fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 25 MAHAEPISODE


Hey guys i will not blabber much.. i know how much u all have been waiting for the here it is….
RECAP: twinj party at pub, twinkle gets drunk…kunj gifts her a show piece on her day of marriage.

Episode 25: MahaEpisode
Scene 1:
Twinkle happily freshens up and keeps the showpiece beside her bed. The writing “friends 4 eva” touches her heart. She thinks of kunj and his they met… how she behaved.. how they became friends… everything seems like a fairy tale bt he is not the prince charming….!! sometimes we fail to understand our priorities and sometimes the one who gives us priority!!
Leela comes …
L: twinkle puttar….arey wah utth gyi.. chal changa… ek kaam kar.. apni na packing karle.. kuch rhe na jaye…
T: maa… now plzz u don’t get emotional… i don’t want all these.. i want a happy vidai…!!
L: ok ok packing is necessary ….
T: yes maa i know…. I was going to that…
A servant comes and calls leela….
L: ok wait..twinkle puttar u pack ur stuffs.. i ‘ll come just now..
T: ok maa
Leela goes away…nd twinkle begins to pack.

Scene shifts to kunj’s room…
He was sitting with his laptop. Apparently it appeared as though he was working….bt he was actually seeing his marriage pics..twinkle as a bride…he as a groom… both of them were oblivious of this eternal bond. Now that they have grown and have become a bit mature.. one can’t share the happiness with other. Strange feeling….to sacrifice something for the other…it gives u relief yet comes with a pinch of sadness. Kunj was in the same situation. For all these days he have actively participated in every occasion bt now his patience had started giving up…he closed the laptop…and cried ….. the tears seem to come right from his heart mixing itself with the red blood…. a sad slow track begins to play at bg. ( guys u imagine whatever u like nd if possible suggest me one for upcoming episodes)

Scene shifts to twinkle’s room.
She has almost packed everything..when leela comes again.
L: arey wah.. meri kudi toh badi shayani nikli..sab karliya??
T: maa..whats the big deal?? Packing hi tha bus…
She packs few more stuffs…when leela notices the show piece and takes it in hand “whats this puttar??”
T: oh god…thnks maa.. how can i forget this.. i will take this along with me…
L: bt yeh hain kya…
T: maa yeh kunj ne mujhe gift kiya hain..yeh humari dosti ki nishani..
She hugs it again…leela smiles…thinking “its not dosti ki nishani..its pyar and tyag ki nishani..”
Twinkle places it gently in the suitcase….and smiles..

Scene 2:
Taneja house is beautifully decorated with lights and flowers… the wedding music had started playing… each note of the music seemed to come right from kunj’s ribcage in a sobbing tune and spread the sorrow of an impending farewell to the world of his love mixing itself with the radiant shafts of full moon night.
Twinkle was getting ready in her room. Few girls were helping her. She was wearing a gorgeous lahenga. Embroidered in golden and orange.

The link of the lehenga is here:
she was wearing heavy jewellery. It was made with kundans…
the link is here:
(guys the jewellery is one of my fav…i have dream that m wearing it lol…bt i request u to atleast see this..even if u don’t see the lehenga)
She wears all other things….nd finally our pretty bride is ready. She looks herself in the mirror and smiles.. leela comes…she says “kisiki nazar na lage”. She puts a kala teeka.

T: maa kunj kaha hain??
K: niche hoga kyun??
T: pagal kahika..he didn’t come to see how m i looking…bada frnd hone ka dawa karta hain…
A voice is heard.. “dawa karta hu kyun use nibhata hu..”
T: kunj…!! (she gets excited bt then shows fake anger) jao me tumse baat nehi karti…
L: offo… tum log ladai karo mein chali…
She leaves…
K: twinkle…i was busy for ur marriage only…
T: don’t give me this lame excuses.. u cant be so busy that u cant even come and meet ur frnd once who is getting married..!!
K: sacchi mein…achha fine..m sorry.. (holds his ears and makes a baby face)
T: aww.. its okay.. my cuchi pie…(baby version of cutie pie)
She presses his cheeks…
T: acha m I looking??
Kunj notices her from top to bottom..
T: what happened say something…
K: u look….absolutely stunning.. i mean beautifuuuuuuuul……!!
T: really??
K: yeah..

