fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 30 (summary included)


Hey everyone …. finally i thought 2 cntinue… hpe u all are happy…. b4 starting wid epi 30… u may read the summary… as u may have frgttn the plt.. here u go

SUMMARY (includes both season 1 and 2)
My ff started with reference to the main story where in spite of much difficulties nd differences TWINJ are married to each other. They continue wid their nok jhoks. After some time twinkle began to feel possessive about kunj with maya’s entry. She felt insecure every time maya was with kunj. She even thought they love each other and were dating. But greatly was she surprise when kunj planned her B’day. By then kunj had developed feelings for twinkle. But a great twist was at wait. Maya insisted that she is pregnant with kunj’s baby. Kunj didn’t believe it. But the circumstances made him do so. Twinkle was shattered on hearing the news. She also couldn’t take it. But then she decided to get kunj nd maya married. Kunj was dead against this decision. He repeatedly warned twinkle not to take the extreme step as she may repent it after sometime. But twinkle only made him feel guilty. Kunj almost confessed his twinkle ignored. Later everyone came to know that anita was behind all these. She only gave money to maya to play such filthy games. Maya was ashamed. Kunj was very angry. Twinkle was also feeling guilty to have blamed kunj for the thing he has not done. She said sorry to him. He forgave her. Then ultimately the love birds confessed their feelings and shared a few romantic moments. Lastly they got remarried in a temple and happily headed towards their new life. The first season of my ff ends here.

The second season which is a continuation of the last one starts with yet another twist after taking a leap of two years. Kunj is shown as a very sensitive guy who is ambitious as well. He has done wonders to his family business and now aims to take it further. Yet there is something which kills him every day. He thinks about twinkle, their love, their honeymoon..and so on. He becomes ever emotional at times and tries to hide the pain from others. On the other hand twinkle is shown as a cheerful nd jolly girl who is happily staying with her parents. She wants to pursue her career in modelling and wishes to work under the great fashion designer Sheena Oberoy at Paris Fashion House. Here we see a new entry of Kavya ( rupal tyagi from sapne suhane ladakpanke) as kunj’s cousin. She is a medical student and is very fond of kunj her bhaiyu. It is through kavya’s effort that we come to know twinkle lost her memory in an accident two years back. She completely forgot the phase of her marriage.

This was the reason why twinj were not together and kunj always remembered her. Next we find a twinj meet in cafe where twinkle misunderstood kunj. Both twinkle and kunj goes to paris for their respective work. Circumstances bring them together. Twinkle comes to knw kunj well nd they become frnds. Next kunj rescues twinkle from the vicious plan of sheena. Twinj share few romantic moments there. Kunj negins to think twinkle had started feeling for him. But his smooth life takes a halt when twinkle confesses about her old love Yuvraj whom she met at Paris again. This time yuvi insists that he has changed when kunj tells him to stay away from twinkle. Yuvi was also in a shock seeing twinkle like that.

Later he comes to know about her memory loss. Now twiraj was again together. Kunj had no choice. Twinkle shared a few more moments with kunj and left paris. At one hand kunj was all lonely thinking about twinkle and on other hand she enjoyed her days with yuvraj. When kunj returns he sees twinkle with yuvi and gets jealous. Next twinkle asks kunj to help her in pursuing leela for her and yuvi’s marriage. Kunj agrees. Bt leela was strict in her decision she didn’t agree at first then kunj told her for twinkle’s sake…yuvi reaches there nd in twinkle’s absence they plot a plan. Initially we don’t come to know bt later we come to knw that they told the pandit to give an early date and a very late date. Although it was a temporary solution it didn’t work out as twinkle agreed to marry within three days. Their plan failed. With a lot of difficulty kunj participated in all functions. Lastly he took twinkle to a pub to celebrate her last day as single. There also we get twinj moments. The next day when twinkle gets up from sleep she finds a small gift. It was from kunj. She embraces it. Then comes the maha episode where fortunately twiraj marriage didn’t occur.

yuvraj had left for paris. Twinkle gets shattered and tries to attempt suicide bt kunj saves her and tells her that he will marry her. They get married and their relationship begin 2 flourish day by day.
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-link f the previous epi-
i hpe nw it will be easy 4 u 2 relate…

epi 30
Twinkle iz waiting 4 kunj…. its quite late… he stands in the balcony nd feels the fresh air… her Mood i lighten up… she starts singing….

