Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 17)


Today’s episode starts with……

It is morning, Malay gets ready to propose apu and seems very excited and keeps on smiling. He calls apu and asks her to come at the park, sharp 9:00 clock, I need to pro I mean i need to tell something important to you. apu asks but why at park you can tell me on phone, malay says no, I can’t tell you on phone, please come to park, apu says acha ok baba and cuts the call. Sid listens to their conversation and thinks to see what malay tells to apu and goes.

Apu gets ready and goes to park. Malay is already there and gets mesmerized seeing her. Sid also comes there and hides from them. Apu asks malay what’s the matter, malay stammers and couldn’t able to say anything, apu holds his face and says look into my eyes and say whatever you want to say, malay says I LOVE YOU and I can not live without you, and asks do you love me? Sid and apu gets shocked, apu couldn’t respond. Malay holds her face and asks her to look into his eyes and say what do you want to say and smiles. Apu says I need some time, malay says yes and asks her to take time, she says thanks and gets shocked seeing sid behind, malay also gets shocked seeing him. Malay tries to say…, but sid stops him, he asks apu to go to her room, apu says but….., sid says please go, i won’t do anything wrong. Once apu goes he gets angry on malay and holds his collar, malay says once listen to me, I know you are very caring brother, but I love apu, you know me, we are friends and I am sure you are not against love and moreover you are in love tapur, am I right? Sid smiles and hugs malay saying keep my sister happy, malay smiles and says sure.

Apu is tensed in her room, sid knocks the door and goes near her, he smiles seeing her and makes her more tensed by saying…., how dare he has to propose malay, i hate him, i will never let him come near my sister and hugs apu. Apu says stop it sid, sid laughs. Apu gets confused and thinks he is teasing me and runs behind him with pillows. Sid then praises malay in front and tells her not to leave malay and goes.

Apu gets happy and dances, she thinks to reply malay now itself and tries to go but her inner voice (negative) stops her and says

-ve inner voice: will you propose malay and kill malay with your hands….

+ve inner voice: it is nothing like apu, go and get your love, don’t make malay sad…

-ve inner voice: if you marry malay then he will die because of your poison, will you let him die who saved you from all the problems

+ve inner voice: Listen to me apu, malay told you right that he will take you to doctor and make you fine, then why are you feeling so tensed

-ve inner voice: What happens if there is no such process and technology that will make you fine, will you show dreams to malay and break them.

+ve inner voice: if you leave him then he will be shattered.

-ve inner voice: but he will be fine after some days, leave him, it will be so good for him…

Apu decides to say malay that she doesn’t love him and feels sad. She goes near malay, he asks did your take your decision, she says yes and is about to say but she gets a call and gets shocked…..

Precap: Apu tells something to malay and he gets shocked, they both reach apu’s house in banaras and gets shocked seeing the house’s state. Apu asks kalpana what happened, she shows a lady with blue face.

Promo: Apu’s mom returns and reveals the whole story to apu and kalpana, apu decides to go to her village, malay also accompanies her.

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  1. Kathy

    Good episode sarayu… Awww I luv sid he is a good brother n a best friend ….. Positive n negative inner voice is awesome idea… Keep writing… Excited for the next episode … Slowing story unveil it’s secret….

  2. HarSHaN

    Blue’s Revenge Strts n going to be Red Blood.. Keep continue Sarayu..U make the conversation correctly ends While Apu get the call..n without saying decision..Nycc..

  3. Shai


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