Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 3)


Thanks for the response everyone and Today’s episode starts with……
After boxing competition,
Kalpana gets tensed that Apu and Sid didn’t come to home till now. She says to Dida (Apu’s grandmother) that they both didn’t call me and also they don’t have any extra classes and thinks why didn’t they come home. Dida jokes that may be Apu had a boyfriend and went with him, and says don’t worry she will be back. Kalpana stands tensed.
Apu and her friends laugh and leave for their respective houses. While leaving Apu sees a lady begging near a road and thinks to give some money and goes to her. That lady feels her presence and hugs her. Apu also feels attached to her. That lady asks are you Apu? and Apu replies yes and asks how does you know me? She holds Apu tightly and laughs loudly and repeatedly says yes I got you, yes I got you and acts mad. Sid says are you mad and asks her to leave Apu’s hands. You are hurting her. That lady shouts on him and asks him not to interfere when I am talking. Apu says cool down sid. The lady asks apu how are you? and tells her to take care of herself as she needs to do so much work ahead. By saying this the lady goes thinking now no one can stop me from taking my revenge. Apu looks on confused.

Sid suddenly says to apu that she forgot to call kalpana and didn’t inform her about the boxing competition. Apu scolds him and beats him on his head and says kalpana might be tensed about them. Tapur listens this and thinks to use this chance to make kalpana scold apu. After sometime, she calls kalpana and talks to her with different tone and says your daughter is partying with a boy and is drinking wine. Kalpana doesn’t believe her and just then sid and apu comes there. Apu finds her to be tapur and says tapur, jaao beta apna kaam karo and sid says don’t even dare to interfere in our matter and calls her chipkali. Tapur puts the phone and thinks again my plan failed. Apu then narrates about the boxing competition and then the lady incident to kalpana. And kalpana immediately asks her about the lady and asks how does she look? who is she?, what did she tell you?, what did she do with you?, Apu says cool down mom and tells brethe in, breathe out. Sid asks why is she asking so many questions about that lady and says she is hurting apu and behaving madly. Kalpana looks on shocked and thinks i will not let her come near my apu.
……………………..Study time…………………
Apu is studying while sid is snapchatting on his phone. Apu gets a book which she was supposed to give it to malay and thinks oh no i forgot to give this book to malay. She thinks malay’s house is near to my home and thinks to give him book herself. She tells kalpana that she is going to friend’s house and will return home quickly. Dida jokes by saying is that friend boy or a girl? Apu says girl and runs. Dida laughs.

Precap: Apu goes to malay’s home and the maid says that malay is in his room. She goes towards his room. Meanwhile malay comes out of bathroom (shirtless) and suddenly a girl comes and hugs him from back. Apu sees this and looks on shocked.

Credit to: sarayu (honey)

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  1. Nyc writing..The old lady or Apu?waiting to see it..keep continue writing,Sarayu

  2. Good episode sarayu… Oh apu’s mum has come what will happen now… Kalapana loves Apu a lot… Uff this tapur…. Oh the precap… Who’s the girl hugs Malay…??? Hmm will have to wait till next episode to know right…eagerly waiting for the next episode … Keep writing …

  3. very nice

  4. good going sarayu… gave us a fresh story…BTW malay is sid’s brother right!!!!

    1. sarayu (honey)

      sid is apu’s brother shai

  5. carry on sarayu nd its also mah qs who is ds girl…kahi chipu vardaan toh nhi..?

    1. sarayu (honey)

      no, she is not vardaan but some other girl

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