Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 7)


Thanks again for the response. Today’s episode starts with…..

Malay says I think we should take Apu to hospital and ask doctor about this blue colour illness, but kalpana says apu doesn’t have any illness, she is a vishkanya, if anyone knows about this means they will beat apu and make her leave this city. Malay tries to say something but kalpana stops him and says Thank you for saving apu and says you can leave. Apu tries to talk in between but she stops her and takes her inside.

It is night, malay is tensed about apu and researches about vishkanya on google, but a VISHKANYA movie comes on the screen. He starts the movie and gets irritated seeing a girl in snake costume dances. He then sees a science fact that due to silver dose in our body, the body changes to colour blue, He closes his laptop and finally makes up his mind that there is no vishkanya and thinks may be apu ate silver during her childhood and laughs.

It is morning, malay baths and comes out his bathroom in towel, just then apu comes and shouts seeing his shirtless body, malay also shouts, malay keeps his hand on apu’s mouth. Apu takes his hand and asks why did you shout, malay says because you shouted, they both eye each other awkwardly, apu goes out and thinks what am i doing, malay comes and says get ready we are going to doctor today, apu says maa…., malay stops her and says being a science student do you believe in all these vishkanya, naagin, kavach etc. Apu laughs says do you follow these serials? Malay says be serious apu and says i follow them every week and laughs. She again tries to talk something, but malay says you don’t need to say anything, I am with you, we will go to my family doctor tomorrow and we both will kick this illness out of your body, she smiles.
Nandita comes and sees them both closely, apu then says bye and goes.

Nandita comes to Malay, malay says what a surprise mom and hugs her, but she breaks his hug and pretends to be angry with him and asks why didn’t you say about your girlfriend. He says Apu is not my girlfriend she is just my friend. Nandita says ok ok, i understand everything and taunts him. He smiles.

Precap: Kalpana goes to Apu’s room and finds pillows on her bed instead of apu, she realizes that they are going to doctor and runs, just then driver starts the car in which apu and Malay are present, Kalpana runs behind them, Apu sees her and stops the car, kalpana raises hand to slap Malay but then controls and scolds them.

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  1. Siddhi

    Really nice episode

  2. Kathy

    Wow wonderful episode sarayu… Enjoyed apulay conversation a lot.. Specially Malay follow the serial thing..? N even the Google….movie part where Malay search on vishkanya… Even it happen to me… ?? excited for the next episode dear… Keep writing…

  3. Nivika

    awesome sarayumane….i

  4. its little epi..nxt time pls try 2 long ..nd tnk gd no chipkali here.

  5. Shai

    superb sarayu…….that eyelock of apulay was beautiful!!!!!
    malay follows daily soaps 😛 kya ladka hai!!!!
    keep it up sarayu!!!

  6. HarSHaN

    Sarayu..Writing nyccc…”googling,daily soaps,..”Real I..keep continue…

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