fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 35

Sorry guys couldn’t reply to u all individually… bt thanks to everyone who all commented and silent readers as well

Episode 35
Kunj comes back from office. He is in a pensive mood because of twinkle…e thinks about her sudden change in behaviour…finally he decides to speak up…
K: twinkle i need to talk to u…
T: yes
K: why r u doing this twinkle??
T: u mean i cant even play games on my phone….?
K: what?
T: that’s what m doing now…

K: see m not joking….
T: oh.. see its written in my face ‘m joking’… m just saying what m doing…
K: m not talking to u about now… m observing u from the last few days.. we behave so weird …. u act immature with kritika….
T: ohooo now i get it.. someone is being defensive about kritika… so did ur dear friend complain about me?
K: see..m talking to u about this…. see how u behave when it comes to her…
T: my wish.. how i behave.. y r u being so protective….?
K: but y will u behave like that? Nd m not being protective.. m asking..
T: see kunj its completely up to me how i do things..u can’t force.. nd i will i have to behave well with ur guest??
K: why not??
T: coz i hate her….. (she murmurs)
K: what?
T: nothing…
K: plzz twinkle..

T: what please.. u r asking me all this? Didnt u feel strange when she interfered in our privacy??
K: privacy? And our? Hahahaha.. u r mad
T: y r u laughing now??
K: good joke.. but i dnt get one thing..y r u overreacting…
T: because I…
K: you??
T: nothing…

She stopped…or should we say something stopped her… the words from her heart came right upto her tongue but couldn’t be expressed….
He left the room…
Few days passed…twinkle continued to feel jealous in kritika’s presence…but never told kunj..on the other side kunj was oblivious of all this and something else kept going on in his mind.. ‘the divorce application’. Only one week was left….
K: twinkle
T: haan bolo..

K: what have u decided to tell bebe and maa regarding our divorce…
T: what shall i say.. i will say the truth.. will say that my husband wants to divorce me…
K: what nonsense… r u forgetting that u had given the application??
T: no.. not at all.. buy now u seemed more interested than me…
K: its meaningless to talk to u…. forget it…
Suddenly kritika comes… “umm kunj!”
T: lo..abe isiki hi kami thi,…
Kunj groans at twinkle and then says “kriti… come in..”
Twinkle [aside] bah ab yeh kritika se kriti ban gyi…. kamal hain…matlab…
Kr: hi twinkle…. kunj actually na mujhe tumse kuch important baat karni hain…
K: haan toh bolo na..
Kr: yaha nehi study mein chalte h…

T: kyn.. yaha kya prob h?
Kr: nehi i thought u will be disturb…
T: arrey no.. how can u disturb me… u r kunj’s friend … (gives a fake smile)
Kr: ok
They began to talk about something… twinkle notices kritika’s gestures… she sits close to kunj.. keeps her hand on his shoulders… twinkle fumes….
She was actually cutting some fruits when she accidentally cuts her fingers and shouts “ouchhhhh”
Kunj and kritika gets alert.. kuunj runs to her and says “ twinkle… u okay?? Kya karti ho tum bhi?? Apna khaya nhi rak sakti..”
Twinkle who was in pain watches kunj’s concern for her…
Kr: mein first aid box leke aati hu..
She brings and kunj aids twinkle…
Kr: ok twinkle take care… kunj i will leave now… goodnight..
She leaves…
Twinkle was constantly gazing at kunj…
A soft romantic music plays at bg…
Screen freezes on twinkles face

Precap: sarna family at a mandir…. twinkle is stressed.. her vision is blurred … she faints…

So guys how was the episode?? And what do u think is the precap?? Are y excited?? Plzz mention ur views…. nd plzzzz comment… love u all stay blessed


  1. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Tara, the episode was superb. Really excited for the next one. I feel that Twinkle is going to get her memory back. Yay! Do post soon.
    Loads of love.💗

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini


    |Registered Member

    Omg tara………….😱😱😱😱…I was studying but thought to open tu site once n opened urs ……I mean …..the conversation were described so beautifully N clearly…….n Precap is amazing …………though I’m having exams n didn’t commented n read any ff since morning but urs is superb dear ….n I would love to say that Plzz post next one soon yaar….love u 😘😘😘😍😍

  3. Baby


    |Registered Member

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh god tara di wowowww
    luvd d episode ufffff uufufufufuf d jelousy twinkle ko kha rhi hai
    hehhehehe luvd it d cncrn n evrything was jst prfct n d precap says smthing smthing which i cant explain i wanna read it soon.
    yeahahaa di post nxt asap luv u

  4. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Twinkle almost confessed Oh god when will she confess her feelings for Kunj Hope that it happens soon and Want to know why Twinkle was stressed and fainted Post the next part soon 🙂

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