fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 16


Hey guys…first of all m really sorry for the late submission…bt was a bit busy with my dance rehearsals. Today also i have a as its a holiday so m writing…it may be short bt please cooperate with me…
Recap: twinj became friends..kunj is happy that after so many days his wife is with him…twinkle is very much happy to get a friend as kunj…

Epi 15:
Twinkle thinks… “kunj did so much for me…nd i just doubted his intentions..if i apologise he will again start arguing. I can’t even thank him…what to do?? Idea…yes…this will surely work…”
She hurriedly leaves for some place.
Kunj comes to the room. He calls twinkle bt no one responds. He gets tensed. He takes out his phone to call her bt then also no one picks the calls. Kunj walks about in the room. .. “this girl will never change…i have never seen such a irresponsible girl in my whole life..couldn’t she inform me??…”
His self talk is interrupted by a phone call…its from an unknown no.
K: hello…WHAT???????????????????????
Out of a blue..he begins to sweat. He rushes out of the room. He takes a cab nd goes somewhere. The cab driver stops the cab in front of a shady place…
K: is this the place??
Dri: yes sir..
K: thank u..
He gets down ..nd looks for something…
He receives a message from the unknown no.
“I m here with ur frnd…just come to the opposite lane”
Kunj runs he get shocked…
A place was beautifully decorated….a table under a lighted tree, chairs clad in white…, candles, wine…just a perfect date set up..

(u can see the place from the link)

For a moment kunj thought that he had come to the wrong place…he checked his phone again… the slow music moved him….he was no more in his control…. the melodious music has caught him..nd it brought him just in front of a beautiful lady..dressed in an evening gown. She was prettier than angel…now kunj was sure that he was dreaming….the lady turned around… “WHAT?? TWINKLE…??”
“yeah twinkle…” said the Angel…
Kunj came back to his senses….
K: twinkle…u here..i mean u were…kidnapped…i got…
T: relaaaax kunj …relax…u come..sit…i will explain..
Kunj sits on the chair and drinks water… twinkle tell him how she planned for this ..just to surprise him… kunj suppresses a sob… at that moment.
Twinkle asks him if he liked it…
K: very much…
T: really??
K: yeah.. u know no one did something like this before…i feel special..
T: u r special kunj…. very special indeed..
For the next few minutes the words echoed in his ears…he thanked god for the good fortune..
Twinj goes and sit on their places…twinkle serves wine..they “cheers” together…
T: oh crab!!
K: what hppnd??
T: sab se zaruri chiz toh mein bhul hi gayi…
K: kya??
T: how do i look??
Kunj laughs…
T: what?? Do i look so funny..
K: no no..
T: then y are u laughing…??
K: coz its very foolish question..
Twinkle makes a face.. “y so”
K: a girl who always looks stunning..shouldnt ask such questions…
Twinkle smiles…she blushes…
The prelude of sab tera plays…
Twinj are lost in each others eyes…

PRECAP: Twinj moments..a romantic dance….and a surprise..!!

I don’t know how it was…bt I hope i will be able to continue my ff as my vacation has started…and if u guys have forgotten what had happened then i will give a summary in my next comment plzzz
Best wishes..

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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  1. osm episode Tara waiting for next episode plss post it asap luv u dear …

  2. ohh tara m so happy u r back…..plz continue ur ff….n no need to say d episd ws fab as alwys….jus want twinkle to get bck her memory soon…

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  6. Awsome dear..
    loved it

  7. ohhooo tara srsly i missed u… nd ya dance…. its my life… i live dancing like a crazy person… so basically we both r same hehe… but the epi… it was wow

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  10. Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Finally u r back Tara and it’s really awesome keep it up 🙂

  11. kha thi ..jaldi betao warna maar dalongi ( just kidding)
    i really missed u a lot ……
    agar gap lena tha tu inform karna tha na…
    btw epi was gud…

  12. Heyy tara u mite say im new here
    But not to ur ff i’ve red all ur ffs including season 1 sry i didmt comment until now :3 .. This episode was awesome n im eagerly waiting for the other 🙂 love u tara :*

  13. And i hope twinkle gets back her memory soon 🙂 poor kunj yaar

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