fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 14

Today no bak bak…lets start directly…
RECAP: kunj saved twinkle from ahuja nd sheena’s wicked plan..nd they got arrested…kunj was angry with twinkle nd behaved rudely. Bt by the time he understood that twinkle was gone.
Epi 14:

“twinkle…..twinkle…..where are u??” shouted kunj while he looked for her wherever he could. He just hoped she was fine. After all he behaved so rudely with her. She was already in a trauma and how can he hurt her more. “stupid” he said to himself….. “now where will u look for her…kunj u r really a dumbo…I hope she is all fine”…Murmured kunj. After searching almost all the lanes kunj finally found twinkle…but shit..she was walking through the middle of the road. She was lost in her thoughts. She even didn’t notice a car coming towards her. She kept weeping. Suddenly she stopped as the flashlight fell on her face …the car was going to hit her…when kunj came running nd pulled her. Both of them fell on the ground…one on top of another and they rolled down the lane towards the service road. Twinkle was over kunj. They shared an eyelock (after so many days guys). Sajna ve plays. The music continues as they break the eyelock and get up….
Aaja ve sajna …..
Ruh mein shamil tujhe karlu..

Zindri mita ke
Rab se mein hansil tujhe karlu……
K: tum thik ho??
Twinkle nods….
K: are u mad?? I mean who walks in the middle of the road….have u
T: sorry kunj…..
K: haa?/

Twinkle breaks down into tears….” m really sorry kunj…for everything…for not trusting u..for blaming u…for raising hand on u…(she cries even louder)”
K: twinkle its okay…it was natural…bt I shudn’t have behaved rudely with u…
T: no kunj…I deserve that…
Kunj cupsher face….”shhhhsshh….now u will teach me what u deserve?? U don’t deserve this betrayal…u deserve a better chance in ur career..nd m sure one day ur dream will come true…”
Twinkle hugs kunj…tightly….nd she cries….kunj raises his hand to hug her back but…he doesn’t. He thinks “twinkle…we have a long way to go…nd with journey is all set” he breaks the hug. Twinkle feels a bit uncomfortable…kunj manages the situation by saying…”its okay..ho jata hain..kabhi kabhi..” twinkle nods…
K: waise did u eat anything?? I guess no….come lets have some food….
Kunj tries to lighten up her mood by telling various things….he does a lot of bak bak…. twinkle looks at him nd smiles….

She thinks “babaji..kunj kitna achha hain…m only n idiot who didn’t trust him…bt no more misunderstanding from now on..plzz babaji..”
She stops in her way… “kunj…” she calls out. He turns back…. “yeah”
T: kunj..can we become friends….
T: its okay if u don’t want….
K: are pagli…I mean I thought we r already frnds…

It was the best remedy for twinkle at that moment….she was delighted by kunj’s words..
She felt a warm affection driving towards her. Although she was unknown to the new place, she had ironically found someone very known in the same place. The irony was that she was oblivious of the fact that the very man was her own husband. Think about such a situation when the person next to u knows everything about u, bt u can only feel the essence can’t do anything else. So was in her case. From the moment he helped her, the mental attraction towards him grew stronger. She couldn’t resist herself but looked at him. What was this feeling?? Twinkle failed to understand. She was sure that it can’t be anything more than friendship as her mind said so…but her heart reciprocated….telling “something beyond that”. Confused nd mumbled up, twinkle stood along the balcony. Well it was the balcony of the hotel where kunj has brought her.

Yeah…coz there was no place for her in the PFH. She refused at first but was left with no choice. But she firmly told him that she would manage her own xpense. Well kunj had worked out many deals but this deal was different. From ages dealing with women has been a tough job. And it was no different in this case. Kunj like any other man was left with no more option bt to agree.
Twinkle cam nd sat on the couch. It felt a bit awkward to sit on someone else’s bed…umm yeah….she was in kunj’s room. Because at that moment they didn’t get a room. She heard a knock…It was kunj…
T: its ur room..y r u knocking??
K: yeah I know…bt when someone else is there its better to knock…(places the coffee on the table) coffee???
T: (taking the cup) I m disturbing u a lot ….
K: who said??
T: no one..
K: then?? Just forget it..nd have the coffee….
T: thanks kunj….
K: how dare u??
Twinkle got scared… “what happened”
K: first u put forward ur hand for friendship nd then u break the rule saying thanks…nd ur asking what happened??
T: oh….I thought something serious…
K: what do u mean…?? its not serious??

T: no no..i mean..
K: how can u say like that…
T: ok use of arguing wid u….
K: better..
She smiles nd sips the coffee….


I know there are a lot of questions in ur mind….how , when how come….etc.. all will be answered in the next epi. Till then keep reading nd keep commenting. Thanks to all the silent readers who commented for the first time..m glad to know u all r liking my ff…so chill I won’t stop it at any cost…thanks for all of urs love nd support…love u all stay blessed.

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