fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 25


Omg guys…. so many comments… after really a long time i got soooo many cmnts… m so happy cant express…. thank u so much guys..thanks a lot… nd m sorry i couldn’t reply to ur comments coz of my network.. it was today morning (Monday) that i saw those that also from my mom’s phone. If she comes to knw she will kill me. Sorry guys bt today my bak bak list will be a bit long….
Thanks to rashi, aastha, bulbul, riya, ria, zikra, shona, disha, sayeeda, panchi, ruchi, naira, shagun gulati, shatakshi, loveleen, fan, anushka, fatarajo, cutie pie, dreamer, romaisah, sam and all other silent readers. Thanks u all who liked my jewellery nd lehenga. Bulbul, naira shagun and dreamer thanks u so much for commenting. Yes panchi i have seen ur reply in my 24th episode. Nd my dear titli didi 😛 (don’t beat me) u knw me so well bt again.. u have to wait…to see what happens…anu what happened yaar?? U r calling me di?? U nw someone told me ki frndship mein age doesn’t matter…. so plzz don’t call me di.. as u have been calling me tara… jo yaar don’t say like that.. u r urself such a good writer… and we have a lot of evidence for that… so chill gbw!! U knw m jealous of ur GB.. hehe 😛 and dear dreamer no need to say sorry its our choice what we read nd m happy that u read this.. no matter late or early. Even i don’t read all ffs… few to hi don’t cmnt coz of my laziness… so ff writers m sorry that m unable to comment…. laziness ki bimari hain mujhe 😛
Ok enough of bakbak… guys i have decided to give a summary of my ff till now.. nd dreamer thanks dear u reminded me… idk how much u read so u can read now…
SUMMARY (includes both season 1 and 2)
My ff started with reference to the main story where in spite of much difficulties nd differences TWINJ are married to each other. They continue wid their nok jhoks. After some time twinkle began to feel possessive about kunj with maya’s entry. She felt insecure every time maya was with kunj. She even thought they love each other and were dating. But greatly was she surprise when kunj planned her B’day. By then kunj had developed feelings for twinkle. But a great twist was at wait. Maya insisted that she is pregnant with kunj’s baby. Kunj didn’t believe it. But the circumstances made him do so. Twinkle was shattered on hearing the news. She also couldn’t take it. But then she decided to get kunj nd maya married. Kunj was dead against this decision. He repeatedly warned twinkle not to take the extreme step as she may repent it after sometime. But twinkle only made him feel guilty. Kunj almost confessed his twinkle ignored. Later everyone came to know that anita was behind all these. She only gave money to maya to play such filthy games. Maya was ashamed. Kunj was very angry. Twinkle was also feeling guilty to have blamed kunj for the thing he has not done. She said sorry to him. He forgave her. Then ultimately the love birds confessed their feelings and shared a few romantic moments. Lastly they got remarried in a temple and happily headed towards their new life. The first season of my ff ends here.
The second season which is a continuation of the last one starts with yet another twist after taking a leap of two years. Kunj is shown as a very sensitive guy who is ambitious as well. He has done wonders to his family business and now aims to take it further. Yet there is something which kills him every day. He thinks about twinkle, their love, their honeymoon..and so on. He becomes ever emotional at times and tries to hide the pain from others. On the other hand twinkle is shown as a cheerful nd jolly girl who is happily staying with her parents. She wants to pursue her career in modelling and wishes to work under the great fashion designer Sheena Oberoy at Paris Fashion House. Here we see a new entry of Kavya ( rupal tyagi from sapne suhane ladakpanke) as kunj’s cousin. She is a medical student and is very fond of kunj her bhaiyu. It is through kavya’s effort that we come to know twinkle lost her memory in an accident two years back. She completely forgot the phase of her marriage. This was the reason why twinj were not together and kunj always remembered her. Next we find a twinj meet in cafe where twinkle misunderstood kunj. Both twinkle and kunj goes to paris for their respective work. Circumstances bring them together. Twinkle comes to knw kunj well nd they become frnds. Next kunj rescues twinkle from the vicious plan of sheena. Twinj share few romantic moments