Fan fiction on apu and malay (Episode 15)


Today’s episode starts with………………
Students go to party, sid dances with some girls, tapur gets jealous seeing him with dancing with other girls, she goes to him and they dance romantically. The lecturer tries to flirt with some girls but the girls push him, he falls near sid and sid laughs. Waiter offers a drink to apu but she firmly says I don’t drink, he again asks her to atleast take a soft drink, she thinks not to drink any drinks here and says NO thanks, a boy comes there and tries to flirt with her and offers her a drink, malay watches this from and gets angry, that guy says you are so beautiful and compliments her, he eyes her in bad manner, she says THANK YOU so much bhaiyya, and says actually I wore this because my BF wanted me to wear this, he think she called me BHAIYYA and goes from there, malay looks on and smiles and thinks my princess knows how to tackle everyone.
Malay gets bored and thinks to go to temple. So he silently peeps through window and goes to temple from back door by breaking the lock. In the meanwhile apu searches for him and suddenly thinks did malay go to the temple or what?, I need to search for him as it will be a big problem for him if he goes there at this time, she worries and runs.
Malay searches for the snake inside a temple. That guide (who told the story to the students) is doing meditation and suddenly smiles and thinks I knew you would come here for sure (indirectly talking about malay). Malay sees the reflection of the snake tail and follows it. Apu in the auto prays to god that malay should be safe and nothing should happen to him. Malay tries to catch the edge of the tail but his hand goes in the middle of the snake’s tail. He gets confused and thinks how can it be possible and finally stands before the snake, he says wow, wonderful malay and pats himself, he praises himself that finally you have seen the snake, the snake acts as biting him, suddenly smoke comes and he falls unconscious and the snake also disappears. Apu comes to the temple and starts searching for malay, she sees him unconscious and tries waking him, she cries and says, Please walk up malay, her face turns blue, her tear(one drop) falls on malay’s hand and he gets conscious, apu prays to god for saving malay, she sees his hand burning slightly due to her tear and caresses his hand. He hold his head and recollects what happened just before, he sees apu with long nails and blue face, he asks why did you cry and says if anyone would have seen you then…., he plucks some neem leaves and give it her, she touches it and her body becomes normal again, she asks him what happened, why did you come here, you know right you should come here at night then why…, he narrates the whole incident happened, she says what, you touched that snake and it is like a 3D object, i don’t believe this, may be you are hallucinating, malay says no apu, I need to get some answers from somebody, she asks from Whom? He says come with me and drags her outside.

They go near the guide who is sitting near the temple, the guide smiles and says I knew you both would come here, malay says YES, I need some answers from you, the guide says sure, proceed….

Conversation between both………………

Malay: Is the snake inside the real snake?

Guide: He says NO

…………….Malay and apu gets shocked……………

Malay: Then what is it and asks him to tell the full story

Guide: That snake is not real, that is a 3D image, long ago, when the raja was building the temple, many people found out that some diamonds and jewelry was inside the soil on which the temple is building, so they tried to t this destroy it, the raja found out about this and made a plan with my father who is an architect, the raja told my dad to make an illusion of the snake figure and keep it in the temple so that when the goons come at night who try to destroy the temple will get afraid and leave the temple.

Malay: Then what about the dead bodies found in the temple, how did they die?

Guide: The smoke killed all of them, when the goons come before the snake, it will produce some smoke to which people become unconscious and die.
Malay: Then why didn’t I die? I just fainted.

Guide: I can’t answer this question but I will say one thing, some “adbhut shakti” (magical power) is protecting, indicating at apu. He says to malay that never anyone who is in danger and always protect them, he say Jai bholenath and goes.

Apu says come on malay, it is very late, our friends might be searching for us. Malay says yes and they go. The guide sees them going together and may god bless you.

Precap: Malay and apu bumps to each other, malay says I need to say something, apu says yes, tell me, what’s the matter. Malay says I LOVE YOU, apu gets shocked and feels happy from inside……

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  1. HarSHaN

    Superb..Well writing..The story going into well deeper n nyc..keep continue Sarayu

  2. Kathy

    Wonderful episode sarayu… N snake part was interesting….??… Luv Sid n tapur… Romantic dance…oh precap ….. Most awaited scene gonna happen … ???? Excited for the next episode …

  3. Shai

    wow suspense…loving it!!!

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