fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 2


Hello everyone..thanks for the grand welcome..yeah it was grand for me coz i thought u ppl have forgotten m glad to knw u didn’t ….bt m bit sad as few didn’t comment…sudha di,,mahira where are u?? I miss ur comments…anyways lets get back to the epi…

Scene 1:
Kunj ends the call and rushes to the car. He drives the car recklessly and somehow manages to reach his house. He gets down the car and goes inside quickly.
He is shocked at the sight.
K: Anand bhaiya?? When did u come?
Anand (An) : just now..what happened?? Why are u sweating?
K: the phone call….
An : what phone call??
Suddenly a voice is heard… “sorry bhaiyu”
Both of them turn back and said together “kavya??”
(guys kavya is kunj’s cousin,i.e.,usha’s sister’s daughter. She will play an important role in this ff)
K: kavya? When did u come??
An: what a pleasant surprise!! But why didn’t u inform us??
Kavya(Kv): omg!! Soooo many questions…ok I’ll answer bt lemme breathe first…
All three of them gather in the living area.
Kv: okay guys first of all m really sorry especially to kunj bhaiyu……it was me who called u…
Flash back:
In kunj’s office when he takes the call, someone tells him that his family members are attacked by some goons and their life in in danger. Kunj gets horrified at the news.
On the other hand kavya is shown thanking the guy who helped her to call kunj.
Back to present:
K: kavya ki bachhi…tujhe toh mein…( kavya u naughty girl…i won’t spare u..)
Kv: m sorry bhaiyu…
An: kavya u really made kunj afraid…hahaha
K: now u don’t start bhaiya..
Usha and bebe comes back from the temple. They are amazed to see kavya and anand. They hug each other. Everyone is happy…
Kunj smiles and was about to leave when….
K: bhaiyu….
Kunj stops. “haan”
Kv: where are u going??
K: office…
Kv: what?? Are u serious?? I did so much just to bring u home and u……….
An: kunj and skipping office…..impossible!!
Kavya makes a sad face…
K: (reluctantly) okay okay..dont be sad…m not going…
Everyone gets shocked..kavya is happy..
Kv: sach mein?? (really?)
K: yeah..just gimme a min, i will make a call and come back..
Kv: okay!!   
Usha comes and hugs kavya..
Kv: kya hua maasi?(what happened aunt)
U: thanks beta…its becoz of u i have seen kunj like this after soooo many days..
Kv: don’t worry..I will manage everything..even bhaiyu..

Scene 2:
Kunj is sitting in his room and working in his laptop. Kavya comes.
Kv: bhaiyu…..i asked u to stay so that we can spent some time..not coz i wanted to see u work…!!
K: but work is imp…
Kv: oh c’mon bhaiyu…
K: okay tell me what u want??
Kv: should I?
K: please….
Kv: ummm okay….i wanna knw about someone…
K: whom??
Kv: someone…i never met..
K: who is that kavya??
Kv: aaaaa….Twinkle bhabi!!
Kunj’s expression changes…his face turns pale again.
Kv: plzzzz tell na bhaiyu…how was she…??
K: ask how she is? However hard she tries to go far away from me…she would not succeed..she is always with my soul, in my heart…she is an integral part of my life..which can never be parted..
Kv: aww..that really sounds romantic…plzz tell me na…plzzzzzzzzzzz!!
Kunj stands up and starts narrating the incidents.(the sound is muted bt flash back is shown…guys it deals with the scenes from the previous season don’t get mixed with the real episodes of tei)
Kavya hears intently . kunj gets emotional and sits on the bed.
Kv: oh wow bhaiyu…so romantic..i never heard such a sweet love story,,bt kya bhaiyu ap bhi ajeeb hain…(bt u r strange)
K: y?
Kv: u should have proposed bhabi in a more formal way like u know roses in hand ..with date setup…(before she could end)
K: i did…i did almost every thing i could do for her..yet she…………………….u knw kavya we even went for our second honeymoon!1
Kv: what?? Where????
K: PAHELGAON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene 3:
Leela and RT in their room
L: today m very happy ..
RT: why?
L:twinkle went to gurudwara….
RT: so?
L: arey she used to go to gurudwara almost every day..but after …………
“maa..where are u…maa,,,,maa”
Twinkle enters the room.
T:maa u r here..nd i m looking for u everywhere….
L: ki hoya puttar?? (what happened?)
T: nothing maa..just that..
RT: what happened tell…
T: papa actually i wanna show u something…
RT and Leela together: what??
L: twinkle is everything all right??
T: ohhoo maa..y u worry so much..everything is perfect…
RT: then what??
T: come with my room.
Leela look at RT. He shrugs. Both of them follow twinkle to her room.
Twinkle is very happy and excited. She smiles
Twinkle’s nd kunj’s face is sown in two slides.

PRECAP: Twinj honeymoon moments…twinkle’s surprise

Okay guys I hope this epi was good..nd most of u shall be waiting for the next epi but i don’t think i will be able to update it before the next week ends…coz next week i have all my science subjects so i won’t visit TU. Even i wont be able to comment in the ffs. So sorry to all the writers. Plzz don’t mind. And don’t forget to leave ur comments..and plzz do tell whether u like this new season track…
Best wishes

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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  1. Hi I love ur ff ..but cn u tell me y twinj got seperated ..I dnt remember bcz thier r so many ffs

    1. its nt yet revealed dear…dnt wry its like a new ff nd i ll soon reveal tht
      till then keep reading nd keep cmntng!

  2. hmmm…seems lyk we hav to wait a lot…but it’s ok…exams r imp & science is more….btw,it was nice…

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  5. getting interesting…..waiting for nxt episode

  6. Always I wait for ur ff only yaar Tara . if I have to wait till next week also na I’ll do . d episode was soooo NYC . I think. Kavya is gonna reunite twinj . I loved d part kunj was describing d story n I was imagining how sid would have added expressions in it . I jus keep on imaging things in mah head . thanks Tara for such a good n a unique story. Love ya Tara muaahhhh?????????

  7. Wow nice one….love it

  8. Awsm work tara.. Welcome back.. but where is epi1 ,..I didn’t found it..could u post the link or something like that.. that would be so sweet of you.. keep updating..

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  11. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Marvelous episode. Thank you for the translation !

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  14. thanks everyone..

  15. wow……tara…so excellent, mind blowing episode….just loved it……love u

  16. first of all i am really really really sorry my choti behin plz u know from 26 feb i am not reading any ff s because of my busy schedule and strated reading them one by one and the pages turnd out to be 34 even today i tried to manage reading and still i left with 8 more pages that is the reason that i mised ur ff and as i am thinking u will post after 28 march so i hv no idea of ur second season and i am too missing commenting on my favourite tashan e ishq telly updates page and i try my level best to complete them in two or three days and then updated with present track and ur season two seems to be very interesting and plz post 3rd epi soon

  17. after all i got many friends through tashan e ishq telly updates i dont want to miss them and i am trying hard to be updated with all ffs and comment on every single ff and episodic analysis quiz etc

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