there. Kunj negins to think twinkle had started feeling for him. But his smooth life takes a halt when twinkle confesses about her old love Yuvraj whom she met at Paris again. This time yuvi insists that he has changed when kunj tells him to stay away from twinkle. Yuvi was also in a shock seeing twinkle like that. Later he comes to know about her memory loss. Now twiraj was again together. Kunj had no choice. Twinkle shared a few more moments with kunj and left paris. At one hand kunj was all lonely thinking about twinkle and on other hand she enjoyed her days with yuvraj. When kunj returns he sees twinkle with yuvi and gets jealous. Next twinkle asks kunj to help her in pursuing leela for her and yuvi’s marriage. Kunj agrees. Bt leela was strict in her decision she didn’t agree at first then kunj told her for twinkle’s sake…yuvi reaches there nd in twinkle’s absence they plot a plan. Initially we don’t come to know bt later we come to knw that they told the pandit to give an early date and a very late date. Although it was a temporary solution it didn’t work out as twinkle agreed to marry within three days. Their plan failed. With a lot of difficulty kunj participated in all functions. Lastly he took twinkle to a pub to celebrate her last day as single. There also we get twinj moments. The next day when twinkle gets up from sleep she finds a small gift. It was from kunj. She embraces it. Then comes the maha episode where fortunately twiraj marriage didn’t occur. Coz yuvraj had left for paris. Twinkle gets shattered and tries to attempt suicide bt kunj saves her and tells her that he will marry her.
Ok i guess it was much detailed summary… so we can start with the episode.
Episode 26:
Scene 1:
Twinkle is sitting on her bed and thinking… leela, RT and kunj are there…. they r also looking tensed…
Suddenly twinkle gets up and holds kunj hands. She drags him down to the mandap.
T: pandit ji… aap mantra padhiye.. shaadi hogi..aur aaj hi hogi…
All get shocked….
K: ??
T: kyun kunj…wont u marry me??
Leela and rt smile in relief….
K: (teary eyed) yes….
They sit for the marriage. And with all rituals and customs twinj get married. Leela and rt bless them…
T: maa lo.. mera time khatam… abhi i have to leave…
Leela gets emotional…typical maa beti drama starts….
On the other hand kunj informs bebe about their marriage… she even gets excited. She calls usha and tells her to prepare for the aarti thali etc…
Kunj comes to twinkle and asks her if she is ready to be his life partner. Twinkle nods thinking he got the best man in her life who is her bestie too. Now they can be friends forever.
The vidaai ritual starts… twinkle and leela cries…
Kunj consoles them.
————————————————————————————————————————————–Scene 2:
Twinj comes to sarna mansion.
Bebe welcome them. Twinkle is surprised to see the humble behaviour. She smiles thinking she got good in-laws. The grihapravesh occurs…. then twinj go to their room…
Twinkle sees kunj’s room..
T: wow kunj tumhara room toh awsm hain…
K: humara…!!
T: ha?? Oooo
K: twinkle aaj se meri sari chize tumhari bhi hain.. not only this room bt my life as well…
T: yeah.. i knw.. bt kunj…
K: bt what??
T: actually m not comfortable right now… u understood what i mean??
K: oh… don’t worry yaar.. we r first and for most friends… couples toh baad mein..!!
T: aww kunj..this is the reason i love u so much…
Kunj’s typical one eye brow expression…
T: i mean.. as a frnd…
K: yeah chill (next murmuring) ishq wala bhi dhire dhire ho jayega..
T: did u say smthing??
K: no nothing….
T: ok..
PRECAP: Twinj ki pehli raat!!

Ok guys how was it?? I knw it was small bt couldn’t help it….Did u like it?? Hope u r happy now.. twinj reunited!! Btw i wanna share something…
I never expected this..that someone close to me.. reading my ff daily cmntng as well nd i didn’t knw her!! I mean we spoke abt so many things…even planned to meet someday bt was unaware of the fact the she is the one… dear thanks a lot for being a part of my support system… m not taking ur name as idk whether u ll like it or not.. bt this message is for u…. “i love u… keep loving me and supporting me like this… i knw u said u love me more … actually its true else u wouldn’t have been bearing me for so long.. i dnt mind even if u text me daily…my softy ice-cream.. bt plzz keep commenting 😛 lol :P”
The next episode will be posted bt i dnt knw when… so stay tuned…love u all stay blessed.

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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