(Fan Fiction) EPISODE 8:The cricket match…..

After announcing the bet everyone disperses. Next morning Pooja starts recording the days events. Tanu jumps in front of the camera and says the following:
TANU: A very good morning to all the viewers and welcome to the SMPL i.e sethia mittal private league. Now with a round of applause please welcome the ladies’ team captain the
one and only Neelima kakisa…..
Just then nishanth pushes her and he jumps in front of the camera and says
NISHANTH: And with an even louder round of applause please welcome the mens’ team captain the one and only Prabath Sethia….
Then Tanu pushes him and they both start fighting that their team will win.
After a long fight they move away from the camera and go separate ways then behind them Neelima and Prabhath come face to face and Prabhath asks Neelima to be careful so that she doesn’t trip and fall. Neelima then asks Prabhath to be ready with their recipes and to be prepared to lose the match. Then they go away in separate directions now the camera focuses on Sushnath and Priyanka who are now face to face. Sushanth tells Priyanka to play properly without cheating. Priyanka then tells him that he is not just messing with her but also with his to be child. Sushanth then asks her to enjoy the game by sitting with the others and not putting her self respect on the line. Priyanka makes a face at him and they both move away with a huff. Then the camera focuses on Aryan and Sanchi. Aryan wishes Sanchi all the best in a flirty way and Sanchi says same to you and they hug then out of nowhere Tanu and Nishanth appear up. They pull Sanchi and Aryan respectively away from each other. Then Tau asks Nishanth to take care of of his bhaisa and Nishanth asks her to take care of her jiji. They both scold Aryan and Sanchi for romancing with the opponent teamate.

The cricket match starts with the tems facing each other and Viren does the toss. The men win the toss much to the disappointment of the women. The men start celebrating.
PRIYANKA: Oh hello you just won the toss. Don’t act as if you guys won the match itself.
SUSHANTH: Really? So now you are challenging us huh?
PRIYANKA : Yes of course I am. Any objection?
SUSHANTH: Oh I see its like this now huh? Kakusa let’s take balling. They will get all out by the end of the 2nd over.
So the men choose to ball and the match starts.
Sanchi and Neelima are the opening batswomen. Aryan is balling.
ARYAN: You have made me duck out is far now its my turn.
SANCHI: Let’s see…
Aryan starts balling and Sanchi keeps hitting boundaries now and then .
By the end of the 1st over their score is 20.Then Sushanth snatches the ball from ARyan and says he will ball since he can’t take his eyes off Sanchi. Sushanth gets Neelima out in the next ball and the score is 23 runs. Then Tanu comes for batting and gets out at the score of 19 runs by the end of the 3rd over. Then Priyanka comes in and Sanchi and Priyanka go on hitting sixes and now the score in total becomes 118. It is the last over and Prabhath balls then Snahci hits the ball and the ball is about to go for a six but Aryan stands there to catch the ball. Slowly Sanchi’s smile start to fall. Aryan stares at Sanchi and smiles and drps the catch. Then Sanchi celebrates with Priyanka. The men go to Aryan and start scolding him. Then Nishanth comes to ball. By the end of the 1st innings the score to beat is 127.

The men come to bat.The opening batsmen are Vaibhav and Prabhath. Neeti starts to ball. Prabhath is out at the score of 7 and then Nishanth comes to bat. He and Vaibhav have a partnership of 58 runs by the end of the 5th over. Soon Vaibhav is out by Sanchi and Aryan comes to bat.
ARYAN: Sanchi , throw the ball with love just like I did .
SANCHI: Impossible. Me and my baby are in full mood today. I’m filled with double energy now.
ARYAN: Oh really!Your baby huh!
SANCHI : No go and stat batting otherwise I will make you get duck out.
Aryan bats and hits boundaries. Soon Nishanth is also out and Sushath comes for batting. Sushanth and Aryan have a partnership of 48 runs and now the score is 110 by the end of the 9th over. Now Priyanka comes for batting while Sanchi does wicket keeping. Priyanka balls and Aryan hits the ball. Sushanth and Aryan go for singles. Aryan then realise sthat Neeti has already caught the ball and has thrown it already to Sanhci so in order to not to get out he signals Sushanth to stop running and go back. But as he is returning back Sanhci comes in front of the wicket to catch the ball and Aryan dashes into her.

They fall on each other and get lost in each others eyes. Then everyone comes and surrounds them and asks Sacnhi if she is alright. But she doesn’t listen to any of that as she is staring into Aryan’s eyes. Then everyone start coughing loudly disturbing their moment and they get up. Priyanka says it is KHEL KA MAIDAN NOT PYAAR KI.

Then Sanchi and Aryan go back to their positions and the bal is declared as a no ball. It is the last ball and the score is 125. There is tension in everyone’s eyes Priyanka balls and Sushnath is out. The women start celebrating. Then the men accept that the ladies’ are good at cricket as they are in doing other things. The men are about t o leave when Sanhci stops them and then she asks them where they where going. She tells them that the ladies’ haven’t forgotten the bet. The men apologise and go to start coking while the women sit and play spin the bottle.

PRECAP: Sanhci secretly helps Aryan make chappattis.

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