Yeh sarsrati hawa
Jaaye chaaron disha
Aise hi mukt mann mera bhi ho gaya
Ye hawa…
Kyun na lehra ke main bhi
Disha disha nagar nagar jaaun
Khila khila sa jo…
Mera ye mann hai

Khila khila sa jo…
Mera ye tann hai
Jo rang rang hai… mere sapne
To sab rang hi… laage apne
Jo rut koi chhaayi toh chha jaane de
Jo aayi angdaai toh aa jaane de
Hawaayein jo batayein wohi maan le
Tu mann ki satrangi hai ye jaan le
Ye sarsarati hawa
Jaaye chaaron disha
Aise hi mukt mann mera bhi ho gaya
Ye hawa…
Kyun na lehra ke main bhi
Disha disha nagar nagar jaaun
Lage ke abhi tu hai anjaani
Jagat mein jitna.. bhi hai paani
Hai prem utna.. mere mann mein
Tu hi to basi hai mere jeevan mein
Teri vani mere mann me samati to hai
Teri baat mujhe sapne dikhati to hai
Tujhe jo dekhu badhti ye dhadkan to hai
Hui meethi meethi si mann mein

Uljhan toh hai
Yeh sarsaraati hawa
Jaaye chaaron disha
Aise hi mukt mann mera bhi ho gaya
Ye hawa…
Kyun na lehra ke main bhi
Disha disha nagar nagar jaaun
————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– suddenly she finds kunj’s car,…
t- kunj has cme?? Bt he didn’t cme inside….
she goes dwn 2 check….
t- yeah itz his car nly bt where is he??…
she luks here nd there… just then she hears smethng…. she walks 2wards the sound…
t- is it nt kunj’s voice?? Bt who is wid him??
She tries 2 see… nd 2 her great surprise it was uv….
Kunj 2 uv- bhai.. tu nehi janta.. tune mujhe kya diya h…. tysm…
Uv- itz k buddy..waise bhi m twinkle k saath nhi reh sakta… i luv sme1 else…
Twinkle gets shocked….. tears roll dwn her eyes….

Kunj – mujhe umeed hi nhi thi.. bt end m pati nhi sab kaise h gya….
Uv- tum ne kya kuch nhi kiya mere liye.. m ne t sirf itna sa help kiya..
Kunj- job bhi ho.. ab everything iz fine…
Uv- haan yaar party to banti h… tumhari marriage ki khushi m…
Twinkle whu wz lizenting 2 all these she came uut clapping…. “ wah kya game plan kiya h… tumne… sahi hud be thrown.. afterall meri barbaadi ka jashn mana hai..”
Bth kunj nd uv are shocked …. they try 2 explain… bt in vain…
t- uv kyu kiya tu ne aisa..?? puri duniya m tujhe mein hi mili??
Uv- twinkle.. meri baat sun…
K- twinkle.. i can xplain…
t- juzt shut up… tum kunj…hw cud u??
She breaks dwn..

t- uv.. nikal ja yaha se.. just leave..
uv leaves reluctantly…
kunj tries 2 console her… bt she pushes him by a jerk.. “ dnt touch me…!!”
she leaves crying…..
kunj also gets sad….
the whle night twinj cudnt sleep… twinkle thinking about kunj’s betray and kunj thinking about hurting twinkle….
they cry all night… back grund music plays… (bin tere frm i hate luv stories)
In the mrning—
twinkle is still sad… she tries t concentrate bt iz very much affected by what happened… in the kitchen she cuts her finger by mistake.. kunj sees that and tries 2 help bt she refuses..

Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai

Lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali
Hai meri lagne lagi har saans bhi khaali (lusty lonely)

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere –

Kunj don’t knw what 2 du…
screen freezes

precap- twinkle hands over a file 2 kunj… he asks “whatz it??” twinkle- “divorce papers”

i knw guyz it was very small bt the next ne will b long.. promise.. i will try 2 make up fr my delay.. this weekend i will upload as much epi as i can.. z keep supporting nd showing ur luv.. luv u all.. muah..

