fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 4

Hello my lovely friends…A VERY HAPPY HOLI TO ALL OF U…may u life fill with colours and this holi be the most remarkable one. For me this is very special as I am celebrating this wid the TEI lovers….okay no more bak m quite late..on the request of loveleen I have added a RECAP.
Recap: kunj narrates twinj honeymoon story to kavya….pahelgaon ..twinj romance abd nok jhoks..betaab valley…!! flashback ends..twinkle informs her parents abt invitation to Paris fashion house…!
So lets start…
Scene 1:
Kunj stops the alarm clock. He sees that it’s 7:45 am ,,OMG!! He gets up in a hurry and goes to washroom. He gets ready in a jiffy. While combing his hair his eyes fall on a photo on the table…(twinkle’s photo)
Kunj takes the photo in his hand and smiles.
K: see what u did…made me late!! U always do m late now so talk to u later…(kisses the photo and keeps it)

Scene 2:
“maa…come fast” twinkle comes down the stair.
L: what happened??
T: maa m going to sheena mam..
L: so early??
T: yeah maa..may be something important…
L: okay puttar take care…
Twinkle comes out of taneja mansion. Kunj was waiting for kavya outside sarna’s
K: kavu come fast…m already late..
Kv: coming bhaiyu…..
Kunj sits in the car and waits. Twinkle passes from there. Kunj stares at him lovingly. He fails to understand that kavya has entered the car and was waiting for him to start.
Kv: bhaiyu??
K: ahh yaeh…
Kv: what happened??
K: nothing…let’s go
The leave

Scene 3:
Kunj’s cabin:
Kunj is sitting in his cabin and checking something in the laptop. His eyes falls on the twinkle’s picture.
K: (to himself) what?? Now u won’t let me work also?? Okay i agree that m getting distracted..but the fault is urs…how can u be so beautiful…
He remembers something…
Twinkle comes out wearing a crop top nd jeans. kunj gets shocked…
K: twinkle??
T: yeah..
K: what are u wearing??
K: y? Is this bad??
K: no…I mean its good bt…
T: but??
K: but tu twinkle kam..aur TWINKLA zyada lag rehi hai…
T: what??
K: i mean u look like a guy in this….
T: really??
K: okay…dont panic..we r late let’s leave now..
T: are u kidding?? How can I go like this??
K: twinkle…i was just joking….u look beautiful no matter whatever u wear…!!
T: (coming close to him) thanks…. (she kisses him on his cheeks)
Kunj gets an amazing surprise ….she tries to run away but kunj holds her …they are close..very close…extremely close….kunj leans on her to kiss her….she pushes him and escapes…
FB ends…
Kunj smiles . a knocking is heard..
Kavya comes in.
K: kavya?? U here??
Kv: bhaiyu..u knw m really shocked…
K: don’t beat around the bush..come to the point..
Kv: ( hands over a file) whats this bhaiyu??
Kunj looks at the file and gets shocked..

PRECAP: Maha Episode …..revelation of the mystery…

What will happen?? What do u think was in the file? Y was kunj shocked?? To know more keep reading,…
Okay guys I knw the epi was not long enough bt my wifi is not working properly…so m really sorry..hope the next one will be longer…ummm i wanna thank all those u commented in YUJRAJ LUTHRA TEI….Yeah simi u were right it was me…i dnt know whether u checked it or not…few of u know..but I thought to tell u all…i very glad to get u all as my friends who knows me so well love u all…btw guys where is rakshita?? She is not commenting for few days….are u all so busy in whatsapp group?? Guys plzzz don’t forget abt comment in TU as well….anyways plzz share ur views for this epi via comments…nd let me if u liked it..coz this track is partially gonna end after MAHA EPISODE…no more flashbacks but present scenes…so plzzzz comment…have a nice day..and happy holi once again..

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan


  1. Aakanksha

    Welcome back Tara….and about the episode it was awesome, mind blowing, fabulous, fantastic and what not….Luv and ur ffs so much that I can’t explain.

  2. Aakanksha

    No no we don’t discuss about ffs and written updates in WhatsApp group yaar…tu things are done on tu only….actually I guess she has guests at home and she doesn’t get time ony to check tu….she was telling me that.

  3. Ruchi

    Nyc one Tara… Eagerly waiting for Maha episode… Happy Holi to u 2 Dear Nd to all my Tei frnds too…

  4. riya

    happy holi 2 u 2 dear I m silent reader of your ff & I would love 2 be u r friend ur ff is awesome

  5. Prapti

    Happy holi dear everyone…tara,u & ur ff both r fab,superb & amazing…join wtsap grp soon..we miss u

  6. Rakshita

    Tara see I can understand ur sentiments….but Plss don’t say lyk that…..I promised that thgh I will make WhatsApp group but I will surely comment…. But my grandparents and my czns have come……!!! Plss Tara don’t say lyk dis….ur ff is awesome……and Plss dear frnds those who r waiting for ff, thgh I know there r rare….. I will soon post it……!!!! And Tara m really surprised that u didn’t believe my promise….???? I always keep my promise….lol!!!!??????

    • tara

      its not like that dear..i didnt knew that u had guest…now u dnt say like this…
      thanks for commenting…lol!!
      love u..

  7. salini nandi

    Its nice updte darling..r u like zain..i jst lve him..tumhe pata..wo zain itna hot hai ki may abhi tak jawall rahi hu uske liya..tara di jst lve 4 u also..

  8. Ritzi

    Thank god our one of the best ff writer Tara is back!!!!! Awesome start dear but pls can u tell what happend in ur last ff

    • tara

      omg..thanks ritzi…ur comment made me blush today….btw i didnt get u…last ff means last epi or last season??

  9. gopika

    speechless yaar……..i just loved it,…….eagerly waiting for next episode……happy holi tara…..

  10. twinj

    awesome episode dear …. keep writing ….was waiting for ur ff ….and happy holi to u too dear

  11. sudha

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww tara superb yaar and post next epi as soon as posible and my lapi was repaire and i will post my ff by tommorrow

  12. Simi

    Tara m so so so so sorry for commenting late . I was busy . n ya I read DAT comment tat day but I thought no use of replying coz u won check it . n u know I din simply say tat it was u , whn I read tat line na tat no one here is a twinj or twiraj fan tat tym only I was like dis is Tara n tats y I asked also . n BT dis episode, I love d way u r going . I mean u r going slow n steady n nicely tats really NYC . OK soo I got to know only ryt tat it was u , so I want u to give me a reward by uploading d next episode really really soon . pls pls pls dearie pls . I can’t wait I literally can’t wait now for dis suspense to open up. Love u dear n pls give me mah reward pls . I know m being selfish. Sorry for tat . if u can’t upload then its OK , u have exams na . love ya . muaaaahhhhhhhh. ???????

    • tara

      oh simi…I just love to read ur LONG comments..dont worry I will post today only….love u soooo much muah…

  13. Muskan{News reporter}

    Love ur ff di….. Keep it up for ur whole life and happy holi again… And sorry i commented late.

  14. rupam

    Ur epi was fab bt post ur next epi soon bcoz i want 2 know y kunj always think abt twinkle n twinkle dont

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