Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 2)


A kind request to all the readers please comment if you are a silent reader. i am feeling very sad as i got only 3 comments on the last episode and if anyone who wants to read my previous episode and intro then you can go to the following links and read it,


Episode 1

The episode starts with…….the lecturer calls the new student malay and he comes in, Oh munda kukkad kamaal song plays…… All girls mesmerized seeing hi while apu stands expressionless. The lecturer says to apu that you should give him your notes and then tells malay that you need to complete your notes before next week since exams are ahead. Malay says ok and the lecturer leaves. Malay introduces himself as malay mittal to apu and says you can call me as malay and apu introduces herself as aparna and says you can call me as apu. He says nice name and she says thank you. They both shakes hands and malay feels touched by her touch. Apu gives him her books but accidentally forgets to give him a book. Bell rings and everyone leave for lunch.
Later during lunch in canteen, apu’s friends talk about malay and says he is so cute and handsome. Tapur is also present there. Apu ignores their talks and tells them to eat but they ask her to tells her impression about malay. she says i think he good and from a well – cultured family but vardaan( Apu’s friend) says that these type of rich guys will look good and just want a chance to get close to girls and nothing else. Apu gets thinking… just then sid comes and tells them that you all girls need to come to our college’s boxing competion today evening and support me as I am competing against malay. Tapur says i don’t want to cheer for you and says i want to support for but sid says i asked all the girls to support me and not boys ( Indicating tapur as a boy). Tapur gets angry and goes from there warning sid and not seeing the waiter behind her. she dashes with the waiter and the icecreams from the tray with him falls on her, she shouts and leaves.
Boxing competition starts
Apu comes there with her friends and cheers for Sid and tapur cheers for malay. Malay starts beating Sid and apu feels hurt and angry on malay. Suddenly sid punches malay and he falls down. Apu smiles and shouts sidhart, sidhart and motivates him by saying you can do it baby…. Malay feels sad as she is cheering for sid and not him. And he thinks sid is her boyfriend. Finally sid wins and apu hugs him and says i am proud of you my brother…., hearing this malay feels so happy and jumps in joy. Tapur says are not sad, you have lost the game but malay says no, i won and goes. Everyone finds him weird.

Precap: One lady holds apu tightly and laughs madly and repeatedly says yes, i got her, i got her and she leaves saying that. Apu narrates the whole incident to kalpana. And kalpana gets tensed.

Credit to: sarayu (honey)

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  1. Wow amazing episode pls continue ur ff.

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Thank you so much Siddhi

  2. Nyc strt at the end..for the nxt epi..A gud track ..(All finds him (Malay) weird..) …keep continue..

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Thank you Harshan

  3. Wonderful episode sarayu… Enjoyed a lot.., conversation between sid n tapur was very funny… Wow Malay …. luv in first sight…???Precap… I think apu’s mum has come… Good work dear… Keep on writing… Waiting for the next episode…

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Yes kathy, she is apu’s mom

  4. nice keep writing

  5. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Nice.. Sorry for not commenting I am busy with my studies

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      No problem naren, I felt you stopped reading. Anyways all the best for your studies.

  6. nice epi..#sarayu
    bt who is sid…
    nd y dis chipu vardaan here?i hate her

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Sid is apu’s brother and don’t worry about that vardaan, she will die in my ff?. Enjoy the twists.

  7. den ur ff is btr than the real epi…i ll follow ds ..
    let her die vry soon..aftr dt mah hrt ll fl cold…bcz in d real epi d show goin ewww

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