fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 32

Hey lovely r u?? Sorry for not posting yesterday.. actually i wasn’t at home… bt i really wanna thank u all.. m so happy with the response.,, i cant even explain the degree of my happiness.. just keep supporting me … lets start..
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chapter 31

Twinkle and kunj returns home from the lawyers office. Kunj is very exhausted… he drinks water and relaxes….he closes his eyes for a moment when he overhears some strange sound of things being thrown… he opens his eyes to find twinkle throwing her clothes and other belongings in a bag….kunj gets up at an instance … “ what r u doing??”
T: what??
K: y r u throwing ur belongings….??
T: mr. Kunj sarna.. dhyan se dekhiye..isse packing kehte hain…
K: and for what r u packing??
T: didn’t u hear what the lawyer said…

K: yeah… so??
T: so?? So….. do u expect me to stay wid u here for 2 more months?? Of course not!!
Kunj knew this day will come.. bt never expected it to be so early…. he thought nt to say anything more.. twinkle continued with her packing….
Kunj was sitting in the room only with his laptop… laptop was just an excuse …. he was actually staring at twinkle… he didn’t want to miss the last chance…twinkle had almost completed all her packing… she was arranging her cosmetics when she got something…which made her nostalgic.. made her revive her memories…. it was the showpiece which kunj had gifted her as a token of their evergreen friendship…. twinkle became emotional… she tried to hide her tears…. bt kunj noticed ..though not knowing the reason.
Finally twinkle came down…with the bag… kunj came down behind her… bebe was surprised to see twinkle with the bag….
Bebe: puttar…where r u going??
T: maa k paas…
Bebe: inna vadda bag leke??
T: woh bebe (teary eyes and husky tone) maa ki bohut yaad aa rhi thi..toh socha kuch din unke waha ho aau..
Bebe: change kitta..par puttar.. inne vadde bag mein kya leke jar hi hain??
T: isme?? Woh kuch purane kapre hain… unhe wahi chor k aaungi..ab unhe pehenti nehi hu na.. isliye..

Meanwhile kunj was listening…
Bebe: okay… kunj/…… jaa..apni biwi koh chor kar aa..
T: bebe i will manage..
Bebe: inna vadda bag leke kya manage ?? kunj.. go na..
K: yeah bebe..
He comes down takes the bag and moves ahead.. twinkle touches bebe’s feet… kunj turns back to see….twinkle leaves….
Kunj stops outside the taneja mansion….places the bag on the ground and says… “twinkle…. i know u r very angry with me.. bt trust me i can explain… agar kisi din tumhara gussa thanda hua.. usdin mujhse ekbar milna.. m tumhe sab btaunga…”
T: mujhe kuch nehi sunna kunj…
Kunj starts leaving….
T: kunj…bebe ka dhyan rakh na…aur abhi kisi ko kuch bata ne ki zarurat nhi hain…
He nods and leaves….
Twinkle gets inside the house and greets leela and rt..

That night:
Twinkle lying down on her bed… she is unable to sleep..she gets up and switches on the light… then she notices the showpiece again…she gets down the bed and takes the showpiece in her hand..she comes to the balcony…. (the prelude of tere bin yara plays…guys its the sad version of tere sang yara…from rustom.. listen to it if u get time)

Kunj also comes to the twinj didn’t notice eachother….
The music continues…
O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe dil mein basaya hai
Khud toot ke dil mujhko
Iss mod pe laaya hai.
Then kunj sees twinkle….twinkle also sees him… it was a tragic moment …the desperation was in both of their eyes.. yet nothing could be done…
The next morning:
Kunj was going to the office.. twinkle comes to the balcony to see him…. he also looks up..
O tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat begaani
Hai rashq sahara

O tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat begaani
Na neend gawara

days passes by… the same action gets repeated every now and then.. kunj was is distress.. bt things were not different for twinkle… until one day….
Twinkle was standing on her balcony… she knew it was the time for kunj to return home…bt he was nt coming… she was tensed… suddenly she saw kunj’s car.. she was relieved… then kunj comes down the car.. he goes to the other side to open the gate… thereafter a lady gets down the car..her face isn’t shown….
Screen freezes

Precap: twinkle returns to sarna mansion….

What brought twinkle again to her hubby’s house?? And who was the lady??
So guys did u like it?? Plzz let me know how the episode was… and the next episode will be posted on Wednesday… so be patient… do comment m waiting…love u all….muahhhhhh

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