fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 19


Hello lovely people… m sorry for not uploading the episode …hope u will forgive me…okay the epi wont be very big…actually it will be small…bt i will update it soon nd its a pakka promise..

PRECAP: yuvraj enters in twinj’s life…twinkle is unaware of the deeds of yuvi, she still loves him..nd gets happy to see him..kunj is shattered hearing this..yuvi claims to have been changed over time and promises kunj not to harm twinkle…

At airport:
Twinkle comes to the air port with yuvi. Yuvi asks about kunj…twinkle says he won’t come as he has some meeting. Yuvi understands and says u should have told him once…twinkle takes it lightly and says “chill..he is nice guy..he wont mind”. Yuvi wonders something.
The flight takes off…
Kunj is in his hotel..he thinks about twinkle…their moments..the date..the dance…nd everything….he sees the t-shirt lying he holds it in his hand…he presses it tight… “kyun twinkle…kyun?? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?? Y did u do this to me…i have loved u with all my heart and soul…but u…I thought u have also started feeling for me…” he sits down and cries…
Tadap tadap ke plays…
Few days passes… (the music continues with the shifting of scenes)
At paris kunj attend meetings…works on his laptops..nd sometimes gets lost in his own world…in India..twinkle is seen along with yuvraj…yuvraj is shown helpless…leela is not liking it,,,bt yet she doesn’t reacts..Rt consoles her….
Twinkle seems lost in her dream world..where she imagined her life with yuvraj… but she knows its gonna be difficult…
Finally the days comes when kunj returns back to India.
The cab stops and kunj gets down…he is happy to be back in his country. He was going to enter his house when he saw twinkle standing outside her house. He was happy …as he saw her face after so many days….he was going to call her when he saw..a bike coming…it stopped near her…
T: where were u? I was waiting… ( she pretends to be angry..)
Kunj tries to see…

The guy removes his helmet and its Yuvi.
Yuvi: twinki..i told u na..i had work…
T: work and work….u don’t have time for ur gf…how mean..
Yuvi: i didn’t said that…
T: but u meant that…
Yuvi: noooo….achha thik hain..m sorry…sorry…..ab khus…??
She smiles….they go somewhere…
Kunj is again heartbroken…
He goes inside…
Usha and bebe gets happy to see him..he greets them..nd touches their feet…
U: kunj..u go nd freshen up//i will send food there..
Bebe: yes puttar go..
K: okay..

Kavya comes and sees him..she was the happiest to see him back.. (I hope u remember her guys)
Kv: bhaiyu…when did u return??
K: umm just now..
Kv: aww..i missed u so much…
Their chit chat starts…
Usha comes in…
U: kunj…
K: yes maa..
U: oh kavya..u r here..
Kv: what happened masi??
U: no..actually i wanted to talk to its okay..i will talk later..
Kv: no no..u guys continue..i ll go now.. bye..bye bhaiyu..
K: byee….
U: kunj…
K: haan..
U: mein kya keh rhi thi..
K: hmm boliye…
U: mein..woh..
K: maa..yeh kya mein woh mein woh laga rakha hain..saf saf kahiye na..
U: kunj..i guess u should get married…
U: yeah..i mean for how long will u stay like this..there is no guarantee when twinkle will get her memory back..or whether she will get back it ever….I cant see u like this..u need take care of…

Meanwhile kunj was bearing all these..but his patience gave up..
K: bas kijiye…what are u telling…i don’t need anyone..nd i will not marry anyone except twinkle…
U: par ku..
K: no more discussion on this topic…please leave me alone..
U: listen to me..
K: PLEAZEEEE maa….!!
Usha leaves .
Kunj gets annoyed…he doesn’t knows what to do…

PRECAP: Twinkle comes to kunj..and asks for help..kunj asks what..she says she need his help in persuing her parents to marry yuvraj..!! kunj is shocked

Sorry guys..for the short m helpless…I knw this track is don’t worry..very soon something interesting is going to take place…how ?? if u want to knw keep reading my ff…dont forget to u all loads and loads.. muahhhh

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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  1. Awesome wonder will Knuj help twinkle or not

    1. thanks sam….let’s see what happens..

  2. Fab but still feeling sad for kunj

    1. thnks anu……dont worry…the ad track won’t continue for very long..

  3. Nyc one tara ….. i was wtng fr ur update ……. hope twinkle regain her memory soon …….

    1. thanks panchi…

  4. fabulous Tara

    1. thnks ritzi..

  5. nyc update aftr lil long gap…bt no probs…nxt updt jaldi hona chahiye ha…plz get bck twinkles memory soon…

    1. jo agya
      thnks utu..

  6. Osmmmmmmmm epi tara

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  7. tara yaar end this fast plssss n the epi was short bt cute

    1. thnks wont very very trying hard..

      1. yr i was talking about the track nt the ff

      2. m also talking abt the track kris..

  8. awesome …..

    1. thnks riya

    1. thank u chandra

  9. Wow..

    Tara…loved it….

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  10. Awesome… Waiting for the next..

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  11. It was too good Tara ….loved it but felt bad for kunj nd upset seeing twinkle romancing with that Uv ….waiting to see whether kunj will help her out or not…

    1. thnks a lot sayeeda..

  12. Hey tara its notboring yaar .. Feelin sry for kunj waitin for next epi 🙂

    1. thnks dear..

  13. Hi tara iam commenting for the first time..iam a silent reader but trust me i read all the episodes of ur ff n i love it..btw awesome episode..Please post the next epi asap.

    1. thank so so much fan…m really lucky to have all u guys…i will post it soon..keep reading..

  14. Awesomeness Ki height

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  15. Loved it dr…
    update nxt part asap….nd plz kunj ko aur mat tadpa….?

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