Fan fiction on apu and malay Episode 22


I am sorry for the late update guys, actually my school is gonna start and I am preparing for that stuff, so please forgive me,

Today’s episode starts with…..

Nandita hugs malay and apu and takes them. Apu is still in pain. Bhanu asks nandita to take malay to the nearby hospital and says I will make apu fine. Nandita agrees and takes him. Bhanu takes apu to an isolated place, apu asks where are we going, bhanu says you will know soon and takes her inside a small hut. She makes apu lie on the ground and goes outside. She plucks some leaves and makes them as a paste. She applies that on apu’s hands and legs, after sometime, apu recovers completely and sits. Bhanu says to her that the prince has thrown some chemical which vishkanyas can’t bear, she asks apu is she fine now and caresses her face. Apu says I am fine and washes her face and hands, suddenly she shouts saying where is malay, oh no he is injured, i need to go to him, where is he? Bhanu says calm down, he is in hospital, doctors are treating him, nothing to worry, I will take you there, come.

They both go to the hospital and see nandita sitting in front of god and praying, apu looks on and cries in her heart, she also prays. Doctor comes out and says malay is fine and you can take him after two days, apu and nandita goes inside malay’s room. Bhanu says thank god and goes inside. Nandita hides her tears and asks malay how is he, malay takes his oxygen mask and says I am fine. He looks at apu and asks her and bhanu to go outside for some time, apu says but…. and goes. Nandita asks what is the matter, malay tells her that he loves apu and wants to marry her, first nandita gets shocked but then smiles after malay convinces her. She comes out and says malay is fine, I will be with him , you both can leave, apu says but how can I leave him and go, he just got conscious, nandita says don’t worry, you can come tomorrow morning, she says but, once…., bhanu takes her.
For 4 days apu took good care of malay…..
After 4 days,

Apu is thinking something and tells bhanu that our revenge got completed and malay is also fine now, so I think we should leave now, malay comes there and asks her DO YOU LOVE ME? Apu says malay…., malay asks her to just answer, apu reminisces the old moments of them and couldn’t respond, malay takes her hand and keeps it on his forehead and asks her to tell truth, she says YES, malay says I already knew it but I did this because I want to hear this from your mouth, he hugs her. Apu breaks his hug and says don’t come near me, go away from me, it is dangerous for you, malay asks are you mad? We can cure this, you are not dangerous, so this is the reason that you are hiding your love from me, she says YES. Malay says I don’t believe this, I told you right, we will go to doctor and everything will be fine then why…. Ok, we will go to doctor now, come one, and takes her. Bhanu stops them and says why don’t you understand malay, doctors can’t cure this, and when people come to know about this they will not leave apu, anyways you both can marry and nothing will happen to malay, nandita says but apu has poison in her and malay can die by that..

Bhanu says no, malay can’t die as he is from the same dynasty where men can tackle poison and nothing will happen to them. Apu asks her, how do you know that malay is from that dynasty, bhanu says, malay is the son of that prince, do you remember when you scratching him with your nails, then nothing happened to him, apu reminisces that and says ohh, malay gets excited and asks can I marry her then?, apu says No, and says nothing can happen to malay if he marries me, but when we have our child and if it is a girl then she will also be vishkanya right? Bhanu says you are right, apu says I don’t want a vishkanya like me to born again. Nandita asks is there any other way? Bhanu says yes there is only one way, that is, apu should get rid of this poison in her body then she will not give birth to vishkanya again, apu says Ok, I am ready to do that, bhanu says It will be painful, apu says ok and the screen faces on her determined face.

Precap: apu goes to a hut and some ladies over there do some pooja…., she gets fine and everyone smile. Apu and malay goes to kalpana but she doesn’t agree for their marriage……

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  2. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu…. Back to school then…. What is the new twist here… Y kalapana doesn’t agree for the marriage… Oh no… Poor apulay… Eagerly waiting to read your next episode …

  3. HarSHaN

    Gud epi Sarayu..Happy to see ur story again…keep continue..Twists..

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