fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 13


Hey guys thanks to all for ur support….I am trying to put more epis this weekend because next Friday my boards results are gonna come out…nd m xtremely nervous….i don’t know guys whats gonna today i wont ask u to comment…i wud request u to pray for me….plzz guys..PRAY FOR ME..!!
RECAP: we come to know that Sheena is an agent of people like ahuja for selling girls and use them as call girls. Kunj tries to convince twinkle regarding this bt she slaps him.

Epi 13:
Twinkle was very depressed..she knew she had done wrong by slapping kunj. Bt then he also did wrong. The whole night twinkle couldn’t sleep properly..on the other hand kunj thought how to save twinkle. Next morning kunj thought to give it another try. Twinkle was getting ready in the green room. She was looking stunning in her elegant gown. She sat in front of the mirror and thought. It was her big day bt she wasn’t happy. She thought not to think about kunj bt it was as difficult as to stop her breathing for a moment. Kunj had somehow taken a very important position in her life. And now she had little idea what to do. She hears someone’s knock at the door…she says to come in…. its kunj…
T: u?? Again…
K: twinkle plzz listen to me once….
T: (gets up) Mr. Kunj Sarna….how many times doi have to repeat the same lines…can’t u get that I just don’t wanna see ur face….
K: bt twinkle…
T: stop I said….i don’t understand y are u behind me….
Kunj is not hearing anything…..he moves closer to her and catches her by the shoulders…. “twinkle i just want u to be safe…i wanna protect u”
Twinkle pushed him hard…”oh just cut the crab …… now will u leave or I shall call the security….LEAVE I SAID”
Twinkle’s rude behaviour made him sad bt he knew she was in danger. Twinkle also was in a very sad mood…just then he heard someone talking. She opened the door to find it was Sheena’s assistant taking a heavy amount of cash from Ahuja. She was a bit shocked bt then she thought…it might be for sponsoring…. just then another thought came to her mind. Usually sum of money is paid in cheques and has receipt but whats the need of cash.
Twinkle to herself “ may be m over thinking…kunj’s words shudn’t affect me..its my dream nd i wont let anything affect it..”
Only an hour is left for the show. Twinkle was restless. She went to her green room for touch up. As she saw in mirror a hand came and caught her mouth (with a handkerchief ). She tried to rescue herself bt was in vague..
When twinkle opened her eyes…she found herself in a room. It was filled with several girls who were wearing odd dresses. Twinkle now understood what kunj was telling. She was very scared. Then Ahuja enters….

Ah: welcome dear twinkle….to my world….here u can become ever famous and u can get as much money as u want…..
T: no..please leave me..i belong to a good family (shareef khandan)
Ahuja laughs..nd all other girls as well…
Ah: shareef toh hum bhi bohut hain..par kya hain na..tumhare piche bohut paise kharch huye…unka hisaab karna baki hain…toh..
T: toh??
Ah: toh aj ki client ko sambhal ne ki zimmedari tumhari…..
Then sheena enters…and as usual she gives her typical laugh to taunt twinkle for her innocence….she wishes him all the best for her new life… just then a voice is heard..
“ all the best to aap khud ko kahiye madam….” everyone turns back to see its kunj…twinkle has a sign of relief in her face…. kunj had brought police with him…they arrest ahuja, sheena…and others. The police thanks kunj..kunj tells how he had put a transistor on twinkle’s dress nd thats how he located her. Twinkle thinks how intelligent he is…. after all this twinkle hugs kunj…bt he releases her hand. He was very angry actually. Twinkle gets upset. She follows him. Bt he warns her not to do that.
K: listen..i did what was my work is plzz…

T: kunj m sorry please….
K: i don’t need ur sorry…u gave me enough….
Twinkle has teary eyes….
Kunj realised that he was being rude…he turns back bt gets a shock to see twinkle missing….

PRECAP: twinkle walking in a lonely road..and a car is coming…

Aastha dear i tried to put some of ur suggestions…nd guys sorry for the short epi nd i know its not good..i some how wrote it..i was in a great hurry…so sorry..hope u will understand…nd plzz give me some suggestions what to do next..nd next epi will be posted tomorrow along with my three shot’s second part….bt may be at night…

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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  1. Sidmin(twinj)

    Hii tara I’m commenting on ur ff fr d 1st tym…u said ur ff s nt good yep ur ryt ur ff s nt good bcoz its verrrrrrryyyyyyyyy goooooodddddd fabbbbb I loved it Tara…n don’t worry abt ur board results ul pass with flying colours n al d bst fr ur results… N if its possible post d nxt asap n plz it shld b longer

  2. Plz upload the nxt epi now m waiting jst love ur ffs

  3. Hey Tara I always remain silent reader but srsly telling I read all ur ff and they are just amazing ………………and this one also waiting for the next

  4. Hey Tara it’s just awesome dear

  5. nice tara . looking forward for the next . and dont take tension . its of no use . result will be good for sure .

  6. ur ff is awsum…i m a silent reader..n i hav read al d epi…evn im gettin my results on nxt friday…..

  7. Awesome love it but next episode ASAP

  8. sry dear i am late…. episode was fab.. and thnks for considering my idea..and all d vry bst for ur xam results

  9. Awesome amazing superb

  10. Awsum as always…

  11. forever fan of twinj

    Tara in which class u r in.pls tell:-) 🙂

  12. okk frst sry fr lately cmntng…i hope m nt too late…btw it was awsm blossom.mindblowing….m jus waitng fr twinki s memory back….love u

  13. Ok d epi ws jus amazing do cont soon plzzzzz

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