Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 9)


Guys sorry for the short update, I am little busy nowadays because I joined in tennis classes, so I will try to make it little longer from tomorrow and today’s episode with……………..

Kapana takes apu with her while malay tells her to take care and says bye. Later in home apu asks kalpana, why did you spoke rudely with malay, he would have felt bad, he is my friend. Kalpana says, so you are asking me why did i scold malay, he should have not done that, anyways you need to maintain distance with him , apu says but…. Kalpana says no and says MY WORDS ARE FINAL and goes. Apu goes to her bedroom and keeps on thinking about malay and sleeps, there malay also thinks about apu and sleeps.

During night, near a hilly area, someone rides on horse and chases behind malay and apu, apu says i can’t run anymore and says you go and save your life malay, he says are you mad and says i won’t leave you and takes her in the other direction. While that guy throws a sword on apu and malay, apu sees it hitting malay and pushes him and gets stabbed instead, malay shouts apu……. And wakes up from sleep. Nandita comes running and asks what happened, she sees malay afraid and goes near him, says cool down, cool down, and makes him drink some water. Malay thinks thank god this is just a dream and sleeps on nandita’s lap.

It’s morning, Malay gets ready for college and calls apu, he asks can you come with me to college today, but apu thinks of kalpana’s words and says noo, i can’t come with you, malay says but why…. apu cuts the calls and thinks sorry malay. Malay thinks you have to come with me definitely and goes to nandita and takes aashirvaad from her. He then takes his bike. Nandita asks why did you take your bike, you could have asked driver to take the car, malay says just like that and goes to apu’s house. He sees apu’s scooty and makes the tire puncture and smiles thinking now i will take her to college on by bike. Sid and apu comes outside and sees the tire puncture, sid says oh no, now how will we go to college, apu says it is ok and asks him to bring her cycle, she tries to take lift but no one gives her lift. Malay then comes to her on his bike and asks what happened, any problem, he overacts, apu realises that it is malay’s work, she asks him can you give lift, malay gets happy and says, of course, please come and sit. Apu says not me, she says sid will come, malay says then what about you, sid comes with the cycle from inside and gives it to Apu. Apu asks sid to go with Malay, sid says ok and sits behind malay, apu sees malay fuming and smiles.

In the college, lecturer comes and informs them about field trip to mumbai, all get excited, he asks them to ask their parents and come. Malay asks apu whether she is coming or not but apu says maa will never agree to send me, sid comes and says yes my mother will never agree to send apu anywhere, she is so protective, but malay says this time she will agree, sid says noo, malay says yes and smiles.

Precap: Apu and sid goes to kalpana and asks can we go for the field trip to mumbai please, but she says, sid you can but apu you cannot, apu gets upset. They both come outside to malay and says she didn’t agree, malay says let me try and goes inside, after sometime he comes out with a sad face, sid says i knew it you can’t make her agree, malay smiles and she agreed, apu and sid gets shocked.

Promo: After going to mumbai, apu will fall in love with Malay but don’t confesses it, she will think she can’t spoil malay’s life by proposing him and hides her love. Will malay find out about her love and make her confess or not?

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  1. Waiting …for the next part ….make it quick …

  2. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu… Wow luv apulay scenes …. Poor Malay fumes on anger … Funny moment …Sid spoiled his plan…. ?? lovely precap… Wonder how Malay manage to get the permission from kalapana .. ??

  3. Kathy

    Tnx for the promo…. Excited for the next episode … Keep writing…

  4. Siddhi

    Very nice

  5. Shai

    the dream sequence was awesome!!!!!! apu to fall in love with malay..
    superb sarayu!!!

  6. Shai

    malay is mischievious!!!! but apu mas

  7. its very dream horse riding ws aswm

  8. HarSHaN

    Sarayu..v.nice…Confession ll ..Malay easily gets permission then it’s also easy for him through ur writing..

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