fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 17


Hey everyone thank u for ur love and support…this is 17th epi..but u knw what i was wondering?? If i combine my last season then its 37th episode. Well m not a regular writer so reaching near 40 is actually a great deal for me…idk how is it to u people bt m feeling very happy…okay no more bak bak..let’s start with the episode…
RECAP: twinkle surprises kunj with a wondrous date…kunj gets to the top of the world…music plays and they gets lost in each other’s eyes.
Episode 17:
The prelude of sab tera continues..
Kunj stares at twinkle with a constant gaze…
T: kya??
Kunj comes back to his senses… “umm nothing…”
T: then??

K: u look beauuuuutiifullll……
T: (shyly) thanks..
Kunj drinks water…he realises he is no more in his control..nd xcuses himself..
Twinkle smiles and thinks something. Kunj comes back. He doesn’t see twinkle there..he gets tensed. Suddenly a romantic music plays….kunj turns around to see twinkle…she was standing on a decorated stage as if meant for them.
(the stage was basically a sort of gazebo..u can see it n the link. Not exactly the same what i wanted bt u can get an idea.)

kunj goes near that. He bent on knees and ask her for dance. She gives her hand to him. Twinj dance romantically.
The scene fades…
Well it was a long journey indeed. A man who is happily married and loves his wife more than anything else suffers from a mental trauma for more than two years. Did he deserve it?? Difficult to answer. He became ever emotional.
Jiske intezar mein

karar bohut hain…
uska mil nab hi
dushwar bohut hain…
woh jo mere haatho ki
lakeeron mein nehi..
us nadan se humein
pyar bohut hain….//
Its life…and thats how we deal with it. Bt kunj’s case was a bit different. He had already entered to another world…bt the question was did twinkle feel the same for kunj?? Or she was doing it out of gratitude….
Kunj was sitting and twinkle was sleeping. She had kept her head on kunj’s shoulder. For the whole night twinj stayed there. And our kunj just thought of those moments. As the morning light shone…the scenario was a beautiful one. (As described below)
“The trees are veiled in the lightest of mists, their trunks sombre brown with sable cracks that gnarl the bark. As my eye travels to the edge of the woodland they become silhouettes against a blanket of white, as if it is only daylight where I stand, as if I am encircled by twilight.”
Twinkle wakes up… she gets a bit uncomfortable. Kunj gets up.
K: ahh…i think we should leave now…I have my meeting today…

T: oh…yeah lets go..
They take a cab and go to the hotel.
Kunj gets ready for the meeting…
T: will u be late??
K: y??
T: no i guess ill be bored..
K: umm y don’t u go for shopping…??
T: okay…
K: do one thing u go for shopping..nd i will join u for lunch…
T: (excited) okay…!! (y)
@shopping mall:
Twinkle buys few stuffs. She roams around the mall. She comes to a gents shop. She sees a T-shirt which she likes for kunj…she goes inside and buys it. She was getting down when she gets hit by someone….
T: m sorry…
Telling this she looks at him….she gets shocked…
T: you???!!!!

PRECAP: revelation of the person…last day at Paris for twinj, twinkle’s departure….

Okay so here we are … I try to come up with something new…hope u will like the u have to wait till next episode…don’t forget to u all ..stay blessed…

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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  1. Hey tara it was sooo cute….i loved the description of the morning…loved it n yeah congrats for ur 37th episode

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  2. Awesome epi….

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  3. Awesome epi tara …… loved d way u described abt morning …….. eagerly wtng fr d nxt epi …….

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  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow Tara it’s awesome as always

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      thnks btw for ur cmnt

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  10. Sorry for not commenting earlier but I read ur previous season too was as awesome as this one..really love ur ff ..the way u described smoothness and calmness of nature was too good ..I could seriously imagine it as if I was present in the lap of nature… TOO GOOD YRR

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  11. Amazing….. Waiting for the next…

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  14. Amazing episode as usual 🙂 Great!

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  15. very nic epi…liked the current track

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