Fan fiction on apu and malay Episode 23 Part 2


Today’s episode starts with……………

Nandita takes out some jewelry from a basket and gives to apu saying it is shagun, kalpana says What are you doing, and what is this shagun and all? Nandita gets surprised and asks, Apu, did you not tell your mom about you and malay? Apu replies NO, nandita says kalpana ji, malay and apu love each other and wants to marry, so, do you agree? Kalpana says NO. Apu gets shocked and says Why? Malay is so nice, you also know this right, then why are you not agreeing?

Kalpana says you be quiet, what is your age now and do you even know how many responsibilities you will have once you marry, and moreover will you stop your studies here? Tell me. Apu is silent. Kalpana continues asking and shouts, nandita smiles in the middle, kalpana asks what’s so funny in this? Apu and malay laugh. Kalpana shouts them to stop laughing and asks what is the matter. Nandita says I was just joking about marriage, even I know that apu wants to study more. She says you are right, apu and malay are young, so I thought that we will do engagement now and marriage will be after 4 years, when they both completes their studies. Kalpana takes huge sigh of relief, and smiles. Nandita says then I will call pandit and goes. Kalpana says even I will come with you and goes, she asks malay to come and they both go. Malay keeps staring at apu and gives her a flying kiss. Apu takes it and smiles….

Next day morning, kalapana gives apu a dress and jewelry, she says it is from malay’s family side and says they are going to come today to see you again, apu asks why again, kalpana stammers and says it is their ritual and smiles. Apu gets excited and goes to her room. She wears a beautiful pink saree and puts diamond necklace. Kalpana goes to her and gets surprised seeing her, as she is so beautiful. When she is going to talk something, sid comes there and says malay’s family has come, kalpana goes and asks apu to come. She welcomes malay’s family, nandita introduces her daughter sanchi and her sister kumkum. Kalpana says namaste but sanchi says hi aunty. Apu comes there, malay gets totally mesmerized seeing her, sanchi makes faces seeing her. Malay introduces sanchi to apu, apu says hi and tries to hug her but sanchi backs off, she asks how can you wear this saree and that too with heavy jewelry, ohhh, I can’t manage. Apu smiles and says it is just for some time. When sanchi is going to reply, nandita stops her. Nandita says you both should come with me somewhere, malay and apu gets surprised and asks where? Kalpana smiles and says come, you both will know within few minutes. Kalpana and nandita blindfold them and takes them to some place. They open their eyes and gets shocked seeing something……

Precap: SUSPENSE………………

Now you people guess, why did malay and apu get shocked, what did they see…………………

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  1. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu…. Awww Malay sent flying kiss to Apu..??…. Sanchi Jealous on Apu I think…. Precap suspense … Is that a car as a engagement gift… .. Hmm not sure … Waiting for the Next episode … Keep writing ..

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