fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 29


Hello everyone…. first of all m really really really SORRY for the delay. But trust me I was really very busy. This school nd tuitions arggghh… but u know what m very happy at ur response… thank u so much for that…and i hope u will accept my late coming!! So without much bakbak lets proceed..

Episode 29:
Scene 1:
Its a calm and beautiful night …… the midnight stars were twinkling in the sky and down at earth in her very own bedroom was another twinkling girl…. she shone like the brightest star in moonlight while sleeping. This was barely the reason why her husband couldn’t sleep. Her charm and beauty has always attracted him but today her radiance was offering obstruction to his sleep fading away everything else and taking him to a another world of pure imaginations.
Kunj tried hard to sleep but every time he would end up looking at twinkle. He got down from his couch, disgusted. He walked about in the room. Sadly he couldn’t come up with any solution. He then went near twinkle. In a soft and low voice he murmured “ what is this yaar?? Now u won’t allow me to sleep as well…?? twinkle… y are u so beautiful?? Ufff this is becoming too much for me. U know na that i have a meeting tomorrow and i have to get up early…. but i wonder how would i do that?? As for waking up early i need to sleep bt u are not allowing me to do so…”
He walks to his couch and tries to sleep again. Next he also didn’t know when he fell asleep!!

Twinkle comes out of the washroom in wet hairs. She notices that kunj was still asleep. She calls him while rubbing her hair with the towel.
T: kunj…. kunj… see its already morning… get up…. u are getting late….
She tried a lot but he seemed to make to gesture of getting up. Next she smirked and went near kunj. Se started sprinkling water from her wet hair on kunj’s face….. Disturbed by the stupid action kunj opened his eyes….
K: what’s all this?? (Wiping the water)
T: (laughing) nothing….
K: twinkle….
T: (placing a finger on his lips) shhh…. don’t say anything… just go and get ready…
Kunj was amazed while twinkle left.
Scene 2:
Kunj comes down for breakfast. He was still lost in twinkle. Bebe calls him. He then comes back to his senses. He does his breakfast in a hurry and leaves.
In his office also kunj was unable to concentrate. His meeting was also postponed!! His staffs were shocked. He was then sitting in his cabin, trying to do some work. Just then his phone rings. It showed ‘twinkle’. He takes the call.
K: hello..
T: hello, kunj…. what r u doing??

K: m in office…
T: no i mean are u doing any imp work??
K: no exactly…
T: oh..grt then…
K: arey ..what happened tell me first…
T: nothing… i was getting bored… so me and bebe came for shopping… now she wants to go home… so she told me to ask u if u r free then join me for lunch.
K: (excited) okay!!
Scene 3:
Twinkle is waiting at the restaurant.
T: uff.. when will kunj come….
She was going to call kunj… when he came…
T: where were u??
K: actually woh..
T: u know m waiting here for twenty minutes…. can u imagine.. 20 mins….
K: m so sorry twinkle… traffic k waja se..
T: i don’t wanna hear any excuses…..
K: ok fine.. m sorry…
T: sorry wont do…
K: tell what u want then??
T: ummm… u have to buy me ice cream….

K: bas itni si baat….come…lets have..
T: no.. no… after lunch… m hungry now…
K: ok…
They sit down for lunch. After that they go and have ice cream and then kunj drops her home….
K: bye….
T: jaldi ana…
Kunj smiles..and leaves….

Promo : twinkle and kunj are standing face to face… kunj looks tensed… twinkle is teary eyed as well as angry… she shouts “at last ur true face is revealed…. i wonder how u fooled me …?? may be using the mask of goodness… y kunj sarna y?? I trusted u… and u?? Now i just hate u…”

So guys next episode will be probably the maha episode… are u all excited?? U know its gonna be my 50th episode including season 1. So m very happy/// and excited as well…. of coarse it will be a long one…. bt the problem is idk when i will be able to write it…. nd post it… so i request u all to be patient…. keep loving and supporting me like this… and plzz do comment… love u all stay blessed!!

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  1. Kruti

    Nice epi Tara…next one asap

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    finally u updated it ta OMG cant wait for the next part is quite shocking :O

  3. Aastha

    take ur time
    cute epi

  4. SidMin

    Loved this episode it was fun seeing a girl wait for the husband usually boys wait for their wives
    I was waiting for your fan fiction for a long time
    and now waiting for the next episode ……

  5. Shatakshi

    Hey Tara
    Really missed u a lot
    N the episode was Awesome
    Loved it????

  6. Amazing ….one…..loved it…can’t wait for next one….

  7. Awesome one tara ……. missed ur ff …… bt can undrstnd tht u r bsy …….take ur tym …….. eagerly waiting fr d nxt one ……….

  8. It was really cute.. Kunj’ desperation too cute.. 🙂
    Episode was too good.. Plz post next one asap

  9. sidhantguptafan

    Awesome epi tara…..eagerly waiting for next one

  10. nice episode Tara take ur time n write

  11. amazing….♥

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    awesome and amazing…very nice…
    loved it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Ria

    The episode was amazing. Loved it.

  14. Fan

    Awesome epi tara…take ur time we can wait for ur maha epi..btw congo in advance for completing 50 epi…u have to make a century now…

  15. Hey Tara really missed uh alot……
    Dea epi ws jus amazing
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  16. hey tara tara tara suspensekun dediya bt d episode ws amazing

  17. Tara

    hey everyone thank u so much… i will try to post it soon..

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    Tara so sorry for late arrival. ?.wonderful epi
    Ctd soon

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