Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 4)

Today’s episode is bit long as I am free and today’s episode contains only Apulay scenes and no Kalpana or Apu’s mom stuff. And the episode starts with…………….

Apu goes to his room and the maid says that Malay is in his room which is on upstairs. Apu says thanks. wards Malay’s room to give him her book. Just then tina (Malay’s obsessive lover) comes and hugs him from behind. She says I missed you so much baby, you know right I love you so much, Malay take off her hand angrily and shouts but i don’t love you. He says it is all over between us now. Apu reminds of vardhan’s words that rich people act as good and doesn’t care about others . She misunderstands him. She keeps her book there and goes. Again, Malay says that the biggest mistake I have ever done is to make you my friend. He then thinks of that incident…………….


Tina and malay are childhood best friends. One day tina comes to Malay and proposes him. But Malay says I don’t have that intention on you and says I don’t love you but you will always be my friend. Tina gets angry and thinks to marry Malay somehow. So she makes a plan acts as trying to suicide and Malay sees her and scolds her for trying to suicide for a simple issue. He then feels guilty and thinks to marry her. After some days, once Malay goes to tina’s house and sees her dancing with a boy(her bf) and telling him that once I get married to Malay then I will take all his money and will come to you. Listening this, Malay gets angry and breaks all relations with her.


Malay asks her to get lost and tina angrily leaves. And Apu goes to her room, she thinks of that incident and thinks why am I feeling bad and sleeps. Malay completes his homework and also does Apu’s as she didn’t complete. He stares at Apu’s books. He thinks of Apu, smiles and then sleeps.

Next day college, While Apu and Malay are coming inside the class, Tapur keeps her leg in front of Apu and when Apu is going to fall Malay catches her and says, careful beautiful lady. Apu goes angrily. Malay thinks what happened to her. Apu, Tapur, sid and Malay are sitting in the same class. The lecturer asks them to open their home works. Apu thinks oh no I forgot to do mine. Just then Malay comes and gives her book and tells her that he completed her homework also. But Apu replies I don’t like when any other person does my work and talks rudely with him. Malay says sorry and sadly goes towards his seat. The lecturer asks what is ALGEBRA? To which sid answers the sum of all zebras is called Algebra. Everyone laughs. Class ends………………

In the canteen, Apu thinks of Malay while eating. Malay asks abhi and ruby (Abhi’s gf) to give him an idea to woo Apu and says she is angry with him. Ruby gives him an idea(secret) and Malay says wow, wonderful and catches her hands. Apu sees this and again misunderstands him. She accidentally drops her file and her papers fly. While she tries to pick all those he stares at her innocent face, sanam re song plays………..

Precap: Malay tries to talk to Apu and holds her hand, Apu shouts leaves my hand and tells him don’t try to act smart. I know about you people, you will act as good and play with others emotions and doesn’t care about their feelings. Malay asks says what are talking about? Apu replies do you think you can make me a fool, you have loved tina and left her and now your next target is ruby right? I have seen you touching hands and moving closely with ruby.

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  1. I like ur simplicity in ur writing… N Wel portrait as well … Sarayu… Today’s episode … As always very good … Oh no… Y Apu misunderstand our Malay… Hope soon Malay will clear all her doubts…. N Sid’s AlGEBRA definition is so so funny…???? enjoyed the episode a lot dear… Keep writing… Waiting for the next episode …

  2. Sarayu..Portrait is well..As Kathy said,..Simple gives magic in it..

  3. keep continue, epi..

  4. wow sarayu….your fan ficftion is a masala one….loved it!!!!! yeh serial me kyun nahi dikha sakte???

  5. hey if sid and malay are brothers then why don’t they stay together…also apu should already know about him as he is her best friend’s brother…

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Sid is apu’s brother not malay’s.

      1. ohhh……now i get it!!!!!!!

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