Fan fiction on apu and malay Episode 23


Today’s episode starts with,

Bhanu says yes there is only one way, that is, apu should get rid of this poison in her body then she will not give birth to vishkanya again, apu says Ok, I am ready to do that, bhanu says It will be painful, apu says ok. Malay says it is not needed but says it is needed and says If you want me to marry you then please don’t argue with me over this.

Next day, bhanu makes apu wear a yellow saree and takes her to an isolated place, she makes her sit on a chair, she then calls some women, they bring water and add turmeric in it, they pour that water on apu, apu shouts saying water is very cold, one lady says this is called shuddhi karan and you need to bear it in order to take the poison out, apu nods.
They then take apu inside a hut and does some pooja, they throw some powder on apu, apu writhes in pain, bhanu controls her by saying don’t worry apu, everything will be alright. Apu shouts and some blue color liquid comes from her mouth. She then falls unconscious. The lady says pooja is completed and apu is fine, now she is not a vishkanya. She gives bhanu some leaves and asks her to make apu eat these for some days, bhanu thanks her and smiles looking at apu.

Bhanu takes apu to her home and malay asks her what happened to apu, is she alright, why is unconscious, bhanu says relax, everything is fine. Nandita thanks lord.

Apu gets conscious and sees malay beside her, he asks her how is she feeling now, she says I am fine now, they both hold eachother’s hands and look at each other with mixed emotions (happy, overjoyed). Bhanu and nandita come there and say we are going back today, we also need to inform kalpana and fix a good date for engagement, she then pulls malay’s leg. Malay says mom…. And they smile.

It is night, They travel in train, apu and malay sits beside each other, malay says, I never knew, anyone would be so beautiful looking at apu, she says malay… ,what are you saying, and that too here in train, malay says I am saying truth and why not, everyone is sleeping, bhanu and nandita pretend to sleep and try to listen what they are talking but malay sees nandita opening her eyes and says maa, how can you listen when two lovers are talking, nandita says so sorry and sleeps, apu says stop it malay and smiles.

Next day morning, apu goes to her house and goes near kalpana and frightens her, kalpana shouts and says apu…, apu smile and hugs her. Kalpana gets emotional and asks so many questions about her journey and etc…., apu narrates the whole incidents, kalpana smiles and says so you are a normal girl now and hugs her again. Apu says I am so hungry, kalpana asks her to freshen up and come, apu nods and goes. Kalpana then says thanks to bhanu for bringing her daughter safe to me. Bhanu says you forgot that she is my daughter too and I can’t leave her to die.

After apu talks with sid and suddenly malay and nandita come there. Nandita takes out some jewelry from a basket and gives to apu saying it is shagun, kalpana says What?

Precap: kalpana says apu and malay are young and apu want to study more, so how can they marry in this age, nandita smiles hearing her words…….

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  1. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu… If Apu is too young to get married then they can marry after some years na… Waiting for the next episode … This ff is far more better then the original track… Tnx dear… Keep writing…

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