Fan fiction on apu and malay Episode 24 Part 2


After engagement, kalpana says now you both need to finish your studies and then we will do your marriage, apu and malay smile, sid pulls malay’s leg and laughs.

After 5 years………..

At railway station, apu holds her bag and starts walking, malay comes behind her saying please forgive me apu, please, apu doesn’t agree, she turns and sees a man behind malay, she asks him to come, malay thinks she is asking me to come and goes towards her, apu ignores him and hugs sunny. Malay gets angry seeing him, he thinks he made my life hell. Apu holds sunny’s hand and smiles, she gives an angry look to malay and goes…

At kalpana’s house, kalpana does all the arrangements and says my apu is coming after finishing her studies, bhanu says yes, I am so proud of her.

Apu and sunny comes to Kalpana’s house, apu sits angrily, kalpana asks her what happened and who is this guy, apu introduces sunny as her best friend, kalpana greets him and asks why are you so angry apu, did you again fight malay or what? Apu says like every time, he did wrong and he does not have time for me, always his studies, interviews etc and cries childishly, kalpana laughs seeing her, apu asks her why is laughing, i am crying, no one cares for me, she sees malay behind and goes angrily to her room. Kalpana says apu, what is this, sunny says don’t worry aunty, I know how to make her fine, let me try once, malay stops him and says, haha, I know how you make fine, you will take her side and will blame me, right. Sunny says but.., Malay says chup, let me try and goes through the window. When sunny is also going through it, malay says lovers need privacy and closes the door, sunny says fine and smiles. Malay goes behind apu and hugs, apu breaks his hug and says cheater, liar, idiot, etc and scolds him, Malay says what did I do, apu says don’t act smart, let me remind you what you did, you don’t time for me at all, I told you to take me to restaurant, you didn’t come with me to singing competition, you didn’t study with me during exams, you didn’t even inform me that you got your job and talks nonstop, Malay tries to calm her but couldn’t, he then kisses on her cheek, apu gets surprised and says you, he says STATUE, and says I was so worried that if I didn’t study then I won’t get a good job, and if I don’t get a good job, then your mother will not agree to marriage, and now the most important thing is I got two movie tickets, we will go and watch tonight, apu doesn’t respond, Malay says statue over, apu gets excited and asks which movie and hugs him, Malay says THANK GOD, apu says what did you say, Malay says nothing and hugs her.

They go the hall, Nandita is also there, Kalpana says it is good that their fight had ended, Nandita says I have talked with pandit and he told that there is no shubh muhurat till next 7 months, Kalpana gets tensed hearing this, she asks then what should we do now, Malay says we will do register marriage, Nandita doesn’t agree and says you are my only son and I had many dreams regarding your marriage, Malay says no mom, anyways I always wanted simple marriage, this is my wish, please agree and convinces her. Nandita says ok, my happiness lies in my son;s happiness. Malay says thank you, mom, and hugs her.They all agree.

Precap: apu and Malay exchange garlands, apu’s grihapravesh in Mittal house. sid congratulates her and gives a gift, she says I too have a gift for you, sid gets surprised.

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  1. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu… So sunny is apu’s friend… N Malay…. He is so jealous ….???? on him…. N enjoyed apulay conversation…. Luv the plot … Keep writing….??

  2. Nandana


  3. HarSHaN

    Nyc epi Sarayu. .Keep continue..writing..

  4. HarSHaN

    Statue moments of cute..Nyc..portray…

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