Fan fiction on apu and malay Episode 24 Part 1


Today’s episode starts with….

Kalpana and nandita blindfold apu and malay and takes them to some place. They open their eyes and gets shocked seeing a big place with full decorations and so many guests and their friends. They get overwhelmed and sees each other. They both nandita about this, kalapana says this is a surprise gift for you both on your engagement from us. Apu and malay gets surprised and says ENGAGEMENT…, apu asks to kalapana, but you told that nandita aunt’s family is just coming to see me and you also told that we are young and will not marry till we finish our studies, then what is this…., malay also asks the same to nandita, kalpana says you both will h=just get engaged now and will marry after you finish your studies, apu asks why? Kalpana asks how many questions do you asks apu, she says we are doing this for your both safety. Nandita says lets start the function and asks them to come.

She does aarti for both of them and gives some gifts to apu. She gives ring to malay and asks him to make apu wear it, malay smiles and takes it, kalpana gives ring to apu, both malay and apu exchange the rings but the ring doesn’t fit for apu, nandita gets worried and says oh no, this is not fitting for her, now what to do, sid says apu became fat after she fallen in love, he says I heard it somewhere girls who are in love eat a lot, apu eyes angrily at sid, malay laughs saying true bro and gives hi fi to sid, kalpana gets some cream and gives it apu, apu applies cream and the ring fits for her, everyone smile……
They take photos, selfies and enjoy a lot. Malay catches apu’s hand and says I am so lucky, apu says the same and they smile…….

Precap: 5 years leap, apu catches sunny’s hand and smiles, she gives an angry look to malay who is standing beside her….

I am so sorry for the delay in posting this……

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  1. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu… No need of sorry …. Malay n sid has a very good bonding…. Where is tapur???? N enjoyed apulay engagement part a lot…

  2. Kathy

    Precap… i think sunny is apulays son… Not sure… Eagerly waiting for the next episode …

    1. Sarayumane

      no kathy, malay and apu are not married, sunny is of apu’s age

      1. Kathy

        Twist…. Waiting for the next episode … How u doing dear????

  3. Sarayumane

    I am doing good dear

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