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  1. Chiku

    Tara i used to miss this ff but i never remebered the name of the writer. I missed u. I am glad that u r back. I kiv u man. Thanks fr cming back with this ff ??????????????????????????????????????
    Tara i also write ff it was all a lie…. Twinj
    Plz do read it and comment also nd let me know how is it

    1. Tara

      chiku.. thnx dear… m very glad 2 knw thiz… i will read ur ff surely…

  2. Priya_

    it was shocking..
    but nice episode.. and song selection was appropriate
    waiting for the next

    1. Tara

      thnk u priya… m glad u liked it

  3. SidMin

    Tara I missed this ff
    I was thinking about it that why UV left Twinkle and why in the precap Twinkle wanted Divorce from Kunj
    Missed your ff
    Please continue regularly and post the next part soon waiting for it 🙂
    I write 2 ff’s
    My revenge made me meet my true love and
    Tashan e revenge to Sadda Love
    If you wish you can read them 🙂 and please tell me how did you find them

    1. Tara

      thnx buddy… u knw it feel s gd when u get ppl mising ur ff.. haha.. yeah i will try 2 read ur ff

  4. Ur back wid ur amazyn ff!!!!! Missed it loadzz…..the epi was very NYC superb….updt soon…..very curious to know Kunjs rxn on Twinkies decision

    1. Tara

      thnk u maggi

  5. Aastha

    Luved it

    1. Tara

      thnkew dear

  6. Yaaay! Tara is back. You don’t know how much I have missed your ff. I loved it. Totally fantastic it is.

    1. Tara

      aww.. thnx dear franciee.. i lved ur name btw

  7. Shreya098

    Amazing tara…..

    1. Tara

      tysm shreya

  8. Thanj you thank you thank you soo much for uploading.. U know this ff was the first one I have read when I first came on tu.. and trust me I loved it so I much.. and I used to miss it too.. and very happy that you posted ur ff.. and coming to this epi it was superb.. hope twinkle’s memory comes back soon.. do cont soon ☺ ??

    1. Tara

      hey sidvee thaxx yaar… m really glad 2 knw this… nd u read my ff first… my gd!!!… thnku thnku tnkhu s much

  9. Angita


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  10. Awesome one tara…… m so happy tht u posted ur ff…… was wtng fr it…… amazing epi ta……… eagerly wtng fr d nxt one … u ???????

    1. Tara

      thnk u.. luv u 2 sweetie.. muahh

  11. Fan

    Finally u posted..i was waiting for ur this plz try not to disappear again..btw awesome epi dear!..loved it❤

    1. Tara

      haha.. i didnt disappear.. i visited tu.. bt didnt get tym 2 write ff… anyway tysm…

  12. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Very emotional
    Great job

    1. Tara

      thank u

  13. Sayeeda

    Happy to see ur ff…..
    Amazing episode.. Awesome..
    Loved it to the core…
    Love u ???

    1. Tara

      thnk u sayeeda… u r doing a grt job aswell

  14. Shonaa...

    Finallyyyyyyyyy….. missed u alot…. loved d episode fabulous it was….. just amazing…. eagerly waiting 4 nxt part…. post soon….
    Love u…… ??

    1. Tara

      aww..thnk u… luv u 2 muahh

  15. Kruti

    Tara i seriously thought ur never gonna turn up with ur ff…….but i am happy u decided to continue

    Nice epi….post d nxt one asap

    1. Tara

      actually i wasnt sure abt it.. bt there were many wh wanted me 2 cntinue.. i cudnt refuse them..
      anyway thnk u

  16. Romaisha

    Yay finally you’re back!! And shocking wala episode though but still good ✌????

    Post next one soon .. Im waiting..

    1. Tara

      thnkew dearie

  17. Thanmy

    Tara diii finally
    I missed it so much
    Its amazing awesome
    Love u dii

    1. Tara

      thnk u dear… well i saw u cmntng 4 the first tym… bt m sure u might have read it …s thnk u

  18. Suni

    Taraaa Finally!!!!
    Epi was awesome ??
    Loved it..❤ 🙂
    Shocking precap ?
    Can’t wait for next epi….

    1. Tara

      hehe thnku

  19. Shocking but awesome….

    1. Tara

      thnxx sana

  20. Rashiverma2199

    wow…tara it was lovely….awesome….

    1. Tara

      thnkew rashi

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional

  22. Omg Tara…missed u so much…..plzzz now continue regularly……i read all ur episodes of season season one I commented regularly..but then I fell sick for two months……

    1. Tara

      its okay dear… ur appreciation means a lot to me…tysm..

  23. Baby

    tara amazing osm yr gr8
    luvd it

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