Scene 3:
Everybody gathered near the mandap area…. twinkle was waiting in her room… there was a lot of hubbub ….people were chatting…. leela and RT were waiting for the rituals…when the pandit said.. “dulha dulhan ko bulayi..muharat ka samay nikla jar ha hain….”
L: ji pandit ji… (she signs someone to bring twinkle)…and asks kunj where is uv??
Kunj signs he will call nd see… he goes out…
Twinkle is brought there..she is ever happy… kunj comes back with a pale face… twinkle sees that…
T: kunj..where is yuvi??
K: ahh..woh….
Meanwhile a lot of people begin to gossip… that may be the groom has run away..bla bla bla…
T: chup kyun ho..bolo na kunj..kya kaha yuvi ne…??
K: he ..he is not picking the phone….
T: ohhh this much..may be its in silent mode..he will come..dont worry…
Another 15 mins passed..
Pandit: leela ji..muharat nikla jar aha hain..dulha kaha hain…

Now everybody’s face had turned pale…only twinkle said “ wait.,..i knw he will come..he will”
Suddenly kunj’s phone rings… he picks up.. the expression totally changes…
Twinkle goes to her… “kya hua..tell me kunj..(almost in tears)”
K: yuvi..wont come…..
T: what?? Y r u lying?? This cant happen….yuvi will come i knw..he loves me…
Kunj tries to control her bt she wont listen…. “this can’t happen..this…nooooooooooooooo” she shouts…. leela comes to her and hugs her…
T: maa bolo na isse ki yuvi ayega…
K: twinkle m not lying… i had called his office..they only called me back and said that he has left for paris… !!
Twinkle was shattered….. she sat down..leela also sat beside her….
Now as expected…people and their favourite topic.. “gossip”. Yes the chit chat began..”now who will marry her..?? mandap pe chori hui dulhan se kaun shaadi karega….” and it continues…
Twinkle hearing all this runs away..towards her room…
L: twinkle…twinkle…
K: maa mein dekhta hu….
Kunj goes behind her..RT and leela also goes there…
Twinkle has closed the door.
Kunj knocks it…leela does the same..
L: twinkle..puttar darwaza khol…puttar… (she cries, then suddenly) hayo rabba agar usne kuch aisa waisa karliya toh??
K: maa… plzz kuch nehi hoga twinkle ko…
Kunj bangs the door hard..harder..nd finally breaks it… they find twinkle trying to attempt suicide …
“TWINKLE……..” he shouts..he brings her down..
K: what were u doing..pagal ho gyi hain kaya???
T: (crying) toh aur kya karti mein kunj..meri zindagi toh barbaad ho gyi… now i will become bojh to my parents.. nd i cant see them like this…
L: twinkle..what r u saying…for parents daughters are their lives and not a burden..
T: par maa now no one will marry me… u only say..who will marry me?? Aapne suna nehi ki log kya keh rhe the??
There was silence for the next few minutes only the weeping of twinkle could be heard…
K: me…
Twinkle looks up..
K: i will marry u twinkle… i will…
Twinkle looks at her emotionally….
K: twinkle.. u tell me ur frnd that i knw bt do u regard me as ur frnd??
She nods..
K: then?? Do u trust me??
She nods…
K: twinkle… i will marry u… nd i promise i would never leave u..
Twinkle looks on shockingly….

PRECAP: what will be twinkle’s reaction..will she say yes?? Will twinj be reunited??

Ok guys so we come to the end of the episode… sorry maha episode.. so how was it…i hope it was long enough… nd i have one request plzz let me know any part which u like or don’t that i can write accordingly… the next episode will be posted on Tuesday or Monday night… so plzzzz comment.. i need them.. love u all stay blessed!!

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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    Coz I loved it you are amazing writer

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