Fan fiction on apu and malay Episode 21


Today’s episode starts with…..

It is night…. Sid comes back from the field trip and Nandita sees him, she asks how was your field trip and asks where is Apu, he says don’t you know, Apu and Malay came back here 2 days ago, she gets shocked and says 2 days before…., sid goes. Nandita thinks if Malay came back 2 days ago then where was he till now, she goes to Kalpana’s house and asks her about Apu, Kalpana tells her that Apu went to UP for some work and Malay also accompanied her. She asks did Malay not inform you about this, Nandita says No and asks Kalpana, to which place did they both went, she says a village name and Nandita gets listening to that… She immediately says I have to leave and goes. She books a ticket to go to UP.

Meanwhile, Apu gets ready in a dancer’s get up and Bhanu puts tika on her forehead. She wishes her all the best. (Actually Malay is not present here as Apu has sent him to a place so that he doesn’t come with her). Apu goes to haveli, a soldier stops her and asks what are doing here in this time. She says Prince called me here, another soldier comes from inside and asks her to come. After she goes, the first soldier falls unconscious. (it is because of some smell from which she applied). Soon the other soldier also falls unconscious. She then sees the prince and he asks her to come, he eyes her in a wrong manner. He asks her to dance, and she says Ok. While dancing, the prince comes near her (not so near). He says you dance very well, and asks her what do you want, diamonds, gold, etc… for a gift. She says I need to go restroom, he asks a lady to take her to the washroom. Once apu goes, he asks the lady to bring apu to his room, the lady nods. Apu goes inside with her bag and removes a plaster on her face and body.(Actually that plaster makes everyone unconscious). She then takes a glycerine bottle from her bag and holds it. That lady then takes her to the prince’s room.

The prince starts coming towards her and tells her that I like you. She holds her anger and says OHHH, she asks the prince can I tell some story to you, he says sure, why not and puts his hand on her shoulder, she brushes off his hand and starts saying that, there was a kinglong ago, he used a women to kill some men, and told her that he will give her money, but when he completed his work, he ignored her and when she threatened him, he tried to kill her, but she escaped. He then killed her whole family. So in order to take revenge she came back again. The prince gets shocked listening to her and asks her who are you? He goes near apu, (her back is faced towards the prince), apu immediately puts glycerine on her eyes. She cries and her face changes to blue and her nails grow longer.

Malay comes back to the house and asks bhanu where is apu, she says the whole incident, and he gets angry. He asks why did you send her alone…. And runs to the haveli.

The prince gets shocked seeing apu in blue colour and her nails which grew longer. She starts attacking him, he asks who are you? What do you want? She says I am bhanu’s daughter and came to take revenge from you. He gets shocked and runs. He goes to a room and takes powder, he throws it on apu and she writhes in pain…. He laughs seeing her in pain and goes towards her, she runs and hides in other room. Malay comes and catches her, she hugs him. He goes to prince and beats him with a rod on his head. The prince calls the soldiers and asks them to attack them, malay fights with so many soldiers and a soldier backstabs him. Apu shouts malay and fights with the soldiers, she kills many of them although she has pain. He takes malay and goes out of the haveli. She asks him to get up and takes the knife out of his stomach. He gets up with much difficulty and asks her is she fine. He hugs her. The prince comes with a horse and shouts I will kill you both.

Nandita goes to bhanu’s house and asks her where are malay and apu. Bhanu narrates the whole incident to her and nandita runs to that place. Bhanu also runs behind her.

Apu and malay starts running again. The prince gets down from the horse and beats malay. Apu scratches his hands but nothing happens to him as he is from that dynasty. He pushes her saying i will kill you both. When he is about to stab malay, nandita comes there and shouts saying malay is your son, your blood, the prince gets shocked, so does malay and apu. The prince says if he is my son, then I won’t kill him but I will kill this apu and goes to her. Bhanu and nandita try to stop him but he pushes them. Malay goes before apu and says before you kill her, you need to kill me first, prince asks him to move but malay stays adamant and fights with him. Nandita goes near apu and makes her take the trishul and asks her kill this prince. She takes it, malay overpowers the prince and keeps his leg under prince’s neck. Nandita tells the bad things he has done with them, Bothe apu and malay take the Trishul and stabs him. Bhanu smiles with victory and Nandita cries. She hugs Malay and Apu and takes them…..

Precap: apu and malay’s engagement….

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  1. good try keep it up

  2. Shai

    are you gonna end it so fast??

    1. Sarayumane

      Yes shai as I don’t have any interest in this serial now. These writers totally defamed apu’s charecter and made that chipkalI as female lead

  3. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu… Indeed Malay a hero today… Attack on one other scenes are well narrate… Eagerly waiting for the precap… I mean apulay engagement…

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