Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 5)


I forgot to add one thing in my intro. That is no one knows that apu is a vishkanya including apu, only kalpana knew this. Apu don’t know about this because she never cried. Kalpana never let her cried. And when she cries not only her face changes into blue but also her nails grow.

Apu’s papers fly. While she tries to pick those, Malay stares at her innocent face. Abhi asks him to go and help her. Malay goes and tries to help apu but she says i can do my own and don’t need anyone’s help. Malay asks what happened, why are you behaving like this, Apu ignores him and thinks I should not fall on his trap and tries to leave. But Malay tells I will not let you leave you without answering my question. He asks for the reason of her changed behavior and says he wants to help her. Apu claps and shouts leave my hand and tell him don’t try to act smart. I know about you people, you will act as good and then plays with girls emotions. Malay asks says what are talking about? Apu replies do you think you can make me a fool, I have seen you hugging tina in your bedroom and again in canteen, I have seen you touching hands and moving closely with ruby. I don’t want get close to you and wants to maintain distance. That is why i am doing like this. Malay says let me clear your misunderstanding, yes tina was my lover but she didn’t loved me, she just wanted to marry me to get my money. Apu looks at him in suprise. He says tina is selfish and a greedy person. She realises she was wrong but again thinks then why was he catching ruby’s hands. Malay is going to say about ruby but apu says she needs to leave and leaves. While malay says hey listen to me, he thinks i need to clear her misunderstanding and can’t let her make me villain in my own lovestory.
During night, Apu thinks what malay said is true or not and thinks exams are ahead I need to study and sleep. Malay in his room thinks, I hope she believes my words and is sad…
Next day in library, Apu sees ruby and abhi laughing and sitting each other closely and thinks, Oh my god how cheap is this women, yesterday she was with malay and today with abhi ewwww. She thinks abhi doesn’t know about her doings and thinks to inform him about her and goes towards them. She says to abhi that don’t believe this girl, she is shameless, yesterday she was with malay and today with you… Ruby gets angry and asks why are you calling me shameless. Abhi is my boyfriend from 4 years and malay is my best friend. Yesterday I gave him an idea about something and he liked it. In excitement he accidentally hugged me and touched me, so what the big deal in it. She even says sorry if i have hurted you but trust me malay is like my brother. Apu says sorry and leaves. Hearing this apu thinks what did i do just now, and again feels happy that malay is a very good guy and thinks to say sorry to him and goes.
Apu searches for him in the college and someone says he has boxing competition today and may be he would be there, apu says thanks and runs. Malay is competing against a bodyguard. malay is sad. That bodyguards beats him a lot but malay doesn’t fight. Just then Apu comes in and is shocked to see him injured. She shouts malay and cheers him. She motivates him. Malay is surprised and happy to see her. He fights back with that bodyguard and wins. Apu gets happy and congrats him. After sometime malay and apu walk on the sidewalk. Apu talks nonstop and malay says how long will you talk and says yesterday you were so angry and today……Apu says forget all those, i am so sorry, i misunderstood you. Malay acts as feeling hurt. Apu says please forgive me, please, please. Malay stares at her innocent face and tries to touch it but suddenly apu asks him to tell something about his family. Malay says my life revolves around my mom and my sister purvi. And I don’t know about my father. My mother doesn’t like to tak about him. But once she told that his father tried to kill a women and her small daughter and then don’t know what happened to him and when my mom came to know about this she took me and my sister from the palace and came here. Apu is shocked to listen this. Malay asks her to leave about him and asks her to tell about her family, she says i live with my mom, brother and my grandmother. Malay asks her about her father to which she replies he left my mom when I was a child and says i hate him a lot. She says My mom loves me a lot and she never let me feel pain about anything. Can I say you one thing, I never cried. Malay says what? Apu says last time when i cried was when I am a child. And again she talks nonstop. Malay smiles and suddenly forwards his hand and says FRIENDS…, apu says ofcourse duffer and they smile.

PRECAP: Some goons misbehave with apu and malay tries to beat them. suddenly one goons hits malay’s head with a glass bottle. Apu shouts Malay and cries. Her face turns blue and her nails grow. She scratches a goon and he falls down.

Credit to: sarayu (honey)

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  1. Wonderful episode sarayu…. Growing nail is awesome… I loved the line where Malay thinks…”can’t let her make me villion in my own love story”?? happy that all the misunderstand between them are cleared….?? OMG… Precap…. Waiting for the next episode dear… Keep writing…

  2. As like as Kathy said,”in my luv story” nyc lines yaar….well going,keep writing Sarayu

  3. nice episode…..growing nails…..yeah i agree with di malay’s lines were awesome…….in precap i guess u took a cue from the serial..
    so malay’s father tried to kill apu and her mother….nice twist

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