fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 23

A hearty thanks to all of u…thank u guys for ur lovely comments… aastha dear.. i love u.. sorry couldn’t i was busy… bt thnks to each and every one of u… aastha is there any way that we could keep in touch.. i mean are u in fb?? Insta ..or twitter?? Plzz tell me.. and romaisah i love ur name dear my name is not shreya.. its tara.. nd sonal plzz tell me something about u..nd i have answered ur question in the last epi….

Recap: twiraj marriage arrangements has started… twinkle and kunj goes out for lunch…
Scene 1:
Taneja mansion is seen well decorated…the chimes of chandeliers were rigged in the portico of every room. There was no end to rumpus… with only three days in hand taneja’s decided for a small party including mehendi and sangeet…
Twinkle came down wearing an ethnic lehenga… she was looking gorgeous …kunj can’t take off his eyes from her….. she came and sat on the stage… the girls starts to put mehendi on twinkle’s hands.. twinkle smiles…
Leela is happy to see her smile on the same time is worried about their decision… yuvraj arrives.. he greets everyone.. leela tries to control her emotions.. twinkle jumps from the stage and comes to yuvi.. she is very excited… she shows her mehendi to him..he says its nice..
T: yuvi tumhe pata hain.. ki mehendi ka rang jitna gehra hota hain.. pati utna hi pyaar karta hain..!! (she blushes)
Yuvi doesn’t know what to answer..he smiles… kunj tries to put a fake smile on his face…he excuses himself from all this… leela sees this..she goes to him..
L: puttar..u can’t break down like this… if u do like will I stay strong.. its becoz of u.. m here.. no u have to be strong..
K: haan..maa
L: tujhe pta hain.. rab na.. yeh sab jaan bujhke karta hain..pariksha leta hain humari.. par tu har mat manna..
K: yehi toh maa.. thak chukka hu mein.. unki pariksha dete dete..par woh hain ki thak te hi nehi..ankhir kab tak…
L: (teary eyes) puttar… after every dark phase there is always a bright day light …m sure u bright future is awaiting u.. have patience…
They share a typical maa-bete wala hug!!
Scene 2:
Sangeet function starts
They decide to play antaakshari!!
Twinkle looks for leela and kunj..they come there..she insists kunj to join them though he refuses at first bt later agrees…
Twinkle asks yuvi to start… yuvi doesn’t know what to sing with “m”…so kunj helps him…
K: mehendi laga k rakhna…doli saja ke rakhna…lene tujhe o gori..ayenge tere sajna..
Yuvi accompanies him… both sing…and dance… it end with “aa”
Twinkle sings.. “aaja ayi bahar..dil hain..bekarar..aja…” she sign yuvi….
Leela singns.. “raja ki ayegi baraat..rangili hogi raat….”
Twinkle interferes … “of fo… whats all this.. senti songs..we want pataka song”
Kunj starts: Punjab da puttar he pind jalandar..yar wai wai..ankhiya vich chill karta…………………………..yuvi joins…hey.. do it my way..nehi te highway…tenu bhi fadak yaaron ki painda…arey iski uski kaun kiski yara baiman..whiskey..uspe chicken ho to aur vadiya..arey pretty pretty face pretty jata always pretty..ram lagan ho to aur vadiya…
Twinkle sing.. “i to go crazy ki jab bajde Punjabi wedding song…!!”
The scene fades
Scene 3:
The party is over..and the guests are gone… kunj helps leela is some work.. yuvi comes ..
Y: kunj..i will take a leave now..
K: o (before he could say)
L: kunj..puttar..isse keh de..meri kudi se door rhe..aj kaise chipak raha tha..dekha nehi tune..
Y: c’mon aunty.. u know she was..
K: aaa.. i guess.. u shud leave its late.. see u tmrw..
He leaves..
K: maa..y are u becoming so much Hyper ..?? its not good for u..
L: bt..
K: no but..u take rest.. i will see to it..
L: okk puttar..
She leaves…
Scene 4:
Kunj wraps up the rest of the work and was ready to go…when the power cut occurs… he puts on the flash light of his phone… leela comes again..with candles…she tells him that twinkle is alone in her room and she fears darkness which is not unknown..kunj says he will go nd give her the candle…
Kunj goes upstairs to her room.. he keeps the flash light on..and calls out.. “twinkleee…..” suddenly someone comes and hugs kunj tightly… kunj is surprised…a voice is heard.. “ plzzz don’t leave me alone..please…”
K: twinkle?? (he releases her bt she catches him again)
T: kunj… u knw na m afraid of darkness.. plzz
K: ok ok calm down..
He breaks the hug..and lits the candle…
The whole room is covered with darkness…only a candle flame is just as kunj brings the flame closer to twinkle..the glow of her face seems to illuminate the whole room again… twinkle doesn’t twinkles bt shines as the brightest star!!
Kunj gets lost in her… and he imagines… both of them dancing on the song “ tere ore”
Dil kho gaya ho gaya kisi ka, abb raasta mil gaya khushi ka
Aankhon mein hai khaab sa kisi ka, abb raasta mil gaya khushi ka
Rishta naya rabba, dil chhu raha hai
Kheenche mujhe koyi dor teri ore
(Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore haay rabba
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore) – (2)

Khulati fijaaye ghulati ghataaye, sar pe naya hai aasmaan
Chaaro dishaaye haske bulaaye, kyon sab huye hai meherbaan
Ha humane to yahi rabba kasam se pata hai
Dil pe nahi koyi jor koyi jor
(Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore haay rabba
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore) – (2)

Ek heer thi aur tha ek raanjha, kehate hai mere gaanv mein
Saccha ho dil to sau muskilon ho, jhukata naseeba pau main
Ho ho aanchal tera rabba falak ban gaya hai
Aab iska nahi koyi oor koyi chhor
(Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore haay rabba
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore) – (2)
Dil kho gaya ho gaya kisi ka, abb raasta mil gaya khushi ka
Aankhon mein hai khaab sa kisi ka, abb raasta mil gaya khushi ka
Rishta naya rabba, dil chhu raha hai
Kheenche mujhe koyi dor teri ore
(Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore haay rabba
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore) – (2)

“kunj…kunj…” twinkle calls
Kunj comes out of his dreamy world..and the power had come back…
K: OH… i guess i shud leave now..
T: (holds his hand) kunj… thank u..
K: twinkle.. now plzz dnt say all this for such small stuffs..
T: no kunj..not for this.. for everything that u have done for me… m lucky to get a friend like u..!!
K: u think so??
T: yeah.. bt mujhse bhi lucky toh woh hogi jo tumhari life partner banegi!! I would pray for u..
K: thats actually what i need..
Saying this he leaves..
Twinkle was like “what???!!”

PRECAP: a bachelor or spinster party… then the twiraj marriage day!!

Guys I hope u enjoyed the episode.. nd the track as well.. so keep reading and commenting on my ff ??? u all and stay blessed..!!

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  1. Pls unite twinj and awesome love dis like usual

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  4. Wooowww Tara amazing ….feeling bad for kunj but still happy to see his concern for twinkle ….what a lesson yrr ; a person whom u love u can do anything for that one though her happiness gives u a immense pain but that pain gives u satisfaction just to see that person is smiling at the cost of ur sacrifice….
    Tara means star seriously u r shining like a star in our life…

    1. wow that was a great line sayeeda..
      nd thanks a lot for the wonderful comment m feeling blessed!!

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  9. Wow dear epi was fab and
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    Luv u ????????????

    1. thank u so much sonal..
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