Fan fiction on apu and malay Episode 20


I am sorry guys, i forgot to add one thing in my ff, that is, the prince who killed bhanu’s family members is from that dynasty where vishkanyas can marry them and they will have the power to tackle with the poison.

Today’s episode starts with…..

Apu goes to bhanu and hugs her saying sorry, I misunderstood you, bhanu says you shouldn’t say sorry to me but you need to come with me up and take revenge from that prince, apu hesitates, but kalpana takes her hand and keeps it on bhanu’s hand saying apu will come with you, apu and malay gets shocked, bhanu thanks her, she asks apu to pack her bags and come with me, she says we need to leave today itself……

Apu packs her bags and sits tensely, kapana comes to her and says don’t worry, your mom (real) will not let anyone harm you, you just go and do whatever your mother tells you to do, apu hugs her, kalpana hides her tears and says why are you sad, I know god will definitely make us meet again. Meanwhile malay comes and kalpana leaves. Malay tells apu that I will also come with her, but apu bluntly disagrees, malay keeps hand on apu’s shoulder and says please let me come, just then bhanu comes inside and says You can come with us malay, malay gets happy, but apu asks why do you want to take him, she says there is reason and asks her not to ask the reason. Apu nods. Bhanu reminisces a temple sadhu telling her that prince will die by the hands of a vishkanya with a man whom she loves. She then reminisces kalpana telling that malay loves apu and i am not sure about apu… Bhanu thinks apu also loves malay but she is not expressing it.

Apu, malay and bhanu leave to UP and kalpana sits crying in her room. Bhanu thinks now noone can stop me from taking my revenge and smiles…

They reach bhanu’s home and bhanu reminisces, prince and his bodyguards killing her family members, she takes apu near window and shows haveli of prince’s and the price via binocular. She tells apu that he is the one who killed your father and made my life miserable. Apu gets angry seeing him. Bhanu takes Apu and goes inside another room, malay is also present there, he sees them but they do not see him. Bhanu asks apu, do you love malay, she reminisces whole incidents since malay’s proposal and sid wishing her luck and malay waiting for her answer etc.., bhanu shakes her and says what are you thinking, after much hesitation apu says Yes, I love him, but I don’t want him to spoil his life life because of me, my revenge etc…..Malay gets glad and thinks so this is the reason, bhanu also gets glad and thinks so both malay and apu will kill the prince and smiles. She tells to apu that I will take your poison out and will make you fine when we finish our revenge and then you can marry malay, apu says but…..

Apu goes near her father’s pictures and promises him that she will take revenge from prince…..

Precap: Nanditha comes to know from kalpana about malay going to UP,especially the village and gets tensed, she goes to airport to go UP. Meanwhile apu gets in a soldier’s get up and bhanu keeps tika on her forehead.

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  1. Shai


  2. Shai

    hey can you send a compilement of all the depisodes to me???

    1. Sarayumane

      sure shai but I don’t know how to do that

      1. Shai

        i will send you my email account address in your private message,there you can send it to me

  3. Kathy

    Wonderful episode sarayu… Good going… Somewhere I think Malay is related to that prince…. Waiting for the next episode …

    1. Shai

      prince is malay’s father

      1. Sarayumane

        Yes, you at are right

    2. Kathy

      Oh tnx Shai…

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