fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 28

Hello every one …. umm i guess the time has arrived which was not much awaited. Yes.. my school starts.. and therefore no regular episodes…. m really sorry that I vanished for three days… actually i went for a short trip with my family…and there was no network connection so i couldn’t comment… ff writers m sorry…. bt i will read ur ffs don’t worry… and from now on i also won’t be a regular commenter… so plzz don’t mind… ok enough of bak bak…. lets move to the episode…
RECAP: twinj first night… funny cute moments…

Episode 28:
Scene 1:
Twinkle is sitting on the bed… and reading a magazine. She reads the magazine quite intensely. Her phone beeps. She checks it… she gets excited.
“movie!! Oh wow.. kunj is so nice…” she says…
She jumps out of the bed and opens her cupboard… she is very confused what to wear… she takes out few dresses and looks in the mirror… bt is unable to select…
Next she sees an orange and pink suit. She decides to wear it… she makes her hair, does make up… and so on.. she checks het watch.. its already 6 pm… “kunj will be here anytime…” just then she hears the horn..
Excitedly she goes down . kunj waves her. She goes and sits in the car..
T: hi..
K: hello…
T: chale??
K: yeah sure..
She starts the car…
T: so u wanted to surprise me right??
K: surprise?? No nothing like that..
T: then y didn’t u tell me in the morning that we are going out for movie…
K: (applying the brakes suddenly) WHAT???
T: what/?
K: movie?? Where??
T: u only told that we are going out for movie….
K: no..never..
T: then y are u here??
K: u only msgd me that u will come with me …
T: yes i agreed to go for the movie…
K: bt i never said that..
T: yes u messaged me..wait m showing u..
K: show..
Twinkle takes her phone out and checks… she gets amazed!!
T: oh crab!!
K: what happened??
T: mere phone pe movie k vouchers aye the.. and simultaneously i got ur msg bt i opened the movie one and thot…
K: that m taking u out for movie??
She nods…
T: bt what was ur msg??
Saying this she opens his msg..
“twinkle i will be going to my frnds house..will u come with me??”
K: ??
T: lets go…
Scene 2:
Twinj returns home. Bebe asks them if they will have food. Kunj replies they had it.
Twinj in their room..
Twinkle changes her dress and thinks about something.. kunj looks at her..
K: waise u r excited for the movie..right??
T: no.. i mean..
K: its okay.. we shall go some other day..
T: (looking at him) kunj.. y are u so sweet??
K: m sweet?/
T: yes of course…
K: not more than u…
Twinkle smiles…

PROMO: twinkle and kunj are standing face to face… kunj looks tensed… twinkle is teary eyed as well as angry… she shouts “at last ur true face is revealed…. i wonder how u fooled me …?? may be using the mask of goodness… y kunj sarna y?? I trusted u… and u?? Now i just hate u…”

What had happen? What cause the friendly relation of twinj to turn so bitter?? So know more stay tuned…
Guys i changed the precap and added the promo.. as i wont be regular so i want u to knw a lil abt my upcoming track… hope u like it… yes it will be a maha epi and i will let u know b4 hand… so plzz comment as m waiting.. and i have registered here as u can see.. my user name is tara wid a shradhha kapoor dp. U can text me there… plzzzz comment… love u all stay blessed..muahhh

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome Tara….promo seems really interesting….. Love to read next part asap…..

  2. Tara….missed u dear
    Happy that u posted it…
    Episode is so awesome ….loved it..
    Might be twinkle came to know about his planing with UV regarding getting married to twinkle ….
    But precap seems to be tensed as well as interesting… love u..

  3. wooooowwww ta ……. awesome epi ……. wtng fr d nxt one ……. i thnk twinkle will come to know about thei planning for their marraige ……. lets c wht happen …… wtng fr nxt epi ……. love u…….

  4. Krystal_Krysiee

    Loved it tara precap is vry intresting eagerly waiting for ur maha episode love uh

  5. so…finally u r bck ..m really exctd fr d nxt episd…n afraid too..twinkle wl get to knw of kunjs plan ..ohh no…kk i wish to see ur mahaepisd soon

  6. Nice one Tara di …missed u a lot ..but can u tell me how to have a dp and how to put status as u did…plz

  7. Dreamer...arundhati

    Osum epi
    Cant wait 2 read

  8. loved it Tara promo seems interesting waiting for mahaepisode .

  9. Wooa Tara happy dat u posted n promo seem a bit scary n interesting too so do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  10. Kruti

    Nice epi Tara……so ur school started …..that means no regular posts……pls try to post the next one asap just can wait

  11. Hi tara . U r seriously such a fab writer . Promo was a Lil scary but I know u might have planned something huge as u always do . Try posting the next one

    1. *posting the next one asap

  12. Hey Tara loved it so much when will twinkle realize her feelings but do well in your studies take care and try to post asap

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow its awesome tara 🙂

  14. Wat hapnn suddenly …… nyc part

  15. Shatakshi

    Kitna suspense Yarr
    Plzzz post asap??

  16. Fan

    Hey tara lovely episode..i missed ur ff alot..eagerly waiting 4 the mahaepisode

  17. wow…..the episode was was awesome….
    waiting for next episode…
    love u and ur ff a lot….

  18. Tara

    omg thank u so much guys… i will try to post it asap.. love u all
    nd shreya dor adding dp and status u have to register here …i.e; TU then u can do whatever u want..u will find the option to register an acc on home page..

  19. Ria

    It’s amazing Tara!

  20. Aastha

    As a frnd i am vry happy dat u will nt update regularly bcauz ik u want to focus on ur studies and thats vry gud whenever u will update i will read it i assure u
    Coming to ur ff …
    Ur ff is always gud ..i m tired of saying it awesome many times i always lack words to apperciate u
    Today also i am lacking words.
    Honestly speaking idk what is spcl in ur ff dat make me read it .
    Bt ik u r a fav writer The way u describe everything is vry nice . The aspects of luv i.e trust care and respect u showed in ur ff is awesome.
    When i read ur transformation of udeas and imagination in words it seems i am reading pages of novel.
    U can become a writer
    What say

    What r u thinking i only suggested and u started dreaming
    Come back frm ur dreamworld.
    AS DEAR I WANT U 2 FOCUS ON UR STUDIES and ik u will.
    Enough of my bak bak
    Loads of luv and stay blessed.

  21. Tara

    thanks ria…
    aastha…thank u so much…

  22. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. …tara…what an interesting precap…plz post asap…

  23. It. Was awesome tara you are such a good writer n I know you are also good in studies do well n u will achieve everything u want ……vaise what are u taking in science ?????
    Thankewww for giving us such a ff to read ……plzzzz post asap ….luv u ??????

  24. oh wonder what happened now awesome episode as usual

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