Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 8)

Nandita comes to malay, malay says what a surprise mom and hugs her, but she breaks his hug and pretends to be angry with him and asks why didn’t you say about your girlfriend. He says apu is not my girlfriend she is just my friend. Nandita says ok ok, i understand everything and taunts him. He smiles. He thinks may be mom knows some information about vishkanya and asks her, she gets tensed hearing VISHKANYA name and recalls how her husband tried to kill a lady who is vishkanya and her daughter, Malay shakes her saying maa, what are you thinking? Nandita replies nothing and says I know some information about vishkanya, malay asks her to tell, she narrates vishkanyas are girls who have poison in them, malay doesn’t believe her but asks her to continue, she says vishkanyas are not born with poison in them but they will get poison when someone feeds them mild poison mixed with certain type of food and some special juices, slowly that poison will spread through their whole body and when they cry their body changes into blue and their nails grow, in the middle malay asks her why will anyone feed poison food to their children, she says parents don’t feed but the kings and queens used to make them a vishkanya and use them to kill other rajas with their poison. She says they are lot better than soldiers as they have 3 deaths, if anyone try to kill them, for 2 times they will not die but the 3rd which is the last time they will die. Malay listens to her and thinks is it true or not? Nandita asks him what is he thinking he says I need to go to college and goes, nandita says but today is sunday. Malay thinks oh no then how will kalpana aunty will agree, he says i am going for extra classes as exams are ahead and goes, nandita says at least take your books and go and laughs.
Apu in her room, gets ready and feels nervous. Malay comes from behind window and scares her. She shouts and says maaaaa, kalapana comes inside her room and asks what happened and says where are you going, malay is behind door and signals her not to say anything. Apu laughs and says I just wanted to know how much you worry for me and says yesterday i saw sleeping beauty movie and I thought to makeup and sleep to see whether i will look like her or not. Kalpana pats on her head and leaves saying this girl will make me mad one day. Malay comes and says I thought to scare you but you scared me instead. Apu says i have brilliant plan to make maa busy and to go from here, malay asks her to say, apu says i will call sid and make him talk with maa and we will go from the back door. But malay says aunty thinks you will be sleeping if she comes in when we were not here then…., apu says i will keep pillows to make it look like i am sleeping, malay says brilliant, he bends towards her and says bless me the guru, apu says may god bless you boy and laughs.
After sometime they leave from there and sits in car. In the meanwhile sid irritates kalpana by talking about naagin last episode and naagin season 2 promo and he says i really felt bad when it was ended and again talks nonstop. She gets angry and tries to beat him and runs behind him, sid goes to apu’s room and accidentally falls on pillows, kalpana shouts apuuu and gets shocked seeing pillows instead. She immediately realizes that they are going to doctor and runs, just then driver starts malay’s car, kalpana runs behind them, apu sees her and stops the car. They both get down and goes to kalpana. kalpana raises hand to slap malay but then controls and scolds them. She says i beg you malay please don’t do this with my daughter, malay says don’t worry aunty, we are going to our family doctor and says nothing will happen to apu, I promise. Apu says yes maa, kalpana says shut up and says he totally brainwashed you and asks malay what relation does he have with apu and asks him not to do this again. Apu says no, you are thinking wrong about him. Kalpana says ok, i won’t say anything to him and says your real mom will definitely come one day and that you both can ask her who is apu and malay you can take apu to hospital, till then wait for that time and takes promise from both of them. Malay asks how can you be sure that, that lady will come again after 23 years? Kalpana says when she gave me apu on that day and talking about revenge, i have seen anger on her face and eyes. Screen faces on kalpana’s angry face.

Precap: The lecturer informs the class about Field trip to Mumbai and asks them to ask their parents and come. All are very happy, malay asks apu is she coming but apu says maa will never agree to send me, sid comes and says yes my mother will never agree to send apu anywhere, but malay says this time she will agree, sid says noo, malay says yes and laughs.

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  1. Hey, stop your ff, no one is liking it. Freaking loser

    1. Siddhi

      Ragini don’t say like this she is my friend

      1. Sarayumane

        Thank you siddhi for supporting me

    2. Kathy

      Excuse me… How u can judge that no one liking her ff…. Very humble request from a sarayu’s ff reader… U Pls stop read n comment here… She has enough readers here… Tnx… Before using language pls careful with ur words ragini… It can hurt someone…

      1. Kathy


      2. Sarayumane

        Thank you kathy, I don’t why did that girl is doing like this

      3. Kathy

        My pleasure… Sarayu… Just ignore them…

    3. HarSHaN

      Ragini..Who said like tat to U?Kindly think the words before U speak..It can hurt even U if U also experience tat…

  2. Siddhi

    Great episode Sarayu love u loads

  3. super episode sarayu!!!!!! waiting for the next….

  4. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu… Enjoyed apulay conversation a lot… Oh… Kalapana so protective on Apu… Luckily nanditha didn’t ask y Malay asking about vishkanya….good going keep writing….??

  5. Nice. …

  6. your ff is better than actual epi.keep writing.nice ff.

  7. HarSHaN

    Sarayu..Nyc episode as like as Always..Guru

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