fan fiction of tashan e ishq ( season 2) (A NEW START) epi 10


Thank u guys for supporting me…it was only because of u people that I resumed writing my ff. I don’t know for how long this ff will run…..may be until u guys stop commenting….already comments are very less. This is the 10th episode. I will see a few more episodes and if the no. of comments doesn’t increase then I won’t continue further. But surely i will write OS and few shots….as i have developed a love for can’t get over it completely. So the decision is all urs…..if u want me to continue plzz comment…
RECAP: twinj come to know that they are travelling to the same place..few funny moments takes place in flight..kunj helped an old lady who in turn helps twinj by giving them shelter in paris as their car had broke down . twinkle gets drunk and kunj teases her.
Epi 10:
Twinkle gets ready to leave for the paris fashion house. The old lady comes.
Lady: how are u now??
T: me?? M fine..why what happened??
Lady: oh..u won’t remember….last night u were so drunk that u lost ur consciousness…
T: auntie please tell me what all happened,,,,
Lady: even I don’t know…kunj called me late night to change ur clothes..u were completely wet…
T: oh..thanks auntie..
Lady: don’t thank me…if u really wanna thank someone thank kunj…m sure anybody would have taken advantage bt he was honest nd called me…
She leaves…
Twinkle thinks.
Kunj has called a cab. He was waiting outside. He says bye to the lady. Twinkle comes out with her bag. The lady’s words keep echoing in her ears. She says bye to the lady as well and then sits in the cab. The lady waves them bye. Inside the cab twinkle is lost in thoughts. She looks at kunj and reminisces their first meeting (according to twinkle their first meeting was in the cafe when kunj was staring at her). Her opinion about him was certainly wrong. She smiles looking at him. Kunj looks at her. He raised one of his eyebrows. Twinkle nods nd turns the other side to break the awkward moment. Kunj smiles.
Finally they reach the Paris fashion house. Twinkle gets down. Kunj helps her to unload the luggage. For the first time twinkle was reluctant to leave kunj. After their meeting in the airport twinkle has wished every moment to get rid of him. But now when it was really the time for them to part twinkle was somehow feeling bad.
K: ok so…i ll leave now….all the best for ur show..
T: how do u know I have a show??
K: well, what else do people do here??
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj starts leaving….
T: u won’t come to watch my show??
Kunj stops.
K: if u want then…
T: Tuesday sharp at 6…
She leaves smiling.
Kunj was very happy..after two long years he spent time with twinkle. And now she invited him for the show. Life seemed to be beautiful now. He wished twinkle would soon enter his life once again.
Twinkle in her room. She thinks about kunj, their meeting and everything. She regrets for understanding him so late. She decides to say sorry to him and of course thank him. But how?? Should she give him flowers?? will be too much.. what about a card….
Ideas of all sort swirls in her mind. Then she gets a phone call from her mom and their convo starts.

In another room a woman is sitting. Her face is not shown. She says “have all the girls arrived?”
“yes” says her assistant. “good, what about her…TWINKLE TANEJA??”
Asst: she has just arrived madam…
She turns around and her face is shown… (the lady is ARADHANA UPPAL i.e., renuka sanyal from sadda haq)
She says “ welcome twinkle…sheena oberoy was waiting for u..” she smirks
(guys by now u have understood that she is gonna play the role of sheena oberoy…)

PRECAP: twinkle buys a card for kunj, kavya calls kunj
Sorry guys for the small update..but was very busy…plzz comment if u want me to continue…nothing more..have a nice day..

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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  1. it was amazing u shuld continue acha is dis sheena oberoy i me d lady gonna play any negative role?

    1. thanks dear….
      umm I Can’t say anything right now…u have to wait for that… 🙂

  2. Amazing epi…

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  5. ofcourse we want u to continue it….. its such an osm ff

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    1. thnks utu…even i was in love with ur ff..but u broke my heart by ending it.. 🙁

  8. hey Tara don’t stop it. pleas continue dear. it was just mind blowing. today’s episode was osm. loved it

    1. thanks sonali..even ur new ff is i dnt knw why my comments not getting posted..

  9. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    again an amazing episode tara….

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