fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 11


Hello everyone…before starting with today’s epi I have something imp to say…i know the ongoing track of TEI is very annoying and many people have left watching it. Rakshita also left it and she even doesn’t visit TU. Guys even I left it…but i cant leave TU and ur i keep visiting this page….even if i stop my ff, i would visit this this page gave me a lot of frnds..nd m really grateful to to TU.
Epi 11:
Twinkle comes to Sheena’s room. She knocks the door. “come in..” a voice is heard. Twinkle goes in.
T: mam….m twinkle …twinkle taneja!!
Sh: oh twinkle..was waiting for u….how was ur journey..nd y are u late?? I suppose ur flight had landed last night…
T: wo actually…. (she tells her what all happened)
Sh: ok..good to see u r fine..okay then see u in the the inauguration party…
T: yeah …
Twinkle leaves..
Sheena calls someone. “hello, it’s me Sheena ….ahaha..u remember…yeah work is done…only u need to see….what?? Seriously?? M amazed…okay see u..”
She smirks..
Twinkle is unable to decide what should she wear…then she chooses a long evening gown. She wears it and clicks a selfie. She opens her b account to upload the picture when she finds a new friend request….”KUNJ SARNA” had sent it. Twinkle smiles and accepts it. She uploads the pic. Within seconds she receives a notification “ u look stunning”
Twinkle replies “thank u”
She logs out and thinks…
She checks her watch ..its almost the time. She decides to leave for the party. All the contestants had gathered there…they were from various parts of the world…she even saw few reputed models of the world..twinkle was very excited. Sheena arrived there.
Sh: twinkle….(she called)
T: yes mam…
Sh: awwhh..u look amazing…
T: thank u so much mam….
Sh: well u know what..m so proud i chose u…
T: its my pleasure that m getting a chance to work under u….
Sh: ahaha..btw today the sponsors are coming to meet u…they wanna see the model..
T: ok..
Sh: so be prepared….
After some time…a man arrives with few of his body guards….he comes th sheene…
Sh: oh..Mr. Ahuja….so nice to see u here….
Ahuja: same here…
Sh: ahaha…come..
Ahuja: wait..where is she??
Sh: she is here only…
Ahuja: i wanna see her…
Sh: wait ill take u to her…
She takes Ahuja to twinkle…
Sh: twinkle…meet our sponsor…Mr. Ahuja!!
T: oh..hello sir..(she shakes hands with him)
Ahuja stares twinkle from top to bottom…
Sh: ahh..Mr. Ahuja…u come with me..we need to talk..
They leave…
Then sheen and ahuja have some convo which is muted. Both of them smirks.
Next morning:
Twinkle decides to go out and buy card for kunj. She gets ready and goes out. She comes to the shop. She looks at the huge collection of cards nd gift items. She selects a card… and buys it. She comes back and writes a note for kunj. “so Mr. Kunj Sarna….hope to see u soon” she says to herself.
Kunj on the other hand is xcited to meet twinkle. He decides to buy a bouquet for her. He hurriedly dresses up nd goes. He stops near a flower shop. He buys a bouquet of roses. Just then he gets a call. He picks it up. It’s kavya.
Kv: bhaiyu…plzz listen to me first….
K: yeah..say
Kv: bhaiyu..bhabi is in danger…
K: what….??
Kv: i can’t tell u anything now..u just go to bhabi somehow…nd stop her from doing the show…
K: what are u saying?? I cannot do that…its her dream..
Kv: no bhaiyu..u have least for few..days..until I come there..
K: u will come?? Kavya m really not getting u….
Kv: bhaiyu u trust me??
K: yes..of course..
Kv: then…plzzzz…..
K: ok..will try..
Kv: thanks..ttyl..
Kunj ends the call. He is now very tensed. He rushes to PFH. He reaches there. He asks for twinkle’s room no. , he goes there and knocks the door.
“come in” a sweet voice is heard.
Kunj gets in….
T: (astonished) u here?? Show is tomorrow….
K: i know…
T: what are u hiding…?/
Kunj takes out the bouquet… “for u”
T: for me?? Oh…thank u so much
She keeps it beside her bed…
T: come have a seat…
K: yeah..
T: so….
K: so??
T: what u doing here??
K: I came to meet u…bt if u are busy..then I ll leave..
T: no..I haven’t said that…..I mean I didn’t expect u here….but good to see u…
K: oh…
T: so Mr. Sarna tell me something about urself…
Kunj starts giving his intro. Twinkle just listens to him… bol na halke halke plays…
Their beautiful moment is disturbed by another knock at the door… it was Sheena.
Sh: oh..u seem busy..
T: no..mam please come in..u r embarrassing me…
Sh: (looks at kunj) boy friend??
T: no no…
K: friend..just friend..
Sh: ahaha…just kidding…twinkle I just came to tell u that Mr. Ahuja liked u a lot….
T: mam for this u came here…u should have called me..i would have come..
Sh: its okay dear..i too have a responsibility….i ll leave now..u both enjoy… (looking at kunj) and u Mr. Handsome… come tomorrow for the show…to see ur “friend” (she lays special emphasis on the word friend sarcastically)
K: are u sure u wanna do this show??
T: yeah…y??
K: no..just like that..
He leaves abruptly..
PRECAP: revelation of Sheena’s real motives, MAHA EPISODE
Guys m trying to give my best and trying to update on a regular that u guys can get to read it daily…but m really disappointed with my no. of comments….so plzz comment..its my earnest request…

