fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 22

Thank u so much guys m really happy with the comments.. seems that my ff is on track now.. ok few things i would like to say.. first of all shreya.. yes I m a Bengali… idk whether u have seen or m writing here…next is for my desr frnd aastha… u knw the day from when u r cmntng i found someone very close to my heart who is very genuine.. btw start with trigonometry as i will be easier… thanks to sonal..for that cmnt.. silent readers u mean a lot to me so keep reading..!!
Scene 1:

Twinkle is in her room, she is very excited and happy. Finally she is getting married to yuvraj..the love of her life. She checks her phone…she has created a list of the things she wants… “oh babaji…a lot of work has to be done…i hope m not forgetting anything…oh freak..stupid can I for get this….one min..” saying this she does something on her phone…
T: hello…i hope i didn’t disturb u…actually ‘kunj’ i wanted to thank u…
(yeah she called up kunj)
K: no…i was awake bt u need not thnk was my duty..
T: aww…that’s really sweet of u…. bt i owe u a treat…
K: twinkle…no need of formalities…
T: arey yaar meri shaadi tay hui hain..itna toh banta hain…so tmrw..lunch??
K: ok..
T: okay then… see u at sunshine restaurant sharp at 1..

K: done..
T: okay..good night..
K: gd night..sweet dreams..
Scene 2:
Taneja mansion
All wedding preparations has started….twinkle gets amazed seeing those..she happily comes down and hugs leela… “maa m very happy…u nw…”
Leela thinks “ i wish u get the real happiness”
T: maa waise yeh sab ho kya raha hain…
L: ur marriage arrangements..nd what else??
T: yes maa…bt have u fixed the date??
L: panditji will be here very soon…

“leela ji…” say someone…he is found to be pandit ji..
They have a conversation where pandit ji says… “ after 3 days there is a subh muharat..!!”
L: 3 dyas??
Pn: yes…else we have after 3 months… because the rahu will take over the time period.. (guys plzz don’t mind even idk what m i serial mein toh aisa hi kuch bolte hain..hehe)
Leela gets tensed…
L: par 3 din..
T: maa its need of a grand wedding..let it be simple…
L: par twinkle…
T: maa…c’mon.. panditji..3 din baad..fixed.. maa m leaving..i have work..nd don’t wait for me..i have a plan with kunj…ok bye
Twinkle leaves…

Leela calls someone “hello…plan failed…I told u na..”
Its revealed to be kunj.. “ chill maa… kuch na kuch ho jaye ga..”
( so u might have understood it was their plan to post pone the twinkle ne kiye karay par pani nehi… pura samundar fer diya 😛 :P)
Scene 3:
Twinj at the restaurant having their lunch…
T: yummm…u knw i really love this place…nd the food…
K: really??
T: yupp… me nd yuvi used to come here…
K: oh…
Kunj keeps quiet..

T: what happened?? Y r u so quiet?? Achha kunj..u don’t have ny gf??
K: what?? Y suddenly this question??
T: no..i mean u r handsome… smart…tall.. rich as cant be single…
K: so u mean all handsome and rich ppl need to be in a relation??
T: of can they be single?? I mean take u r example…how can u be
K: kya karu koi mili nehi..
T: aww..sho shad… u knw agar yuvi meri life mein pehle nehi aata toh shyad mein hi tumhe date kar leti..!!
K: achha?? Toh ab karlo..der nehi hui hain…
T: nope..abhi toh m getting bad luck..
K: kya yaar..
T: hehe

Kunj thinks… “ i wish twinkle…i just wish…”

PRECAP: mehendi, sangeet …and masti!!

See guys m keeping my promise… i hope u wont get a shock… when i will tell u something… well enjoy the daily updates..nd don’t forget to u all stay blessed..

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  1. Loved it Tara. Just , amazing. But it was a little short though. But anyways best of luck

  2. Osmmmmmmmm

  3. awwwsssumm yaar tara i jst loved it

  4. thnks dear ur words means a lot….. the day when i read ur episodic analysis i became ur fan……some of ur line of the analysis which echos in my mind are ” if we love sm1 for his smile then it means we didn’t luv the prson we only love his smile ..if sme other prson will smile like him ..we will love him”
    The above sentences which i wrote didn’t match word to word to ur saying bt overall meaning is same..
    And as u told i started trigo.. and also i completed my circular functions .
    And one more thng dear kal tak my ankel was paining per aaj tu doctor ne 15 days k liy plaster chadda diya..?
    At last but not the least ur epi was fab and twinj convo was really very nice.
    SRY for the bak bak

  5. just loved it yaar but bechara kunj I hope twinkle regains her memory soon .waiting for next episode post soon luv u dear ..

  6. Awesome superb outstanding mind blowing fabulous episode

  7. Awesome pls post fast eagerly waiting for the next episode

  8. Awesome yaar tara or shud i call u shreya?? Love both names yaar ?
    Precap seems interesting can’t wait !!!!

    1. shreya isnt my name..

  9. wowwwwww tara…….. ur ff refreshes me everytym…… but dont tell me u r ending ur ff

  10. Awsum epi…

  11. bck on track dear…..ab i think u r telling abt sm shock so it must smthng badawala……bt u knw i lyk surprises nt shocks…so plz surprise de do na shock nhi chahiye….lolzzzz ..??? todays episd ws nyc..

  12. Awesome , superb tara ……. loved it …..

  13. thank u so much guys..each and everyone..thnks a lot for cmntng..

  14. Tara too good yrr…..itna zayada suspense ufff kahi main pagal na ho jao tumhari ff ke awesomeness mein ……loved it

    1. thnk u sayeeda

  15. tara's jabra fan again its sonal

    Tara u are so sweet my comment touched your heart….I never thought this… sweet of u …u thanked me in your ff thankewwwwwww…….your ff is awesome….very nice Tara keep it up…..
    Always remain happy n keep us happy ??

    After 10 which subject you chooses??? you are in 11….right???????

    Luv u ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. hahaha…u r so funny..
      yes m in 11…
      nd science stream student.. PCMB are my subjects..along with english which is compulsory and my second lang is bengali.. my mother tongue!!

  16. Nyc bt twiraj shaadi nai i knw u wont do dat

  17. thnks cutie pie..lets see

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