fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 24


Hey guys m xtremely sorry for so late update… i was bit busy then i posted the two episodes of THE APARTMENT… u might be knowing knw… then i was having a severe back ..anyways m better m writing…so without wasting time lets start…
RECAP: twiraj sangeet and mehendi function… twinj scenes in dark (power cut)
Episode 24:
Scene 1:
Kunj’s room
He is in a deep sleep. His phone rings… he picks it up nd unconsciously says “hello..” a voice is heard… “stop dreaming..and come down fast”. He jumps out of the bed.. “twinkle..??”
T: haan ji..twinkle taneja!!
K: y did u call so early??
T: early?? Check ur watch…it ten past nine…nd u promised to meet me at 9 today…
Kunj checks the watch… “oh shit!!”
K: twinkle..u wait.. i will be there within 5 mins…
T: kunj…listen.. (he hangs up)
He gets ready in a jiffy and comes down…
K: hey..sorry…actually..
T: its okay..
K: so what u want??
T: lets go smwhere nd talk…
Twinj sit in car nd goes…
Scene 2: cafe
K: haan bolo..
T: (sipping the coffee) kunj..u knw its my last day i mean before my marriage…as single… and m sure yuvi is gonna celebrate this day with bachelor’s part or something else…
K: umm..yeah..
T: so i was thinking abt a spinster’ s party????!!!
K: what?? Lol….
He begins to laugh…
T: whats so funny..and why are u laughing..??
K: no no..nothing.. (then he murmurs) spinster party…hahaha
T: kunj….!! its my last freedom day..c’mon don’t be so mean….
K: okay …tell me what I can do for u..??
She tells him something which is muted…kunj looked confused….
Scene 3:
Split screen is shown..
Twinkle is getting ready..she wears a backless short dress. Its kohl black…on the other hand kunj is wearing a a cool t-shirt.
Next they come to a pub…
At background.. vele ( from student of the year) plays…
Twinkle is very excited… kunj puts on a tensed look..
T:… i love it..
K: twinkle u sure u gonna do this??
T: of course yaar…
And then the dhamaka starts..!!
Both of them have shots… kunj is in his limits.. bt twinkle drinks too much..and goes out of control…. kunj tries to control its of no use.. she begins to dance…. kunj also dances with her.. while dancing they get very close…. the loud music fades to soft romantic song….
Pal bhar theher jao..
Dil yeh samhal jaye..
Kaise tumhe roka karu…
Meri taraf aata..
Har ghum nigal jaye..
Ankhon mein unko bharu…
Bin bole baatein..
Tumse karu..
Agar tum saath ho…
Twinj is lost in each other’s eyes…twinkle rests her head on kunj’s shoulder….
Screen fades…
Scene 4:
Twinkle is in her bed…she gets up..but she was having a severe headache…. she opens her eyes… with a lot of difficulty..she finds a small parcel beside her. It contained a small note…
“y do u drink so much?? It doesn’t suits u…
From next time don’t get so much drunk coz ur friend wont be with u (reading this twinkle gets sad)
Coz u husband will be with u…(she smiles)
So this is the day….have a great life ahead”
She opens the parcel… it contained a show piece… written on it “FRIENDS 4 EVA”. Twinkle is very happy seeing it. She hugs it and says.. “thank u so much kunj..!!”

PRECAP: MahaEpisode!!

I knw guys u all will be very excited for the next episode… bt it will take time…and u remember guys I said about a shock… nd the shock is… the coming week is gonna be my last week summer from 13th onwards back to form..which means i wont be able to post regularly… may be twice a week or so.. I hope u will understand… thank u all for u love and support… and plzz don’t forget to cmmnt… love u all stay blessed..

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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  1. Its OK Tara….we all can adjust….u focus on ur priorities…..
    All the best….how many marks dii u got in ur board exams…..
    Yes as always the episode is great….awesomeness revived….

    1. thank u so much raashi for understanding…

  2. its OK Tara I can adjust plss focus on ur priorities 2 episodes for a week is OK I will enjoy it as a weekend show like naagin even 1epi I’ll manage but don’t become Mr India like akku n still 1 week is der so tab ki tab sochenge but now I will enjoy even my holidays r ending after a long break of almost 3 months from 15 back to form
    awesome episode hope to see twinj united in next episode waiting for next episode plss post asap tc n get well soon luv u .

    1. thank u so much.. m really glad that u ppl are supporting me…nd dnt worry i wont become like akku.. coz i wont b sitting for PMT in any case…so chill oh wow u got a looooooonnnng holiday..hehe
      nd yes thank for ur cmnt..i will post it asap..

    1. thanks sam

  3. Loved this episode! And no worries about posting regularly. We’ll still continue to read. Pleas focus on your studies!

    1. thanks a lot jaya… its really sweet of u… 😀

  4. The episode was amazing.


  5. Its ok tara ……. we can understand yaar as study comes first na ……. focus on ur priorities ……… and now coming to d epi it z awesome asusual ……….. wtng fr d mahaepi ……..

    1. thnks panchi… i wanna ask something…is it ur real name?? if yes,,then its very sweet…

      1. No dear …. my real name z komal ……. my frnds cl me panchi ……. so i use to comment by dis name only ……

  6. It’s k tara write whnevr u get d tym… nd d episode was awsm lyk always… but m cmntng first tym… luv it… ?

    1. awwww thank u so much di..for cmnting..m so happy to see u here…love u shona di!!

  7. post when uh get tym btw epi was jhaakkkass n yeah yaar tu n suspence me mt dala kr ab maha episode me kya hoga imagine kr rhi hoon main anyways post it when possible …. love uh

    1. hehehe thnks yaar// yumhara cmnt padhte hi ek smile aajati hain…
      love u too

  8. I’m damm excited for upcoming mahaepisode …..I just can’t wait for it I wish I would have ginnie nd request him to get us read Tara’s next ff just now only….
    Itna suspense toh life mein mujhe koi novel padke nai hua ….right now I’m crazy to know what will happen next….. always shine like a star in our life….love u…

    1. thanks sayeeda… hehe i love the way u cmnt.. long ones.. 😛
      nd thank u so much for the wonderful words… love u too muahh

  9. It ok Tara btw epi ws amazing

    1. thank u zikra..

  10. Taraaaa
    The episode was osum as always
    N we won’t mind ur late update
    But the condition is that u have to post atleast one episode
    But anyways eagerly waiting for the Maya episode??

    1. omg shatakshi ….
      m so sos so..hapy to see ur cmnt…
      jab se tumhara lion and lamb wala ff padha hain..m ur fan…nd i m so happy to see u cmntng..ty ty ty sooooooooo much…
      love u..

  11. wow tara its fantastic dear

    1. thank u jo..

  12. wow the epi was fav..and no prblm dear update whenever u can… and the song ‘agar tum saath ho ‘ is one of my fav songs …. u added it in the epi thnks….enjoy ur last week of holidays … i am eagerly waiting to knw what will happen in further epi.

    1. hey aastha i added the song coz i love it too ….thnks dear for ur cmmnt..

  13. Mind blowing

    1. thank u lama

  14. Amazing epi tara..cant wait for the next one

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  15. Awsm buddy

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