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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  1. It’s very nice tara..really.precap seems interesting…eagrly waiting for your next part…please upload soon

    1. thanks vinnie…will try to post it today if not then tomorrow is for sure

  2. awesomeeeee…….

    1. thanks mitali….
      nd yeah when are u going to write OS …m waiting for one…plzz write soon.. 🙂

  3. Tara dear it was just soooooo good
    I loved it soooooo much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. thank u so much sanam…love u

  4. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    your amazing ….

    1. hey tamanna ..thanks yaar..

  5. Itz amazing dear precap seems interesting do cont soon

    1. thank u so much dear..will try to..asap

  6. ohh tara all i cn say is am waiting fr the maha its so unpredictable….ur suspense is jus awestruck….n plzz dnt stop it ..

    1. i dont know what does this wor “loveleen” for “spreading love wherever u go..” thank u so much for ur love and support..m really glad to have such a frnd like u..nd thanks a lot for this u.. 😀

  7. Awesome loved it wonderful

  8. ok i am here with my honest opinion …i like ur ff bt i think smeone behaves acc to what he or she thinks when we luv smeone we spend a lot of time thinking the time spent with them……we love them ..we like their presence bt smetimes we also think what she or he will think abt me if i will do this…. i am missing this in ur ff …in simple words i want more twinj scenes …..if my comment hurted i am sry i wrote what i felt. … nd one thing do what make u happy …if u r writing this ff for ur happiness then continue if u donot want then stop it bcauz no comment can judge ur talent …u r an amazing writer i donot think if comment will be less then it will affect ur talent ok …..ur fab nd u will remain fab…. . consider this comment as ur frnds comment.. n write only for ur own happiness

    1. thank u thank u thank u aastha…m not at all hurt..m so happy u xprssed ur feelings..this is what I wanted for so long….i needed a scope to improve..nd u provided it to me..m genuinely grateful to u for this..i will surely put more twinj as u know that for twinkle they are she lost her its bit not impossible…so i wud definitely put those in next epi…
      nd one more thing..thanks for ur opinion really opened my eyes..i was acting stupid..sorry for that..I WILL CONTINUE..REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY COMMENTS I GET…..
      even if i get few or no comments..only for my dear silent readers..thnks…

  9. Lovly ff dear pls. Never dispoint ur self
    Keep it up

    1. thanks mahi…yeah i won’t

  10. Hi Tara… I love your ff. You are a talented writer and should keep at it if it makes you happy…regardless of how many comments you get. There are alot of silent readers out there who appreciate and admire your work but are probably too shy to comment. Don’t let that affect your writing…. keep doing it because you love it. All the best!

    1. thanks trisha..plzz read my reply under aastha’s comment..

  11. its really very nice n precap seems interesting waiting for next episode …

    1. thank u riya..

  12. Ty ty ty ty tysm for deciding to continue it..there r many ppl who wait for ur ff so u plz don’t be upset with d no.of cmnts..i m sorry for being late but i luv it more each time i read it..

    1. oh my dear prapti..u made me feel so spcl yaar….thanks for the wonderful comment…love u..

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