fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 34

Epi 34:
Sarna mansion:
Twinkle is getting ready after taking bath…. she combs her hair and adorns herself in the mirror…. she wears kajal… puts a bindi… and all set.. she is ready!! She looks in the room for kunj… bt he wasn’t there… β€œ i guess he has gone down”…
Twinkle comes down..and is surprised to see twinkle having breakfast with kritika…. she fumes…
Bebe: arey puttar.. come.. have breakfast…with us..
She nods ..

Kritika: hi twinkle.. we didnt meet yesterday.. i was so tired.. πŸ˜›
T: its ok.. abhi toh tum yhi rahogi….so we can meet everyday..
Kr: yeah.. hahhaa
T : (aside) dekho toh kaise besharamo ki tarah has rhi hai… dusro k ghar mein.. ake..huh..
Kr: kuch kaha tumne??
T: who? Me? No no..
Kr: oh..
Bebe: c’mon have food.. its getting cool..
Kunj stares at twinkle.. he tries to follow her behaviour…
Later that day…
Twinj room:
Twinkle comes in.. she gets another shock seeing kritika there as well with kunj…
She opens the cupboard with a jerk.. throwing her frustration… in a way so that they cud hear..
K: oh.. when did u come?
T: (sarcastically) u wont see me… u were soooo busy right.. bt dnt worry i wont disturb u….
K: actually we thought to work from home today….
T: yeah whatever…
She leaves…
Kunj is stunned…
He thinks.. β€œ isse kya hua.. ajeeb hain..!!” shrugs..
Twinkle comes out of the room fuming…. β€œjaha dekho bas yeh ladki.. apne ghar mein bhi no privacy…”
At night:
Twinkle was applying some night cream… kunj comes inside…
K: twinkle.. what happened to u??
T: what will happen?? M fine…
K: u r.. (b4 he cud finish)
T: m very sleepy.. good night..
She goes to bed.. and covers her face with the blanket….
Kunj is still in the confused state…

The next morning at breakfast table….
Kunj is seated… twinkle was serving others.. when kritika comes in… and was going to sit beside kunj…
T: ah kritika.. thats my seat actually…
Kr: oh.. i didnt know.. actually yesterday also i sat here..
T: yeah u were already seated… so i didnt tell u..
K: twinkle.. kya fark padhta hain.. kahi bhi baithe…
T: (cutting him short) fark padhta hain kunj…. β€˜farak’ padhta h ( laying emphasis on β€˜farak’)
Kr: ahh guys.. its k.. m sitting there..
Twinkle puts on a fake smile..
She goes and sits beside kunj… he was looking at her..
T: what?/
K: nothing…
After breakfast kunj was getting ready to go to office..twinkle was out of the room… when the button of his shirt tore..kunj was irked as he was getting late… he was going to change the shirt when kritika came β€œ kunj come fast we r getting late…”
Kunj looked at her… β€œ 1 min.. arrey where is my shirt now..”
Kr: what happened?? Shirt kyu dhoond rhe ho??
K: arey is wale ki button tut gyi..
Kr: oh.. wait.. sui thaga hain na?? Kaha h bolo?/
K: arey rhene do i will change…
Kr: no wear it u look nice..
She takes the thread nd needle and starts sewing…
Meanwhile twinkle enters…. she is furious to see them but controls herself….
Kr: lo ho gya…
K: thanks..
Kr: mntn not… arey twinkle.. come in na..
T: thanks kritika.. bt i dnt think i need someone’s permission to get inside my room….
Kritika is surprised..and confused.. kunj is shown tensed…
Screen freezes

Precap : kunj asking twinkle whats her problem..y can’t she just behave.. twinkle replies she know what she is doing… kunj is angry and asks her to stop this.. twinkle asks y should she.. kunj asks y not?? Twinkle say because……………………………………………

What will be twinkle’s answer?? Are u all excited?? I guess so…
How was this episode.. i know m super late.. bt i guess i entertained u with my Os and all so u shouldn’t be very angry with me… and guys i have something else to tell which i will say in my upcoming episode.. so do comment.. m waiting.. love u all and stay blessed


  1. Chiku


    |Registered Member

    Maza aagaya
    Tara plz next episode jladi se uplaod karde nad kuch shocking mat batana next episode mien. Plzzzz 😊

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini


    |Registered Member

    Omg tara ………twinki jealous πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Loved her n Precap is Awsome….I mean I’m speechless…🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐
    Loved it to the core 😍😍😍

  3. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Tara loved it The way Twinkle is jealous To good and hope in the next episode she realises her Love for Kunj Just Loved it Post soon πŸ™‚

  4. Baby


    |Registered Member

    tara di oh god amazing epsidoe
    heheeh jelous twinkle bechari hahahahaha
    n d precap amazing fabulous or kitna mast show kia hai aapne prfct behaviour of r punjabi patakka wid dis kritika hmmhuh…….
    luvd it n of course hell excited fr nxt episod post asap di luvd it luv u
    wowowoowwoowowowow speechless epsiode…………

  5. Suni


    |Registered Member

    Taraa awesome epi as usual!! πŸ™†πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Loved it!!❀
    Looking forward to next epiπŸ™†πŸ‘

  6. SidVee

    Awesome.. this jealous twinkle was superb πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. eagerly waiting to know twinkles ans.. do cont soon πŸ’•

  7. netra

    Waiting. For your next episode
    Loved this
    Plzzzzz post next Faso m very curious
    and loved yr all Os and would love to see more from you
    bye ,;-)

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