na she is out of danger??
Dr.: yeah..she is,,,bt in these types of cases I mean head injuries..there are chance of the patient going to coma…so can’t really say anything now…
Everyone gets a shock….kunj gets shattered…. “ no…no no….this can’t happen…this cant happen…”
Bebe: puttar wahe guru par bharosa rakh…
Few hours passed..
K: u all go home..I m here…
Usha: par kunj…
K: maa plzzzz…

Everyone leaves reluctantly….
Kunj asks the dr. if he can see twinkle. He agrees. Kunj thanks him and gets inside.
Twinkle was lying there…straight…still…without any movement. Her head was bandaged. Saline was going on. Kunj goes and sits beside her.
K: I knw …u r taking revenge from me….I always called u siyappa queen thats y na?? Twinkle dek tera khadoos sarna aaj bheek mang raha hai…plzz ankhe khol de…(plzz open ur eyes m begging u)
He cries…holding twinkle’s hand..a drop of water falls on her hand. Kunj lifts his head. He gets shocked. He find movement in twinkle’s fingers.
K: (excited) doctor…nurse…doctor..plzzz come here..
Doctor comes there…
K: dr. see…twinkle is showing movement..
Dr.: let me check…
He checks.. “wow…her heart beat nd pulse is normal..I think she is regaining consciousness …”
Kunj gets happy. He call bebe nd informs…again all of them come to the that time twinkle had opened her eyes…leela rushes to her. She hugs twinkle nd cries.
T: maa m thik hun..
Twinkle looks around..everyone is looking at her…
T: maa…yeh sab log kaun hain??
Kunj comes inside.. “twinkle….twinkle u are all right na..??
T: yeah,,,but who are u??
Everyone gets a shock….
Nurse comes and tell everyone to leave the room nd not to make a crowd…only one person can stay there..leela says she is there…
RT and Kunj goes to meet the dr.

Dr.: oh Mr. Sarna…I was waiting for u…
K: dr. what happened to my wife??
Dr.: Mr. Sarna…..ur wife twinkle is suffering from AMNESIA…
Dr.: agar simply kaha jay toh memory loss….
K: kya??
Dr.: yes…its a syndrome in which people forget a particular phase in their life….
RT: bt dr. is ka koi toh illaj hoga…
Dr.: no..medical science has no treatment for these disease … can be cured in few days ..few months..even it may take few years….
Kunj sits on the chair….panic stricken nd shocked
Flash back ends
Kavya is totally shocked…. “ bhaiyu..are u okay..??”
Kunj has tears in his eyes… “ now u knw kavya…y twinkle doesn’t stay with me…she has forgotten love..our marriage everything…nd for two years I just look at her secretly…nd talk to her photo…”
Kavya also gets tears in her eyes…

Kv: bhaiyu..u don’t worry…m a medical student…may be I can help u…yeah I will help u bhaiyu…u will get ur love back…

PRECAP: twinj meeting….starting of a new chapter of love…

Okay I hope now all ur confusions …mysteries ..and suspense are cleared…now u know y twinkle don’t talk about kunj..nd why kunj misses her so much…ab dekhna yeh hain ki yeh love birds apni love story dobara kaise likhte hain..dont forget to comment…love u all

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan


  1. gopika

    i don’t have words yaar..
    u r a mind blowing writer yaar
    love u loads♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Awesome tara just loved it ..i was waiting for u only.. u just cheered me up
    Thank you somuch. .love u tara ..
    Sorry ff writers , really v sorry i cud nt comment on any of yr ffs since many days but truly telling ut was just awesome ..
    Those were awesome. Just loved themm
    Guys i need a help plz tell me about today’s written episode how it went nd al plz it’s a request. ..

    • tara

      thanks yashika …m really happy to hear that u were waiting for it…nd m sorry to keep u waiting,,,bt tanks alot dear….
      nd abt yesterday’s was superb…
      twinj ran away nd took shelter in a small jhopri in jungle…..sangram nd yuvi were looking for them…mahi was very sad at yuvi’s she attempted suicide …twinj shared few romantic moments together….
      well thats in short what happened..

  3. Sanam

    Tara it’s just sooo superb
    Loved it ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Yeh fitoor mera laya mujko TU page mein
    Yeh fitoor mera ff Teri ♥♥♥♥♥
    Eagerly waiting for the next

    • tara

      aww…sanam…i really dont knw how to thank u…u r really sweet just like ur name…love dear..

  4. riya

    wow Tara now that’s what is called n ff beautifully written I really loved it you should be a writer I don’t have words to explain it waiting for next episode

    • tara

      omg…riya…..I m not used to such sweet words….ur comment is taking me to cloud nine…tysm ..

  5. loveleen

    ohhh so this was the case…..omg i was so afraid…nyways fabulous concept….loved it to the core….

    • tara

      thank a lot loveleen…chalo kisi ne mere concept ki baat ki…I was eager to see if someone mentions it…

  6. Aakanksha

    ohhhh wooowww tara…today ill use my fav choreographer remo sir’s line to praise u
    Now that’s what u call an episode…..its just superrr se uperrr

    • tara

      o my goddddddd akku….remo sir is mah fav too..I always had a dream that he will praise me in the same way for dance…lol!! but thats quite impossible…bt really happy to hear it from gr8 writer akku!!

  7. Prapti

    Aaaah…yehi awaaz nikli dill se & even my eyes r nearly i was just thinking how wd a person bear d pain in real that ur love is b4 ur eyes & u can’t make any move,can’t even talk but u hav to live wid a hope that may be sm day it’ll be alright…thank god that it’s just a ff & of course one of d best ffs on tei or tu even…

    • tara

      yeah u r r8…it would be really painful …..btw thanks for the compliment..nd btw what abt ur ff?/

  8. Wowww Tara wht a twist !!!! Really yr loved itt. Awesome, amzingg fantastic epi!! Ur writingg skillss r ????? i could immagine ur ff!!!!! U r brilliant writer!!?????❤❤❤❤?????????☺☺☺?????????????????

  9. Simi

    Dis was a perfect blend of drama Tara loved . first of all its really well written, very well . dis is a perfect episode actually, u know lyk pura power pack types . now m relieved coz u finally opened dis suspense out to us . love u dear keep on writing n I know ur further track will also be very unique, so can’t wait now . love ya . muahhhh?????

    • tara

      thank u thank u thank u….simi..u just made my day..i love ur comments and ofcourse u..muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :*

  10. Ritzi

    Taaaaaaaraaaaaaa u r getting me crazy and ya I was talking about your last seasons last episode….can u pls pls tell me what happens in that????

    • tara

      nothing related to this chill…but if u wish i will give a summary in my next epi..
      nd thanks a lot dear…

  11. rupam

    Superb epi yrr tara…… i am feeling very bad 4 our kunj….hope so her memory come soon

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