Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 6)

Sorry for the late update guys, hope you didn’t forget the story and the episode start with,

Some goons misbehave with Apu. Malay gets angry. Apu says chill Malay and tries to ignore them but they again try to touch her, malay asks them to leave her and beats them. Fight starts, malay fights with all of them and beat them a lot, but one goon calls some others goons and asks malay to fight with them and laughs. Apu tries to stop their fight and comes in between and one goon pushes and beats her, blood starts coming out her hands. She is shocked to see her blood in blue colour. Malay is shocked too. One goon hits with a bottle on malay’s head and he falls down. Apu shouts malay and cries and ties her dupatta on malay’s forehead. Suddenly her body changes into blue and her nails grow.

Apu is shocked and malay also barely sees that. Goons get scared and starts leaving from there. Apu shouts loudly and asks them to stop there itself and asks them to fight with her. They run and apu also runs behind them. She scratches a goon and he falls down and his body also changes into blue. She tries to fight with others also but malay calls her, when she is going towards him those goons push her and run. She falls near a neem tree and its leaves falls on her and her body again turns to original color. She takes malay on a cart and tries taking lift. Finally she she gets a lift and takes him to a nearby hospital. After sometime doctor says he is fine and she takes a high sigh of relief. She immediately goes inside and asks him how are you? And blames herself for the incident.

He is still in shock and asks who are you? And asks are you a witch or something else and again says sorry. She says even I also don’t what happened to me and don’t know what disease is this, she cries and asks him to believe in her, she pleads him to believe in her and tries to to touch his feet, malay stops her and asks what are you doing? He asks her did this happen before and asks her to recall. She says no. He says i think this is related to your tears, did you remember you told me that you never cried but when you cried seeing my state your nails grew ,right, she says did you see that and says I think I should consult a doctor to know about this, Malay stands up from the bed and says no, before you consult a doctor we need to ask your mother. she asks why, if my mother knows about all these then she will be worried about me, He says may be your mother knew about this disease so that is why she never let you cry and goes. Apu stands confused.

Malay and apu go to apu’s house and calls kalpana. She comes and asks what happened malay, are you fine?, he says don’t worry aunty, i am fine and asks what is apu’s illness? Kalapana replies nothing, she is absolutely fine and asks why are asking like this, Apu narrates the whole incident, kalpana sits in shock, she murmurs, now apu will come to know everything, she cries and says nothing, i will not say you anything, never, and shouts at her, apu gets shocked and asks again. Kalpana cries a lot and says you are my daughter and will be mine. Apu says yes maa, i will be with you and asks what illness she has, Kalpana says you are a vishkanya, apu and malay are shocked, she then narrates all the incidents to apu and malay. Lastly, she says that lady will come again and take you away, please don’t go, you are my daughter. Apu is shocked and doesn’t respond. Malay shakes her. Apu hugs her and says I won’t go anywhere and hugs her again.

Precap : Apu goes to malay’s house and tries to talk something, but malay says you don’t need to say anything, I am with you, we will go to doctor tomorrow and we both will kick this illness out of your body, she smiles. Suddenly nandita comes and malay sees her and gets surprised. After sometime, she pretends to angry and starts crying and asks why didn’t you say about your girlfriend. He smiles.

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  1. Shai

    wow….such a beautiful episode….i wanted this to happen in the serial…but hard luck!!!
    well keep it up and make ‘apulay forever’!!!

  2. Sarayu(honey)

    Guys please comment, negative comments are also accepted, if I didn’t get at least 5 comments then I am going to stop this ff.

    1. Shai

      please don’t stop dear…have patience….i like ur ff a lot!!!!!

    2. Kathy

      No sarayu pls don’t stop… I like ur writing…

  3. Kathy

    Good episode … Sarayu.. So finally Malay comes to know about Apu… But still thinks it is a illness…?? Awwww Malay cares Apu a lot… Enjoy the episode a lot.. Keep writing… N entertain us… Eagerly waiting for the next episode ..

  4. Nyc Sarayu,a wellportrait n richness in writin..keep writing..

  5. Sarayu(honey)

    OK guys, I won’t stop it and will continue

    1. Kathy

      Tnx dear…??

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