Fan Fiction – Ek tha Raja Ek thi Rani – Ranaji and Rani Gayatri Shahi Romance – Maha Episode


Raajmata was success in her effort to get RAGA closer after so many hurdles.. She was happy to see ranaji smiling again..! πŸ˜€ it was every mothers wish to see her son happy… There was happiness in palace in raajmata and raga s hearts.. And a jealous (enemity) in palace too. :[email protected]

Ranaji OTP: i was wrong about gayatri, “Gayatri ne toh mujhe dubara jeena sikhaya, pyaar karna nahi balke, pyaar nibhana bhi sikhaya” πŸ˜‰ i want her to feel spl she is a perfect queen.. Not only for Amirkot, but for my heart too.. She is ruling in my heart..:-) gayatri who is searching ranaji to talk with him about sulakshana as she feels something strange about her..

She passes there and go to ranaji who was thinking something (how to make her rani feels spl).. She keeps her hand on his shoulder to get his attention.. He was surprised to see her, and smiles by seeing her.. He ask her to sit and ask why she is looking worried.. She was to say about sulakshana, He cut her word and ask Bataiye my aapke liye kya karsakta hun.. Laikin usse pehle aap muje Ye bataiye, aapko yaani Rani gayatri devi ku mujhse kitna pyaar hai..

:-O *(puzzled question hum fans to isi romance k wait me hain)*

Gayatri says Ranaji ye b koi sawal h, aap mujhse puch rahe hain, aap se muje…….. 😐
She stops by seeing Ranaji who was awaiting and staring at her, ranaji want gayatri to feel this moment precious just like she is to him.. And he doesnt want any disturbance like everytime, coz whenever he get close to her, gayatri suffers in pain he want to be secure this time..

*(oh my!!:-D Ranaji is very concern for her Rani)*;-)..

Ranaji ask gayatri to come with him i wanna talk wit you.. He ask to come upstairs..! Rani gayatri follows him while going upstairs ranaji hold gayatri s hand and drag her closer to him.. And whispers “Jab bhi my apke kharib aata hun, muje……” gayatri pushes him as she think someone is watching them.. Its none other than the evil shahi gang BRM, fake sulakshana, kunwar and kokilla they were curt by seeing them together and thinking to plan something big to separate them.. As all know evil going to fail, truth always triumphs.. *Evil gang will fail again lol:-P*

he take her to terrace and ask “bataiye rani gayatri devi..!” Gayatri wants to know about his hearts, she “ask aaphi apne dil se puchiye, my apse kitna pyaar karti hoon, aur ye sawal to mujhe aapse puchna tha k aap mujhse..” Ranaji says aap mujhse… Fine, I love you Gayatri more than anything in this world, gayatri makes faces and says i cant understand english.. Ranaji cups her face and says my apse bahut bahut pyaar karta hoon laikin my bata nahi sakta, izhar nahi karsakta and kisses on her forehead.. Gayatri feels happy and blushes,

*(Ah! I just want to capture this moment of my Raja and Rani..:-*i love them) *

..muje na tha pata.. Sawariyaaa….plays in background

*Ranaji was staring at her, gayatri feels it and ask rana ji to look at moon how beautiful it is, and stars twinkling makes moon feel spl.. Ranaji still stare at her,

gayatri ask “ranaji apne chand kyun nahi dekha.?” ranaji smiles and says Aap hi humari chand hain aur mere dil mein sirf aur sirf aap hain, and kissd on her hand and give a gift and ask her to open it, it was a cute earring of ranaji s choice..

She was so happy, ranaji smiles by seeing her happy and wishes in his heart, i just want to see her happy, and want to give her happiness of world.. Ranaji says looking at her, “hum ne apko tohfa diya aur hum hi apko pehna yengey”.. Tears roll down from her eyes, of happiness.. Both shares an eyelock while ranaji put earring..

They spend quality time.. And atlast ranaji was success to give his rani a beautiful surprise..

*I just dont want this moment to end..*


*Aye mere humsafar,
ek zara intezaar..
Sun sadayein de rahi hain
manzil pyaar ki’

*Jisko duaaon mein maanga,
tu hai wahi rehnuma,

*tere bina mushqil hai,
ek bhi kadam chalna..

Bin tere kahaan hai…. Manzil pyaar ki πŸ™‚ *

Credit to: elsa

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  1. This episode was really romantic ! Thank you elsa for such romance. Aww gayathri and rana ji..

  2. I wanna know how many RaGa fans are here, silent and violent readers just a single comment all i need

  3. Lots of love from fans of ETR2 to RanaJi (aka) Siddhant Karnick and Rani Gayatri (aka) Drashti Dhami.. You are Just rocking our heart..

  4. Sweet episode tanx for update

  5. @nia thanks yaar, glad you loved it..

    1. Keep writting buddy !

  6. It’s great…keep writing..

  7. Was this only written or i can watch somewhere.. please advice.. and can some1 translate the urdu to english please please bcoz my language on in malay language n english… tq

  8. @aisha u zaidu and
    @Riia thanks buddy wil do my best
    @Yasmin it s just an imaginary, seriously i wish to see raga romance

    1. Hemmm… how i wish too elsa.. can we just have a story witout any bad/evil character..

  9. Mouni Godavari

    Really Nice

  10. I’m a big fan of raga jst love their bonding…

  11. Plse update the next episode…. SORRY IF YOU ARE BUSY @elsa

    1. @Riaa sorry to say dear im not getting time truly im busy, wil try my best for you and all etr2 fans..

  12. I need a suggestion guys, give me your fav suggestion / topic, so that i can update ff of raga of fans choice, as every1 has there own choice, just i need a topic, further i wil do mine.. Thanks alot.. πŸ™‚ im waiting all i need just your words.. πŸ™‚

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